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On 13 November 1996, Governor of Alabama Fob James, Jr. signed the certification designating the cemetery a Historical Site. The document reads,

"This is to certify that the Abner McGehee Burying Ground has been deemed a significant landmark by the Alabama Historical Commission and added to the Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage."

F. Lawrence Oaks, Executive Director, Alabama Historical Commission signed it.

History of Abner McGehee Cemetery


Photograph of Abner McGehee CemeteryAbner McGehee who owned over 10,000 acres in Montgomery County in 1822 was a devout Christian. On his plantation he built the first Methodist Church about a mile southwest from the present church on Wasden Road placing it near the location known as the Abner McGehee Burying Ground. He named the church the Hope Hull Methodist Episcopal Church in honor of Mr. Hope Hull, a distinguished revivalist. The L&N Railroad named the depot "McGehee's Switch" in honor of Abner McGehee but his name for the church as "Hope Hull" is what the community is called today.

These burial grounds were enclosed with an ornamental wrought iron fence. It was filled with flowers that bloomed in the Spring. Families through the years took care of the cemetery by having a cemetery cleaning day in the Spring and Fall.

In 1880 two acres each were deeded by a great granddaughter, Sallie McGehee Clark, to the Church and to the cemetery. As the land was passed between descendants and was sold and resold, the cemetery became inaccessible to those who remembered it.


After years and years of neglect, the Pintlala Historical Association though the heroic efforts of Ethel Tankersley Todd (not a descendant or related) reclaimed the Abner McGehee Burying Ground. The Industrial Development Board of the City of Montgomery that bought the surrounding property set aside two acres in their deed and surrounded it with a chain link fence. Matching funds were not available at that time to purchase a wrought iron fence.


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Abner McGehee Cemetery Roster


Originally located on what was the Abner McGehee plantation near McGehee Switch on the L&N Railroad, the cemetery was surrounded by a wrought iron fence. The oldest grave dates back to 1832 and the newest recorded grave 1937. A survey completed in 1936 notes,
"It is in beautiful condition with blooming flowers and graves kept in order. There are between 30 and 40 graves unmarked with mounds or small unlettered stones at head and foot. (Information obtained by Miriam Brewer and Frank Richardson March 9, 1936 copied from Archives and History and given to the Pintlala Historical Society by Lula Davidson. Information obtained October 28, 1996 by Lorraine Barnett and Miriam Williams.)

Abner McGehee Cemetery By September 1994, the McGehee Cemetery was in terrible shape: so over grown and covered with trees and brambles it seemed beyond recovery. Through the Pintlala Historical Society and Mrs. Ethel Tankersley Todd who spearheaded the effort to tackle an almost insurmountable task, descendants were contacted to raise funds to reclaim the cemetery. Through her untiring efforts, money was raised to clean the cemetery and erect a chain link fence. The Industrial Park that owns the land deeded four acres to the cemetery, and built an access road.

Commission. On 13 November 1996, Governor of Alabama, Fob James, Jr. signed the certification designating the cemetery an Historical Site which says,

"This is to certify that Abner McGehee Burying Ground has been deemed a significant landmark by the Alabama Historical Commission and added to the Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage. Signed by F. Lawrence Oaks, Executive Director Alabama Historical Commission.

On 6 July 1999, Diane L. Brown, Phyllis Armstrong, and Lorena Joyce Marshall Nicoll resurveyed the cemetery and photographed the markers to include in The Montgomery County Heritage Book and to enter the cemetery on the Internet. On 30 July 1999, Phyllis Armstrong again completely checked the cemetery and made pictures.

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Additional comments (markers, unmarked graves, miscellaneous notes)

Allen E. Jul, 1899
b. ?
d. Jul 1899
( Located in southern part where there are 2 overly large slabs)

A stone in southern part:
In loving remembrance of Jesse Barginner
By his wife May Barginner

Bibb, Charlotte Caroline
b. Mar 5, 1814 Born in Georgia, wife of George Bibb
d. Jan 10 1837 Daughter of Abner & Charlotte Mildred McGehee

Bibb, Mary Charlotte
b. Mar 17, 1834 Daughter of George B. & Mary Charlotte Bibb
d. Apr 10, 1835

Bibb,Twin Boys
b. Dec 24, 1832 Sons of George B. & Mary Charlotte Bibb
d. Dec 25, 1832

Briggs, E.E.
- Sacred to the memory of Doct E. E. Briggs who was born Nov 4, 1814 and died in the .......ps of Faith.
Nov 15,1850


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A stone with inscription: J. Washington Chamber
2.4.93 E. Birmingham, Ala
(This stone has a large star-like undecipherable symbol at the top. It is in the southern part of the cemetery.)

