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Mr. John ALDRIDGE struck Mr William ALEXANDER over the head with stick, in the Pin Hook area, last Wednesday . 
William died a few hours later. Both were reguared as peacable gentleman, and the sad accurrence is regretted.
In the death of Mr. William ALEXANDER, 5 or 6 children are left  fatherless, and his slayer has about the saem number. 
They were neighbors,cousins  and were also Master Masons. (MA 8/3/1882 Contributed by Charity Goodwin)
Died, on the 18th, in this county, of Thyphoid fever, Mr. Joshua ALEXANDER, aged near 80 years. 
(MA 8/24/1882 Contributed by Charity Goodwin)
John T. ADAY, who was born October 2nd, 1868, and died August 15th, 1889. He was married to Miss Alice DEDMAN 
December 12,1888. MA 10-24-1889
Mr. James ARMSTRONG lost a little boy, Tommie,last friday. We extend to Mr. ARMSTRONG our sympathy. 
Tommie was a bright little lad, and his loss is greatly mourned. MA July 19,1888	
John ATKINS, well known to many of our citizens was kicked by a mule and killed near Hartselle last Thursday.
MA 10-2-1890
Mr. Bob BEAN was killed by Mr. W.A. STOUNE, at Mt. Hope, last Tuesday. MA Feb.16,1882
We regreat to learn of the death of M. J.F. BELUE who died at Iuka a few days ago. He was formerly a citizen of this 
county. MA 8-15-1878
Dr. A.W. BENTLY, late of Courtland, in this county, died a few  days ago at Petersburg, Tennessee, where he had but 
lately located. He was a good citizen, a fine physician, a true mason, and a devoted  christian. MA 5-15-1968
Died, at his residence, in Athens, on the 5th, Hon.D.H. BINGHAM. (MA 1/13/1868)
Died, August 5,1878, Joseph D. BOLEY, son of George L. & Margaret age five months. MA 8-15-1878
Barbary Ann BRILEY, born July 18th, 1816, and died April 4th, 1888. She leaves two sons and one daughter, with many 
other relatives and friends to mourn their loss. MA 5-10-1888
Died, in Courtland on the 25th of July 1878, Mrs.H.A.CAMPBELL, consort of William G. CAMPBELL. She was born 
March 15th 1825. MA 8-1-1878
Died, near Mt. Hope, October 20th,1882, Littrell Hiram, infant son of J.L. & Sisie CAMPBELL. MA Feb.9,1882.
With unfeigned sorrow we chronicle the death of Benjamin CARPENTER. He died at the residence of B.F. CARPENTER,
his son, near this place, on the evening of the 18th inst., in the 79th year of his age. He was born in the  State of Virginia in the 
year 1803, came to this county in 1819, settled near Wolf Spring, and has been there  ever since. (MA1882)
Mrs. CASH, 30 years old, died near Concord on the 16th. She was said to be an excellent lady. MA 6-20-1878
Thomas H. CHENAULT, who was born January 21,1822, departed this life
March 11,1888. (MA 4/5/1888)
Saturday, October 8th A.D. 1881, L.L.5881, the death of Jas. S. CLARK of Mt. Hope Lodge. No 85, having been duly 
announced. MA 10-1881
Tommie CRADOCK, aged 17 years, well known to our people, and half brother of B.L. OWEN of this county, was 
drowned in the river at Tuscaloosa a few days ago while bathing. It occured almost at the identical spot where he was 
baptized a short time since. MA 6-27-1878
Hugh CROW, 89 years old and perhaps the oldest man in Lawrence County, died near Courtland last week. MA 5-24-1888
Miss Susie CUMMINGHAM, died at Birmingham last week, she lived near Mt. Hope for many years, and had just 
graduated with honors. MA 10-2-1890
William DAVIDSON, 89 years old, died at Mt. Home, last Saturday (MA 1-26-1905) Contributed by Charity Goodwin
We tender to Polk  DRAIN and his wife our sympathy in the death of their infant, which was buried here last week. 
MA 10-10-1889
And old citizen to rest. William Z(acharich) DUTTON was born July 10,1822 near Clarksville, N.C., came ro Green Co., Ala 
in 1838, moved to Lawrence Co., Ala with his father Stephen Dutton in 1840., and settled in the wast end of the county, was 
married to Luvinia Borden Dec.21, 1851, and moved to Borden's Cover, where he began to raise his family and suceeded 
well as a farmer. In 1873 he settled near Landersville where he resided when his death occurred Aug.30,1901, He was a 
faithgul companion , had 8 children, 16 grandchildren he left behine. Brother Dutton was aged 79 years, 1 month and 20 days. 
