Will of David Moore Jamison
Will Book F Page 313
The State of Alabama)
Lawrence County     )

	Dear children from fullness of body we feel impressed that our days on earth 
are well nigh numbered.  And as to what remains after I am gone.  We want it used as 
followed:  It being our custom to help the weak!  Hoping the Strong will be content 
with what may fall to their part.
	First Samuel P Jamison, William J Jamison, and Eaton Bowen has had their full 
part.  The names which we will call now I want them to have the remainder of my estate.  
Equally divided with the following names Cora Estell Parkerson's children, Anny Holt's 
children, Cynthia Smith, Delia Parkerson, Kate Bowen, David Jamison, Joseph K Jamison, 
and Valena Youngblood.  The amount due Annie Holts' children send to her son Walter Holt.  
I want Eaton Bowen to have all that is in the dwelling house.  Except my papers and what 
money may be on hand.  I want my executor to take possession of what cash and papers I 
have.  Sell, collect, and after all expenses are paid, disburse to those as directed above.  
As to expenses already referred to it is my will that a monument be placed at the grave of 
my wife Lucy Jamison, and also at my grave, a plain unflowered monument.  I hereby name as 
my executor R (T?) Wear, who shall as directed above attend to this matter and receive a 
reasonable compensation for his services.  Also it is my will that me executor named above 
shall collect and divide this property as specified above without restraint or bond.  
In witness hereof I have hereunto set my hand this the 30th day of November A.D. 1908.
					D M Jamison

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