( Two pieces-head and foot made of small pieces of marble imbedded in cement beside and off-center of the next grave.)

Crenshaw, E. W.
b. 1879

Monuments ( Bases of 2 with top stone gone in row after these graves)

Crenshaw, J. M.
b. Jan 1834
d. Aug 12, 1909
Aged 75 years

Crenshaw, Virginia
b. 1846
d. 1872


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Ferguson, Mary L.
b. Dec 5, 1847
d. Feb 16, 1907

Fowler, Bessie
b. Feb 7, 1850
d. July 4, 1925

Fowler, Elizabeth W.
b. Jan 29, 1846
d. Aug. 27, 1926

Fowler, Thomas
b. 1879
d. 1916

Fowler, Thomas A.
b. Nov 8, 1846
d. Dec 10, 1921


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Gardner, Flora E.
b. 1880
d. 1935

Garner, George H.
(Located in Southern part)
b. Aug 8, 1893
d. Sep 2, 1936

Gilchrist, E. J. (Mrs)
b. May 20, 1828
d. Feb 2, 1891

Gilchist, James G.
b. Oct 21, 1814
d. May 18, 1900

Gilchrist, James N.
b. Nov 15, 1860
d. Jun, 12, 1891

Gilchrist, Sallie H.
b. May 27, 1873
d. Sept 18, 1896

Gilchrist, Susan L.
Aged 3 months
Daughter of James and Elizabeth Gilchrist

Gilchrist, J. T.
b. May 5, 1864
d. Jan 22, 1886

Graves, Sallie M.
b. Aug 21, 1830
d. May 11, 1854

Wife of P.S. Graves
Married Dec 1, 1852


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Harrison, Frances (Garner)
(In Southern part)
b. ?
d. July 17, 1935

Harrison, Clifford
(In Southern part)
b. Dec 29, 1882 ( Son of S. and F. Harrison)
d. Sep 10, 1900

Harrison, James J.
(In Southern part)
Stone about one foot high inscribed J.J.H
b. Jan 25, 1871
d. Mar 20, 1920

Harrison, W. T.
(In Southern part)
b. Feb 22, 1867
d. May 27, 1921

Hodges, Bessie
(Slab or Marker under dirt)
b. 1858
d. 1928


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Jarratt, Martha Ann
b. Oct 10, 1831
d. Aug 25, 1832 Age 8 mos ;& 5 days

Jarratt, Thomas Key
- In memory of Thomas Key Jarratt who was born June 27, 1801 and departed this life Mar 1st 1850

Jarratt, Harriet Louisa
- In Memory of Harriet Louisa wife of Thomas Key Jarratt who was born. Nov 30, 1805 and departed this life June 20, 1862


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Mcgehee, Abner
Who Died Feb 19, 1855
Age 76 years and 1 day

(A tall marble monument marks his grave in the middle of the Northern part of the cemetery.)

On the side of the monument is: In all relations of life and ensured him great wealth which he distributed cheerfully and with a noble heart liberality for the glory of God and the good of man. A Christian in heart and life, he lived and died in communion of the Methodist Protestant Church. He departed in great peace and comfort of soul and sleeps in Jesus.

McGehee, Abner
b. 1882
d. 1910

McGehee, Abner F.
b. Jan 9 1818 Married Elizabeth A. Smith, Sep 18, 1839
d. Apr 8, 1849 Aged 31 years, 2 months & 29 days

McGehee, Abner F.
b. ?
d. June 7 1850 Aged 5 months

McGehee, Elizabeth A.
Wife of Abner F. McGehee
b. May 29, 1823
d. Jan 16, 1850 Age 27 yr, 7 Mo, 17 Da
(Note - Dates do not agree)

McGehee, Ellen O.
b. Nov 9, 1829 Daughter of Abram and Mary McGehee
d. Sep 6, 1834

McGehee, 4 Infant Children of
Abner F. and Elizbeth A. McGehee
Erected 1850

McGehee, Harriet Ann Jane
Aged 11 months
Daughter of Edward and Harriet Ann R. McGehee

McGehee, Harriet Ann Richards of Mississippi
Aged 27 years, wife of Edward McGehee
d. Oct 20, 1827

McGehee, James
b. June 23, 1820
d. July 24, 1874
McGehee, Jane M.
b. June 4, 1792
d. Sept 2, 1839

