Monumental Inscriptions of Kintail & Lochalsh, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland and Genealogy

Our Family History

Below are the links to our family pages at Rootsweb.

Family roots of myself and my husband stem from many parts of the UK and spread outwards arround the globe. The following links will take you to an index of family names, choose the initial letter then select the family name, then an individual from the page that follows. You may need to go forward several pages to reach other first names.

The major names in our trees include:-

(1) THOMSON, HOBKIRK, from Southern Scotland. (1) hobtom1906

(2) MACRAE, MACDONALD, CAMERON from the Highlands of Scotland, (2) mrcamlen-1908

(3) JONES from West Wales,(3) duncsr_j

(3) RIDDELL from Aberdeenshire,(3) duncsr_j

(3) HART, LONGMAN, HARDER from Dorset & Hampshire, England(3) duncsr_j

Please look at the family page for an outline of these families and (coming soon) some photographs.

Gravestones and Genealogy

Welcome to my site, it is strongly based in genealogy.

Firstly you will find transcripts from gravestones of the Parishes, Kintail and Lochalsh, in Ross and Cromarty, West Highlands of Scotland. This is the area in which my mothers Macrae ancestors have their roots. I hope you will find something of interest to you. This site is still in develpoment so please call back in a while.

Kintail and Lochalsh are areas of steep hillsides, sea lochs and narrow straths or valleys. The rainfall is high and daylight hours in winter are short. A very rural part of Scotland suited to hardy cattle and hill sheep, agriculture was never easy or plentiful. Fishing had its day but did not last. Many found the struggle too hard and chose emigration. Some are commemorated on the local grave stones along with the family they left behind.


The motivation to record the inscriptions from the local gravestones came from a cousin living in Melbourne, Australia. He asked me to find the stones of his ancestors . Very soon it was clear I would need to read every stone to be sure to miss none. I photographed and transcribed each inscription, returning many times to check for accuracy and getting others to help, including cousin Tony to scrutinise the photos. Whilst I have taken great care please be aware there could be errors as is the case with any transcription. For those of us interested in genealogy monumental inscriptions, from grave stones, can be a great help in building our Family Tree. Several stones here recorded pre-date death registration, first required in Scotland in 1855, so may be the only source of dating information for our Scottish ancestors. The photographs above are displayed in the order of the menu tabs.


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