Lawrrence Co., Alabama Family Reunions

Family Reunions

Most all of the reunions listed are ANNUAL events
so they take place about the same time every year

If you have you have a family reunion in LCA , or know of one, please contact us.

Alexander Family Reunion

Sumitted by: Marilyn Alexnder Primero
The descendants of James and Kitty Walker Alexander; David Clay and Julia Cunningham Alexander; David Cauthren and Julia DeMasters Alexander
will celebrate their annual Alexander Reunion on Sunday, June 1st, 2003 at Solutia Park in Decatur, AL.
Contact person is Gina Thompson at email address [email protected] ......Gina has all the info!

Armstrong Family Reunion
Was held July 13, 2003 at Brushy Lake in the Bankhead National Forest, from 10 till 4 pm. Please bring
food and lawn chairs.

Atkins Reunion
Atkins Family reunion, Pocahontas Methodist Church located between Jasper and Carbon Hill, was held
July 13, 2003. Bring coverd Dish, drinks, lawn chairs and pictures. Contact Margene Rupert at 205-924-0134
for more info

Bond Family Reunion
June, 2003?

The Descendants of the late William Bentley & Clemetine Stewart Bond met in the fellowship hall at
Mt. View Bapist Church for their fist reunion. The Bonds had five children, Mamie Bond Sivley,
Gertrude Bond Shankle, Herman Bond, Sue Bond Shelton, & Harvey Bond all desceased.
Floyd Shankle noted that Winfred C. Bond is the onyl surviving male descendants that holds the Bond
name.Family members plan to meet again next year.

Bradford Reunion
The Family of the late Marion Matt & Virginia Bell Bradford
Met July 4th, at Old Liberty Chruch in the Loosier Community.

Descendants of Walter and Hester Childers
will meet in the senior citizens building at Lawrence County Veterans'
Memorial Park in Caddo., Saturday August 16, 2003. Plase bring a covered
dish to share at noon.

Cross Reunion
was Saturday August 2nd, from 10 am to 2 pm
at the Moulton Recreation Center. For additional information,
call 256-974-8004

Daniel Family Reunion
Descendants of Marvin Daniel will meet for their 10th annual reunion on August 23, 2003
at the Caddo Senior Citizens center, 10am. Please bring covered dish, old family photos
and family information to share. Contact Carolyn Daniel Leston 2560974-1351

Dutton Family Reunion
August 9, 2003
The Dutton Fmaily reunion will be at the Joe Wheeler Park under the pavillion
on the south side of the dam at 10 am. Please bring a coverd dish and lawn chairs
A reunion picture will be taken at 11:30. For more informatio please call
Donna at 256-974-9537

DELASHAW Family Reunion
Reunion will be held in McCormick, McCormick county, South Carolina on the Saturday
preceding the first Sunday in August, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010 and every even year.
On the first Sunday of August every two years (even years), there is a Huguenot Reunion held at the
John de la Howe School in McCormick co, SC.  The DELASHAWS, DILLASHAWS, DILLESHAWS
and related families will meet the day before, on Saturday.
Please contact:
Sandra Delashaw Warden
[email protected] 918 493-2670

England Family Reunion
Will be August 10 at Brushy Lake in the Bankhead National Forest. Will about lunch time, Please bring your
covered dishes, lawnchairs, and and you will need. This is a Annual event. There will be music provided by
those who bring their instruments.

Gillespie Family Reunion
June 4, 2005- noon to whenever- at the home of Wimpy and Anita Gillespie,in the Morris Chapel Community,
on County Road 170 in Lawrence County. It is at the old home place of Percy and Mae Gillespie.
Everyone is Welcome.

Glenn Family Reunion
August 23, 2003
The family of Thomas Richard Glenn & Nancie A. Smith Glenn will meet at the home of Stanly & Teresa
Glenn for their reunion. Lunch shared at noon. Please bring covered dish. Call 256-350-1210 for more info.

Graham Family Reunion
The Graham reunion for the descendants of John & Lydia Graham, early
settlers of Lawrence County Alabama will be held at the Marriott Shoals
Hotel and Spa, Florence AL on October 21 & 22, 2005. Contact Bill Graham,
[email protected] for more information.

Hamilton Reunion
Teh Hamilton reunion was held June 22, 2002 at the Senior citizens building
at East Lawrence Veterans' Memorial Park from 10 am to 2 pm. Bring covered dish.

Hitt Family Reunion
The Hitt Family Reunion was Saturday Oct 19, 2002 at 10 am at the home of the
late Lois Hill, birng covered dish and lawn chairs. For mroe info caontact Alice Hitt
at 256-974-7297 or Deanna Austin Prause at 905-1820

Hood Reunion
The Hood reunion was Held September 15, 2002 at the Alexander park in Moulton.
(no more info known)

Jarrett Reunion
The Jarrett reunion was held September 22, 2002 from noon till 5
at Town Creek Park. Please bring covered dish and chairs.