MA 9-19-1901 Contributed by Charity Goodwin
Mrs. Sol. DUTTON , a lady recently married and with infant but a few months old, was killed by lightening on Tuesday, near 
Moulton. Only last week we buried her mother, and today a grave is perpared for the daughter. 
MA April 9,1888 Contributed by Charity Goodwin
Soloman P. DUTTON died August 18,1880 age 47 ys, 8ms,7ds. He left behind a greving wife, daughter and two sons, and
family.MA Sept.2,1880 Contributed by Charity Goodwin
Died on the 24th at the residence of his son, S.P. DUTTON near this place in the 85th year of his age, Mr. Stephen Dutton, 
for many years a respected citizen of this county. MA March 28,1876 Contributed by Charity Goodwin
We regret to learn just a we go to press, that Mr. F.S. FARLEY of  Hillsboro, father of Dr. John & E.A. FARLEY, of this 
town, died on Monday morning. We extend our sympathy to the family. MA Feb.1,1888
Departed this life in July 7th 1876, Mrs. C.M. , consort of N.T. FLANNAGIN, in the 35th year of her age. She was the 
daughter of J.G. DILASHAW, was born in Jefferson County, on November 31,1841. She leaves an afflicted husband, four 
children, many relatives and friends to mourn her loss.MA 7-14-1876
Dr. Wm. H. GANTT, will be well remembered by most of our citizens as a  former residence of this cillage. Here he received 
his early education, and spent many years of his life. W.H. GANTT, A.M., M.D., died of yellow fever, in Gaveston, Texas, 
on the 6th of September,1867. Professor. GANTT was born in the City of St. Louis, MO. His father, Dr.E.S. GANTT, was 
a  practitioner of Medicine in St. Louis at the time. He graduated in the old school of Medicine under Dr. McDOWELL, and 
moved to the State of Alabama, where he was married to Mrs. TUCKER, his surviving wife, by whom he has had six children.
His youngest son dying with the yellow fever about the  same time of his father. His entire family had the fever, except for Dr. 
Edward GANTT, his eldest son, who is in the country. MA 1-6-1868
Departed this life July 16, 1890 in his twentieth year, after an illness of 17 days, at his father's residence in Grayson county, 
Texas, Lonnie, son of R.B. & amanda GOFF. MA 10-23-1890
Mr. M.L. GOODLETT, and old and highly respected citizen of this county, died at his residence about 1 mile north of this city, 
on Sunday the 20th, and was buried on the day following. He leaves a wife, two children, three brother and a sister to mourn 
his departure.MA Nov 25,1887
Infant son of MR. & Mrs John H. GOODWIN of Courtland. MA 1-13-1938
Mr. M.G. GRAHAM, a worthy and respectable citizen of the Courtland Valley, died suddenly on Sunday evening the 4th 
of a congestive chill. Ma 6-18-1876
Died, near this place, on the 17th inst., Charlie GREEN. MA 8-22-1878
Dr. J.E. GRIFFIN, who lived in Moulton for 10 or 15 years after the War, died last week at his  home in Arkansas. His remains 
were brought to and interred in the McDonald Graveyard at this past in Sunday last. Bro. McGlawn read the beautiful burial 
service of the Methodist Church at the grave..His son Daniel and Bro. Patrick accompanied the remains to Moulton, and 
returned home after teh internment. Mrs Chase Aycock of Decatur and Mr. Tom Griffin, his other two 
children also attended the burial. MA 1-13-1898
We regret to learn the death of Mr. A.B. HALL, at the residence of is brother, near Jonesboro, on Thursday
of last week. He was stricken down with congestion of the brain.MA 7-7-1876
William HALL, born January 18,1802, and departed this life Arpil 25th, 1888. Brother HALL was born and raised in Smith 
County, Tennessee, moved to Alabama, Lawrence County, in 1837. MA 5-10-1888
Died at her residence in this counrt, October 18,1881, Mrs.Charloette HAWKINS, aged 69 years, 2 months and 21 days, 
SHe was born in the State of Tennessee in the year 1812, moved to this county with her father, Zaddock MCVAY in 1819. 