McGehee, John J.
b. March 13, 1848
d. Nov 18, 1875

McGehee, John H.
b. 1888
d. 1936

McGehee, Lamar
b. 1910
d. 1912


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McGehee, Lucinda S. E.
(Daughter of Abram and Mary McGehee)
b. Oct 22, 1833
d. Mar 23, 1835

McGehee, Nettie M.
b. 1882
d. 1922

McGehee, Rachel S.
(This is Rachel Savannah Dailey)
b. Oct 22, 1823
d. Nov 9, 1899

McGehee, Samuel
b. 1858
d. 1910

McGehee, Sam. L. A.
b. ?
d. Sept 16, 1847 Aged 4 years and 5 months

McGehee, Sara Frances
b. Jan 12, 1886
d. Sep 28, 1932

McGehee, Savilla A. Cooper
(Wife of William P. McGehee)
b. 1852
d. 1936

McGehee, Thomas N.
b. Feb 13, 1833
d. July 25, 1853

McGehee, William P.
(Husband of Savilla A. Cooper)
b. Jan 4, 1853
d. Aug 30, 1919

McGehee, William S.
b. May 18, 1812
d. Aug 17, 1829

Mills, Fannie
( In Southern part)
b. Stone broken at date
d. Jan, 9 1886 - 22 years old

Murphy, Bessie Fowler
d. Aug 22, 1881 Wife of James K. Murphy
d. Nov 14, 1909

(Four cement stones with undecipherable initials. A small marker with the initials E.E.M. and one with W.D.M - May be foot stones for the next two graves.)

Murphy, Edna Earle
b. Aug 3, 1905
d. Aug 7, 1906

Murphy, William Duncan
b. Feb 7, 1907
d. Jun 3, 1908


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Nolley, Lacy L.
b. Dec 18, 1877
d. Feb 21, 1932

Nolley, Rufus Lafayette (Daddy)
b. 1880
d. 1937


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Oliver, Mary C. S.
(Daughter of S.C. & M.S. Oliver)
b. Feb 15, 1829
d. Oct 15, 1829

Taylor, Abner McGehee
-Sacred to the memory of Abner McGehee son of William & and Ann Taylor who was born Feb 22, 1846 and departed this life July 24th, 1848

Taylor, Ann Scott
(Wife of William Taylor)
b. Mar 6, 1807
d. June 1, 1866

Taylor, Ann Scott
(Daughter of William & Ann Taylor)
b. Oct 25, 1844
d. Aug 17, 1845

Taylor, George Benjamin
( Son of William & Ann Taylor)
b. Feb 16, 1837
d. Mar 2, 1837

Taylor, Susan A.L. (Sue)
b. Feb11, 1811
d. July 10, 1856
"Dearest Susan, Thou hath left us
Here Thy loss we deeply feel
But it is God who hath blessed us
He can all our sorrows heal
Yet again we hope to meet thee
When the day of life is fled
Then in Heaven with joy to greet thee
Where no farewell tear is shed."

Taylor, Richard Patrick
(Son of William & Ann Taylor)
b. May 11, 1839
d. Aug, 28, 1841


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Taylor, William
b. Aug 14, 1798
d. May 21, 1882

Thompson, Allen
(Husband of Maggie Bell Brand and brother of Charles Hugh Thompson)
b. 1860
d. 1933

Thompson, Maggie Bell Brand
(Unmarked Grave)
b. 23 Jan 1874 (Sister of Harriet Lorena Brand Thompson)
d. 24 Dec 1957
Information from Grandson Homer Thompson, Jr who brought Maggie here through the fields to an overgrown cemetery because this is where she wanted to be buried. He has said he paid for a marker which has never been placed.)

Thompson, Charles (Charles Hugh Thompson)
b. 1852
d. 1935
(Charles (Charlie) Hugh Thompson married Harriett (Hattie) Lorena Brand 15 Dec 1892) b. 31 Aug 1855, d. 21 Apr 1935.
(Additional information from granddaughter Lorena Joyce Marshall Nicoll who knew her grandfather and remembers the day he died because it was an Easter Sunday in 1935. According to the 1900 Census, Charles was 44 and born in 1855. The census taker was G.H. Shackelford, a prominent name in the community.)

Wilkerson, Milton
b. Aug 2, 1854
d. Oct 11, 1910


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Approximately 30 paces to the right of the main part of the cemetery are 4 unmarked small markers/stones and 1 smaller stone marker. Tradition is that these were slave graves.

38 small imbedded stones/brick which lined an edging approximately 36 feet by 16 feet ( L shaped)a pathway? Or the marking off of a plot?

Six plain unmarked markers, 1 flat marble marker (no name)

Estimate that there are over 40 unmarked graves


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