Johnson Reunion
The descendants of Ike & Julia Ann Johnson meet August 9, 2003 at the Jackson House
in Moulton at noon. Bring lunch

Kelly & Letson Reunion
The Kelly & Letson family reunion was held June 21, 2002 in the Senior citizens building
at East Lawrence Veterans' Memorial Park, at 10am. Bring covered dish. For more info
call 350-7474 or 974-9859

Kelso/Kelsoe/Kelsey Reunion
The 46th Kelso reunion was held September 3, 2005. at Speake Fire Department's Picnic grounds
next to Speake School, just off Hwy 157. Bring covered dish, lawn chairs, drinks and family photos. Lunch at noon.
For mroe info call 355-0813, 974-6324, or 974-1500

ALL Kelsoes and friends are invited
(This is an Annual event held the Saturday before Labor Day Every Year)

Martin Reunion
August 16, 2003
The Martin Reunion will be in the old depot in Courtland, Everyone is invited to attend.
Please Bring a Covered Dish

McGregor Reunion
The McGregor reunion was held August 31st, at 12 pm. Held at the Rudy McCarley Center
in Courtland. Please bring several covered dishes. for more info call Nancy Loosier at 637-6016
or Agnes Thorton at 381-8759

Moats Reunion
Was held on Sept 8, 2002. at Moulton Park & Recreation Cemeter at 12 noon till 3 pm
Please bring food to share. paper items, and drinks provided. Access to gym will be
available. For more info call 974-4885 or 353- 3507 or email [email protected]

Montgomery Family Reunion
August 9, 2003
Reunion will be in Caddo Senior Citizens Center from 10am to 3 pm. Please bring a covered dish,
drink, and if you wish comething for the auction. You may call 256-974-9909 for more details.

Morgan Reunion
The descendants of Benjamin Franklin Morgan & Dicy Curtis Morgan met
July 4th at the Jackson House in Moulton at noon. Plese bring a coverd dish.
For more info call 256-974-8216 or 974-0519

Morris, Moss & Reed Family Reunion
The Morris, Moss & Reed family Reunion was held October 20, 2002
for more info call 256-974-7297

Murphee Family Reunion
The Murphee family reunion will be at noon Satruday August 30th, 2003, at the Moulton
Lion's CLub building. Please Bring a covered dish. For more info call 256-685-0300/

The 19th Annual Purser Family Reunion
Will be at 11am till 4 pm at Town Creek Park. Everyone is asked to bring a covered dish and lawn chairs.
The Vickers Family for Muscle Shoals will provide gospel music.

Randolph Reunion
The Arthur Randolph Reunion was held at Goodyear Park, Sunday June 1st.
Bring Covered dish to share at 1pm. For more info canll 256-974-0135

Randolph Reunion
The family of Joseph Robert (Rob) Randolph and Cynthia Delilah Richey Reunion is yearly
on the first Sunday in September.    For more information on location, you can contact
Lucille Randolph Frost 685-2621 or Bobby Randolph 685-2481.  

Robbins Reunion
Was held on Sept 8, 2002 in the Moulton Jaycees' building. Bring covered dish to sshare at 12:30.
For more info call 974-1729

Sandlin Reunion
The 69th Annual reunion was Saturday, Augu 2nd. at Joe Wheeler State Park on the south side of the dam.
Anyone with the last name of Sandlin , or who is related to Sandlins will be welcome.
Reunion begins at 10 am and will last till the last person leaves. A covered dish lunch will be served
at noon. Anyone wanting more inf about the reunion can call Yvonne Sandlin Braly 256-353-8624

Tanksley & Higgins Family Reunion
First Sunday in July
The Tanksley & Higgins reunion will be held on the H.A. Alexander Park in Moulton.
on the first Sunday of July (Yearly), at 10am. Please bring food, drinks, ice, plates, cups,
spoons, forks, & lawn chairs. Anyone intersted in playing horseshoe or other games should
bring their own. For additional info call 256-292-3580

Terry Family Reunion
Annual Reunion held Labor Day at the United Terry Club.Starts at 10 am. for more
info call 350-9346

Warren Reunion
The Descendants of James , John E. & Lucy Warren met for a reunion on September 22, at
10 am till 3pm in the Bernice Hilton Walker building, next to Traders and Farmers Bank in Double Springs.
For more info call Jimmy Parrish at 256-685-2350 or Sue Elliott 489-2320

Weaver Reunion
The Weaver reunion was held July 13, 2003 at Brushy Lake in the Bankhead National Forest, at noon.
Bring covered dish and lawn chairs. Call 974-1637 for more info.