She was married September 18th, 1856, She had no children. She was the wife of William HAWKINS. MA 10-1881
On the morning of the 22nd of June the angel of death folded his dark wings over the home of  William F and Mollie H. 
HENDERSON, taking from their loves embrace, their sweet baby, Willie Jamison. (MA July 9, 1896)
Died, Almer O. HENDERSON, daugher of William and Mollie Henderson, near Mt. Hope, in the 6th year of  her age. She 
was born November 11th, 1887, and died June 26th, 1893. (MA 1893)
August 18,1876
Died, near Landersville, on the 14th Mrs. Jane HENDLEY, ages 31 years. She leaves a husband,2 children and many friends 
to mourn her loss.MA 8-18-1876
Mr. W.H. HILL, on the the best men that ever lived in this county,died recently near Jonesboro. 
(MA 7/13/1882 contributed by Mable Hill)
Died in Tuscumbia, Alabama, on the 19th inst., after a long illness, in the 66th year of his life Mr. Willia E. HORNSBEY
an old resident and highly respected citizen of tha place. MA 4-24-1868
On Sunday last, our friends Mr. Howard B. and Mrs. Maggie IRWIN, of Moulton, were overwhelmed with grief for the 
death of their little infant.MA 10-24-1889
Died October 18th, 1889, Mrs. M artha A. Jackson, wife of Col. Isaac M. JACKSON, in the fiftieth year of her age. 
Sister JACKSON was born in Lawrence County, Alabama, June 15th, 1839. She was married to Col. I. M. JACKSON 
on September 26, 1857, they have eight children all of whom are now living, two married. There are three girls and five 
boys.(MA 11-14-1889)
Died, on the 24th of June, at her son's residence, near Wheeler Station, Alabama, Mrs. Rebecca C. JACKSON, formerly 
of Wilcox County, Alabama. MA 7-7-1876
Died September 23rd, 1889 near Mt. Hope-Mary JOHNSON, wife of Turner JOHNSON, daughter of Lewis and 
Melinda MARTIN. MA 10-17-1889
Jake MURPHY fell into a well at Anniston and was killed.  (Moulton Advertiser 29 Sep 1892)
Mrs. Polly JONES, is the loving name of a Christian who has lately passed over the river to rest under the shade of the trees. 
She leaves behind four daughters, two sons, and a host of grand-children. She was born in Virginia, and was 94 years old 
at the time of  her death.(MA 11-14-1889)
Martin L. KUMPE, who was shot by an unknown negro at his home  near Little Rock, died on the Febuary 17th, 1894.
MA 3-1-1894
Little Marvin, infant son of Brother & Sister LAWRIMORE, was born April 28,1888, and died July 18,1888.MA Aug. 2,1888
Pleasant M. LeMAY Buried in Town Creek
Final rites for Pleasant M. LeMay, 95,  were held at the Methodist church in Town Creek last Thursday afternoon. He was 
born in Tennessee  in the year 1846 but spent practically all of  his long life in Lawrence County. He was a soldier of the 
Confederacy, the last living in the county. Funeral services were conducted by his pastor, Rev. J.W. Brooks of the Town 
Creek Methodist church, Dr. Ira Hawkins of Russelville Methodist church, and Rev. R.L. Hickson, pastor of  Town Creek 
Baptist church. Buriel was in Elmwood cemetery, Town Creek. Pall bearers were  grandsons : Marvin and Floyd Gray, 
Tom and Jack LeMay, Sidney Taliaferro and Riggs Allen. Surviving are one son, W.E. LeMay, Town Creek: two daughters, 
Mrs. Lochie McDonald and  Mrs. C.C. Gray, both of Town Creek; 22 grandchildren and 30 great-grandchildren, many of 
whom are living in the vicinity of Town Creek.  sumitted by:  Janice Newman -MA 4-24-1941
Courtland, Ala, Nov 16. Robt. LETSON was shot and instantly killed by his son in law. Thos. GOODWIN at the latters home 
last Saturday afternoon. Letson was charged with the terrible  and unnatural crime of criminally assulting his own daughter. On 
the Sunday previous he wnet to the Goodwin house while he (Goodwin) was absent and chocked and assulted the woman. 
He then left  and sent Goodwin word that he was going to kill him. He accordingly went there on Saturday  afternoon and dared
the young man to come out. Goodwin finally came to the door with a shot gun and fired, resultiong as above stated. Goodwin 
gave himself up and had his trail Monday, for which he was acquited. Letson was a bad man, he having killed a man once, for 
which he served ten years in the Alabama penitentiary. He was almost 50 years old, while his slayer was only 19 years of age. 
