12TH May 1666
Sources: Various contributions from Researchers and info from Newsboards on Internet,
NB. As with all transcriptions, check originals for confirmation, not drawn to scale - intended to indicate seating allocation in relation to original Church layout.
  The Vicar's Chancell to bee
disposeth off as he pleaseth
  Communion Table  
John Coade Sergeant             The South Chancell with the alley
with little isle adjoining  for Sn. Fra
Godolphin of Bath and his family
    Fra Sparnon gnt
| Minister's Wife |
      | This wh ye
seate under
  This wh ye
seate under
Wm Painter gent
John Orchard gent
John Pernick gt
  Geo Orchard gt
To coad jnr gnt
Jo Rogers
Tho Rogers
Wm Rogers
  Tho Cornish
Ric Ash
Ric Pascow
Benet Peirce Sen
Fra Foss
Walter Symons
To Rowe
Ralph Pascow
William Stephens
Minister Seate   Clerk's Seat The Seate under   The Seate under   The Gate
Emanuel Penhallow gt
& his wife
      Mr Fra Painter
& his wife
PULPIT               The South Gate
Ric Cornish
Sam Polkinhorne
Sam Rogers
            This is Ye Alley   Alley      
Rob James
Ric Probas
Jeffery Carter & Jo Tregiddion
Tho Foote Jo
Trevascus Leonard
Stephens Jns Rogers
  Tho Dryden   Miss Katherine
The Parish seate
allowed to
Sethna Family
  Miss Mary
Miss Jaqualina
  Miss Mary
Jn Symons
Edw Ripper
Tho Clise
 Mr Wyn Sparnon
Mary Pennecke
Alse Davis
Alse Rogers
  An Rogers
Mary Cornish
Margt Pascow
An Pascow
Avis Pascow
  Nic Jennings
Jns Rogers
Jns Tucker
Jn Arthur
Tho Pevrajia
Rob Ripper
  Mary Rowe
Grace Clise
Jane Clise
Kath Ash
Jane Pellar
Margt Polkenhorn
  An Foss
Faith Symons
Constance Foote
Margery Peirce
An Skippens
Grace Williams
  Jo Foote
Wm Tregurtha
Nic Collins
Dan Ripper
Wm Carter
Alese Symons
  Elenor Ripper
Blanch Ripper
Margt Gion
Blanch Symons
Jane Peirce
  Elenor Trevascus
Jane Davis
Jane Rogers
Margt Peirce
Honor Bastian
Sarah Peirce
Kate Foster
  Wm Peirce
Wm Archer
Jo Kitchen
Ric Richards
Wm Waye Jr
Jo James
Waleter Pascoe
  An Garter
Christian Peirce
Joane Sparnon
Mary Thomas
Ursula Provost
Janne Kitchen
Kath Kitchen
  Margt Archer
Marge Tregortha
Joane Collins
Ursula Rogers
Margt Cara
Alse Clise
  Tho Peirce Sen
Tho James
Jo Cara
Wm Foster
Tho Spernon
Jas Davey
Tho Carter
Tho Trenan
  Eliz Pascow
Elenor Symons
An James
Joane Rogers
Eliz Waye
Rose Tregiddion
Mary Thoamas
  An Carter
An James
Jane Skippens
Salome Fugler
Jane Skippens
Kath Tremillen
  Jo Winnon
Edw Syncock
Ralph Clise
Ralph Bastion
Francis Bastion
Jo Trevillion
  Eliz Magar
Wilmot Davey
Joane Thomas
Eliz Carter
Christian Cyncock
An Humphry
Mary Sampson
  Katherine Richards
An Winnon
Cordelia Carter
Philip Treweeke
Florence Treweeke
Lucretia Dourne
An Harry
  Henry Fugler
Benjamin Tremellin
Jo Stephens
Ric Sampson
Tho William
Ede Thomas
  Dorothy Bastian
An Bastian
Bersheba Wearne
Hannah Francis
Elenor Williams
Margt Treven
  Margt Goninnon
Temperance Ripper
Margt Peirce
Tamsina Williams
Eia Blackwell
Thamsina Bligh
  Peter Goninnon
Jo Treweek
Bennet Uddra
Tho Wearne
Edw Rosewarne
Nath Magar
  Grace Magar
Elenor Carlyon
Susan Rosewarne
Jane Williams
Jane Archer
Blanch Goninnion
Margt Freeman
  Keith Skinner
Rebecca James
Elenor Kitto
  John Bligh
Jo Burnoone
    The seates below the Alley for the meaner sort of people    
        The Tower        
* one more to be nominated at ye  discretion of ye parish
** And others as ye wish pleased to nominate