Old News September and October 2006


In Memory of Mrs. Ellen Costigan

It is with deepest regret, and my own heartfelt pain, that I must announce the passing on October 28th, 2006 of our friend and selfless volunteer, Mrs. Ellen Costigan.
We, the friends of Mrs. Ellen down at PRHG Society, extend our condolences to her family and friends in our tremendous loss of this kind and caring lady.
I would like to say to Stacey (her daughter), Kenneth (her son-in-law) and Britney and Katie (her granddaughters who helped her at PRHGS) that your loved one was a wonderful and kind woman. We will miss her smiling face, and her kindnesses in friendship. Always hold her memory near and dear to your hearts. She loves you all so very, very much.
I hope you will continue to come visit us at PRHGS.
*cries for loss of my friend and fellow volunteer*

UPDATE: Visitation is Friday, November 3rd, from 2pm to 3pm at Patterson-Sorrel Funeral Home with services at 3pm.

President's Message
Fall 2006

As we begin our fall activities I am sure you will be pleased to know that our yard sale at the Welcome Center on August 5 was a success. We raised $461. A very special thank you to those members who donated items, helped price them, and helped set up and worked at the yard sale itself. It was hard work but worth it and I believe we all enjoyed this event.

The funds raised from this event went to purchase a new copier to replace one that was beyond repair. It was set up in the Gift Shop/Library on August 10. It produces much better copies than the old one.

Larry Herbst, Director of the Depot Museum, reported that we received a $1,000 donation from the Wal-Mart Foundation. These funds will be used to upgrade the lighting in the Depot Museum. Plans are under way for this much needed upgrade.

Our membership continues to grow. Membership chair Phyllis Owens reports that as of August 21 we have 180 members. I should like to see us attain a membership of 300 by this time next year. This is achievable if all of us would invite a relative, neighbor, or fellow church members to join our society.

The Board of Directors is working hard to improve our society and have generated a number of great ideas, which we are putting in place. Members can look for some newspaper articles in the near future about our activities and operations.

We still need volunteers for all of our properties. Recently three of our volunteers have moved from Enterprise and left vacancies. If you could spare 2 hours of your time each week we could use your help.

Don’t forget that our first program of the year will be at our meeting at 2:00 pm on Sunday, September 17. We will meet in Room 100 of Talmadge Hall, Enterprise-Ozark-Community College. Our speaker will be Dr. Martin Orliff, Director of the Archives of Wiregrass History and Culture, Troy University. Please attend and invite a friend or neighbor to the program.

Thank you for your support of our society.

Dr. Jack P. Oden, President

September 13th, 2006: The framed acts creating Coffee County just arrived at
Pea River Historical and Genealogical Society Research Library/Gift Shoppe!!

Due to Mrs. Koch's moving away from our area, PRHGS is seeking someone to volunteer at the PRHGS research library and gift shoppe on Main Street for Wednesdays 12 to 2pm.
Please contact Dr. Jack Oden.

September 7th, 2006: "Pea River Trails Fall 2006" should be mailed out within a week....
keep an eye on your mailbox....

UPDATE: September 9th, 2006 Pea River Trails Fall 2006 issue was mailed out today!!!
UPDATE: September 11th, 2006 Pea River Trails Fall 2006 issue arrived today!!

PRHGS Meeting at PRHGS Research Library/Gift Shoppe
September 11th, 2006

Museum Depot: Repairs to Depot Museum to include scraping of exterior paint and painting, new handicap access ramp, moving of reception area to center of building and hanging of flags
Welcome Center: Possible windmill assembly.
Research Library/Gift Shoppe: Repair/replacement badly needed to awning before it falls in, quilt needs moving up higher to display it for better view and for more floor display area, and rest room floor needs replacing before it falls in.
General: Creation and sale of local old photographs calendar for 2007 and Dr. Faye Grimmer interviews on DVD as a gift set, volunteer meetings, newspaper articles, cemetery book project, need for several volunteers at all three facilities, and annual dinner for all volunteers.


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