(The Leighton News 11-18-1898)
Bob (Robert Green) LETSON, of Mt. Home, was shot and killed by his son in law a Mr Goodwin on Thursday last. 
(MA 11-17-1898)
Mrs. Dr. LIGON was buried  on Friday last. MA April 19,1888
Mrs. Mary LIPFORD, an aged lady, died on Crooked Creek, in this county, on Tuesday of last week. A husband and 
widowed daughter, with numerous friends to mourn her departure. MA July 27,1882
We are much pained to learn of the sudden death of Joesph LOOZIER, that took place the other day, he died with his 
second congestive chill. He is said to have been a good honest man, rather a new comer,  a son in law of our old and much 
esteemed friend Joesph TERRY Sr. It does look to us our old friend and neighbor is having an over share of deep afflictions 
and sore trials. All the family and friends on both sides have our unqualified sympathies.
Ma Sept.20,1877 Contributed by Charity Goodwin
Mr. B.M. LOWE, a prominent citizen of Courtland, died in this place last Sunday might of heart disease. MA 6-7-1888
Mrs. E.P. LOWERY, died near this place, on Sunday last. Peace to her soul.MA Jan. 19,1882.
Darius LYNCH was born in Smith County, Tennessee Oct. 30th 1809 and died in Moulton April 28th 1898 aged 88 yrs 5 
months, 28 days. Came with his father to Limestone Co. Ala when he was 8 years old, and remained there until he became of 
age. When he was 21 years old he moved to Lawrence Co., Ala on June 3, 1846, he married Nannie Gibson, daughter of 
Charles and Clarissa Gibson. A few years later the good woman died, leaving Darius with a large family. On the 10th of Jan.
1858 he wedded Mrs. E.A. Hunt of LImeston Co., by which he had 2 children, both of which died in infancy. He joined Enon 
Baptist Church in 1856, wasa member of the Master Mason in Courtlnad Lodge37 in 1836. Leaves 4 children by his first 
marriage McNeely, W.D. Irwin, Moulton , Lawrence CO., Ala, C.G. Lynch , Russeville, Al, Robert Lynch, Collinsville, TX, 
N.H, Lynch, Dexter, TX, Brethence of Moulton, Lawrenec CO.,Ala. His remains in a silent grave in a Cemetery East of 
Moulton in the 2th ult. MA 5-5-1898
Miss Serepth LYNCH died at the home of W.D. IRWIN, had she lived 2 years longer she would havebeen 77 years. 
Mr. Darius Lynch , her surving brother is last of 10 children. MA 6-27-1895
Tribute of Respect-Mt. Hope, Alabama, June 23,1882. Whereas, in the dispensations of Divine Providence, it has pleased 
the Almighty Father of  the Universe, to remove from earth and the society of his family and his Brother Knights. Brother 
Calvin Taylor MARTIN, in the 34th years of his age. MA July 6,1882
Died - at Wolf Springs, July 1885, after a long illness, Elijah S. MASTERSON, in the 72nd year of his age. He was born
in Tennessee, April 20,1812, and came with his parents to this county in 1816. He held and unbroken chain of office in this
county for over forty years, this is the highest and best eulogy.  He was a member of the Mt. Zion Baptist Church for fourteen
years previous to his death. He was an affectionate husband and an indulgent parent. MA 10-22-1885
Thomas MASTERSON, Sr., departed this life at his residence near Avoca,  in the county, on the 18th day of November, 1867.
The deceased ws a native of South Carolina, from which state he emigrated into East Tennessee at the age of 10. From 
Tennessee he came to this state in 1816, and settled in the neighborhood where he died; haveing lived for 51 years in the same
community.He was a man of influence and the highest respectability, was unconditionally loyal to his government, and lived to 
see all of his children comforably settled around him, successful, respected, and useful citizens.(TU 1-6-1868)
Died on Sunday morning, 28th ult., at the reidence of Zeddoch McVAY,Esq. near Oakville, in this counrt, in the 74th year of 
her age, Mrs Winneford McVay. She was baptized into the baptist Church 40 years ago , and has lived a consistent 
Christian since. MA 7-3-1868
Where as it has pleased the Grandmaster of the Universe to call our dear brother, Pleasant W. McVAY for his labors on earth 
to his reward in Heaven. Our deceased brother, who departed this lie J..22, 1895 was 81 years old.
