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Breage is a parish, in the Western division of the county, hundred of Kerrier (west), Helston Union and county court district, rural deanery of Kerrier, Cornwall archdeaconry, and Exeter Diocese, 3 miles west from Helston, and 7 east from Marazion, on the road between those towns, and near the sea coast.

The church of St Breage is an ancient building in the Perpendicular style, and consists of chancel, nave, aisles, and transept, with embattled tower, surmounted by four pinnacles, and containing 2 bells and clock: there are several mural monuments, and two stained glass windows. The register dates from the year 1558. The living is a vicarage, with which is united the vicarage of the adjacent parish of Germoe, yearly value £700, with residence and 5 acres of glebe, in the gift of the (Page 716)


crown, and held by the Rev. Edward Morris Pridmore, M.A., of Clare College, Cambridge.  A School Board was established in 1871, and consists of five members. There is a branch of the Cornwall and Devon Miners Association.  Bible Christians and Wesleyans have each a chapel here. Foote’s charity, of £10 yearly, is distributed as follows:- £2 10s. to the school, and £2 10s. to the poor, and £5 to the parish of Germoe; there is also £7 16s. for poor widows of this parish.

The Inhabitants are chiefly supported by mining. The Duke of Leeds and Charles TrelawayEsq., are lords of the manor, and principal landowners. The soil is light; subsoil, granite. The chief crops are wheat, barley and oats. The area is 7,161 acres (including 105 of water); gross estimated rental, £9,146; rateable value, £8,244; the population in 1871 was 4,450.

RINSEY is a village 2 miles south-west; TREW, 1 mile north; CARLEEN, 1 1/2 miles north; KENEGGIE, 4 miles west; PENGERSICK, 3 miles west; and ASHTOWN, 1 mile west from Breage.

Parish Clerk, John Henry Mollard.

POST OFFICE – Miss Mary Nicholas, sub-postmistress. Letters, through Helston, arrive at 11.35 a.m.; dispatched at 1.30 p.m. Helston is the nearest money order office.

INSURANCE AGENT – Sovereign Life, W Argyll

School Board, Rev. Edward Morris Pridmore, Chairman

School, John Henry Mollard, master

Registrar of Births & Deaths, Thomas Richard Mitchell, Rinsey

Assistant Overseer, William Richards, Keneggie

CARRIER – John Julyan, to Penzance, Tuesday & Thursday; to Helston, on Saturday



Pridmore Rev. Edward Morris

M.A. (Vicar)

Roberts Philip


Treweeke Misses, Methleigh


Triggs Samuel






Andrewartha Charles

Frmer. Keneggie

Argall Wm.

Mine purser & accountant

Broad Henry


Bryant John


Burgess Samuel


Carter Francis

Farmer, Rinsey

Curtis Jhn

Mine agnt & frmr. Keneggie

Davey Arabella (Miss)

Farmer, Chynoweth

Davey William

Farmer, Chynoweth

George John Francis

Butcher, Trew

Hebbard James

Farmer, Trevens

Hosking Martin

Farmer, Pembro

Hosking Thomas

Farmer, Crava

Hosking William


James William

Farmer, Trevorvas

Johns Robert

Smith & Farrier

Johns Thomas Henry


Johns William


Julyan John


King Richard

Shopkeeper & Mine Agent, Ashtown

Kitto John

Farmer, Keneggie

Kitto Thomas

Farmer, Pengersick

Kitto William


Laity John

Coach & Horses, Keneggie

Lembrey Sarah (Mrs)


Lukey Joel

Farmer, Leseave

Matthew Francis Wm

Farmer, Trenno

Matthews Wm. S

Farmer, Trevalence

Marks Mary (Mrs)

Farmer, Rosemabrian

Marks Peter

Farmer, Rosemabrian

Marks Thomas

Farmer, Keneggie

Mitchell Thomas Richard

Farmer & Registrar of Births & Deaths

Nicholas John Bennet


Oats John

Farmer & Tin Merchant

Pope Alice (Mrs)

Shopkeeper, Trew

Richards James Eade

Farmer, Pellor

Richards John

(exors. Of), Farmer, Treworlas

Richards Wm

Frmr. Little Methleigh

Richards William

Farmer & Assistant Overseer, Keneggie

Riddington John James


Roberts Humphrey

Farmer, Keneggie

Rogers Edward

Mine Agent, Keneggie

Rogers Samuel

Farmer, Tolmanor

Rowe Jacob

Farmer, Sethoe

Sampson Richard

Farmer, Hendrea

Sampson William

Draper & Grocer, Ashtown

Stephens James

Farmer, Tremerne

Symons Edwin


Thomas John

Farmer, Trevorvas


Tippitt John

Farmer, Trewithic

Toll James

Farmer, Pengersick

Tonkin Jas.

Trelawny’s Arms, Trew

Toy Johannah (Mrs)

Shopkeeper, Trew

Tredrea James


Tregear John

Farmer, Pentreath

Tregear Richard

Shopkeeper, Ashtown

Tregoning Richard


Treweeke George

Farmer & Cattle dealer, Trequean

Treweeke Richard Henry

Farmer, Methleigh

Tripconey George

Farmer & Carman, Trevowas

Trounce & Williams


Truscott Edmd.

Lion & Lamb, Ashtown

Vivian John

Mine Agent

Williams Edward


Williams Henry


Williams Peter

Star Inn

Williams William

T. Queen’s Arms