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THE ARIZONA REPUBLICAN, Phoenix, Arizona, 15 May 1894 - "DIED ON THE DESERT, TWO BODIES DISCOVERED NEAR CULLEN'S WELLS" "A Memorandum Book Contains A Thrilling Story of Burning Sands and Deadly Thirst"

"Two more prospectors have gone to swell the list of those who have abandoned the hunt for gold to fall down on the burning sands of an Arizona desert under the blazing sun and die. At that moment a pint of water would not have been exchanged for all the gold in the Harqua Halas, whither the ill-fated prospectors were journeying. The bodies were found near, that is to say, within a dozen miles of Cullen's well, last Saturday." "A letter was received at the sheriff's office yesterday from JOHN DREW, station keeper at the wells notifying the authorities of the ghastly discovery. The letter also contained a memorandum book found on one of the bodies, containing brief information concerning the dying writer and his partner."

"It was: I am WILLIAM ROGERS, a native of CORNWALL. My father is WM. ROGERS of Churchtown, Breage, Cornwall. Goodbye. I am dying of thirst. My partner, BILL MCDONALD, has left me to go on to Harqua Hala." "It was also discovered from papers in his pocket that ROGERS was a member of the order of Sons of St. George and had recently come from Helena, Montana. Directions were also given concerning his trunk." "The body of MCDONALD was found four miles from the wells." "The station keeper's letter was not profuse. It only stated that the bodies had been found and that a man had been sent out from the wells to bury them.   Beside the memorandum book the only article mentioned in this letter as having been found was a shaving set. Neither the appearance nor probable age of the dead men was described nor is it stated on which side of the wells they were found or in what direction they were probably traveling. From the condition of the bodies it was supposed that death came last Thursday. An inquiry here failed to discover anyone who remembered that any prospectors of those names had lately been in Phoenix and it is supposed that they had gone from Prescott. Cullen's Wells are about eighty miles from Prescott so that if ROGERS and MCDONALD were on their way from the north to the Harqa Halas by the way of Vulture, they would have reached the vicinity in which their bodies were found."


THE ARIZONA REPUBLICAN, Phoenix, Arizona, 8 Aug 1894 - "A BROTHER-IN-LAW'S INQUIRY" - "A RELATIVE OF WILIAM ROGERS TURNS UP AT LAST" - "Since the finding of the bodies of two prospectors, WILLIAM ROGERS and FRANK MCDONALD, on the desert near Cullen's Well more than two months ago, scores of letters of inquiry from England have been received by the county officials and newspapers of Phoenix. In nearly all cases the writers are persons who had relatives traveling in this country of the name of either ROGERS or MCDONALD, but no connection could be established between the inquirers and the dead men. MCONALD, by the way, was not a native of England." - "Yesterday, JUSTICE KINCAID received a letter from WM. KING OF ST. BREAGE, ALLSTON(?) (ALLESTON(?)), CORNWALL, the address which was found in ROGERS' memorandum book. KING claims to be a brother-in-law of the dead man. Both ROGERS and his father, KING says, were naturalized American citizens. He had heard that there were suspicions of foul play in the death of ROGERS and MCDONALD, and he is struck with astonishment that the bodies were buried without the formality of an inquest." "He had written to T. J. DREW, one of the discoverers of the bodies, but had received no reply. He is anxious to collect all possible information concerning the manner of his brother-in-law's death."


Daily Universal Register, London, Middlesex, England, 6 Feb 1786 - Dividends - "March. 1. SAMUEL LEMON the younger, of Breage, Cornwall, dealer, at three, at the King's arms, Marazion."