MA 6-27-1895 Contributed by Charity Goodwin
The remains of Lancaster C. McVAY were laid to rest in the McDonald graveyard last Thursday. He was one of our Oldest 
and best citizens. For Fifty or Sixty years. With Brief intervals, he taught school at various places in the county. Our old friend 
was in the 85th year of his age when he died. MA 6-4-1891 Contributed by Charity Goodwin
Died at Terrel, Texas, on September 8th, 1895, of congestion of the brain, in the 25th year of his age, Jefferson J. McVAY, 
son of W. S. McVAY of Mt. Hope, in this county. MA 9-1895 Contributed by Charity Goodwin

Died, at his home in Winston county, on the 11th of January last, Col. John A. McVAY, in the 78th year of his age.  He was for 60 years a citizen of this county.  He was a son on Hon. Zaddoc McVAY who aided in the survey of the county.  He was a nephew of Hon. Hugh McVAY, one of the early Governors of Alabama.  He was married five times and leaves a long line of children, grand children and great grand children. MA 1-1897 Contributed by Charity Goodwin

John A. McVAY, Esq., was born November 9th, 1818, and departed this life January 11th, 1897, aged 78 years, 2 months and 2 days.  He first saw the glorious light of day near Mooresville Ala.His father, Zaddock McVAY, moved to Lawrence co., Ala., in 1819, and settled 4 miles west of Moulton.  He lived in this county until a few years past, when he moved into Winston just over the line.  He was living with his fifth wife, who still survives him.  Several children and many grand children are left to mourn their loss.Several other children died in infancy.Mr. McVAY was captain of a company of militia before the late civil war, and became a necessary factor on the muster ground.He was promoted to the office of Major and then to that of Colonel of a Regiment.He also served as deputy sheriff under sheriff P. D. RODDY in 1852; also served as bailiff for some time. MA 1-1897 Contributed by Charity Goodwin

At a special communication of THRASHER wheel No.97, J.L. WATTERSON, W.G. THRASHER and O.C. HARRIS 
were appointed a commitee to draft resolutions in memory of our deceased Brother, Wallace MILLER, who was called from 
time to eternity, June 10,1883. MA 7-5-1888
Uncle Alex MONTGOMERY about 90 years old, died near this place  Sunday evening. He was a good man and his death if 
universally lamented. (MA 3-15-1894) summitted by: ALIMM
Died ,near Moulton, Lawrence Co, Alabama on the night of the 26th of October, 1881, Drucilla, Wife of 
R.C. MONTGOMERY. MA 11-10-1881
Rev. John MORAN, aged 55 years, died in Wednesday last, at his residence some ten miles north of this place, He was a 
good man.MA 8-22-1878
Died, in Moulton, Alabama on the 25th day of May 1868. Miss Fannie MORRIS, eldest daughter of A.J. MORRIS, Esq. 
MA 6-5-1868
Died in the 26th of October 1881, little Henrietta, daughter of R.P. and Katie MORRISON, age 16 month and 9 days. 
MA 11-10-1881
Died at his home near Littleville, Colbert Co., on the 23rd of November 1887, Benjamin MURRAY. He leaves adevoted 
wife and three little children. MA March 15,1888
Mrs. Naomi, Wife of James M. NAPIER, and only daughter of P.W. McVAY of Mt.Hope, Alabama, died in Waco, Texas, 
March 23,1882.She leaves a husband and two children in Waco, and a father and mother in Mt. Hope, and has gone to live 
with three of her children in heaven.(MA 4-7-1881 Contributed by Charity Goodwin)
Died at hillsboro, Alabama, Monday August 20th, 1877. Mrs. Sallie NELSON, wife of Stephen G. NELSON. 
MA Aug. 30,1877
Robert NESMITH, living at Crow, died April 23, 1896.  He was one of the oldest men in the county, being 88 years, 11 months, and 17 days 
old.  He joined the Methodist Church about 20 years ago and lived a faithful member of the same until his death.  He died with a smile on 
his face and his friends are confident he will live again in the sweet bye and bye. (TAE-5-7-1896) Contributed by Helen Dearing 
Mr. & Mrs. W.H. NORRIS buried one of their children at Landersville last week. MA 6-7-1888
Died at his father's residence, near Moulton, on Friday last, J.C. NORWOOD, son of G.A. and Mattie NORWOOD.
MA 8-11-1876
Mrs. Nanccy PARHAM, and aged lady, died near Moluton on Saturday Last. MA July,13,1882
Departed this life, Sunday evening, about 5 o'clock, the 25th day of June, 1876. Mrs. Polly Ann Shelton PARKER, wife of 
Mr. Lewis PARKER, of the County of Lawrence, and State of Alabama. Mrs. PARKER ( nee GENTRY) was born in the 
County of Jackson, in the State of Tennessee, on the 14th day of Arpil 1806, and was married on the 10th day of August, 1827
and removed to this county and State about the year 1844. MA 7-7-1876
Death of Hon. T.M. PETERS. The death of this distinguished citizen occured at his home, in Moulton, at 2 o'clock on the 
mornig of the 14th inst., in the 78th year of his age, of paralysis. MA 6-21-1888
Steve PICKETT, about 90 years old, died in this place last week. MA 6-21-1888
And now again we are called to mourn in painful sorrow the death of the young, accomplished and amiable wife of
Thomas Jefferson PIPPEN, and mother of this three lovely babies. Only about four years ago or less, she was married and 
brought to our town, a beautiful, pious girl and wife, where she has since lived. In the death of Mrs. Mary Harvey PIPPEN, 
this community has suffered more than a usual loss. Mrs. Mary Harvey Eggleston  PIPPEN was born on the 7th of August 
1854, was marreid in the 9th of April  1873, and died the 18th of August 1877. MA Aug. 30,1877
Died in Courtland on Saturday, March 30th, 1878, infant son of E.H. & Mrs. Susan PIPPEN. MA April 28,1878
We are truly pained to have to chronicle the death of Susie Mahala PIPPEN, daughter of Edward H. & Susan M. PIPPEN 
of our town. She was born the 11th February 1876 and depareted this life in the 8th of September 1877.
MA Sept. 13,1877
Died near Moulton July 13, 1897 of Slow fever, Andrew Johnson PITT, who was born August 2,1879.
(MA 7-1897)
Thomas POOL, an aged and respectable citizen, committed suicide with morphine near Avoca last Friday. MA 10-17-1889
Died at her residence near Danville, is her 80th year, Mrs. S.M. PUCKETT widow of R.E.C. Puckett who preceded her to the 
Heavenly Land 6 years, she leaves 8 children . MA 3-16-1905
In Memory of Charles M. RAINWATER, who departed this life July 19th 1881. His death was caused by the explosion of a
steam engine near Selma, in this state, He was born in Lawrence County, Alabama, January 1855. He leaves a 
widow and three children to mourn their loss.  (MA 7-1881)
On the Gip ROBERSON'S farmn near Mt. Hope, March 24th, one of the saddest events I ever knew happened in our 
community, by the burning of Miss Dovie WORTHIS, and her niece Little Hattie CRAIG, daughter of William P. CRAIG
Miss Dovie was a sister of Mrs. Pollie CRAIG.She was living with the family they were buring stalks and sage grass, when the 
little girls clothing caught fire, when Miss Dovie & Miss Llula were some distance from her, when they heard her scream. They 
ran to her assistance, when Midd Dovie's clothes caught fire, and they both were soon enveloped in flames beyond control, 
Mr. George ROBERSON, heard their screams and with his little brother, ran to their assistance, and tore off the remainder of 
their clothes. But their bodies parched brown and their suffering was great. Miss Dovie suffered six hours in the greatest agony, 
when she was then taken by death the same day. Little Hattie lived until half past four on the same day, when she was relieved 
by death, from her suffering. Her suffering was great, but she praise God, and sang his prasies half the night. Miss Lela and her
brother John had their hands burned very bad. That was a life for a Life. they leave many friends and kindred to mourn their 
sad, sad fate. MA April 6,1888
J.C. ROGERS shot and killed John McCLESKY, at Cherokee, one day last  week. ROGERS has died. MA 8-4-1876
Mat ROBERTS, one of the oldest and best citizens in Lawrence County, died near Moulton last Saturday. MA July 13,1882
Last week we announced Capt. W. H. ROBINSON for Congress, this week we announce his death. "In the midst of life we are in 
death." (Moulton Advertiser 10 Apr 1884)
The following card, from Rev. Lee WHITTEN, dated at Scottsboro, March 2, and was received too late for our last issue: 
Capt. W. H. ROBINSON, it is supposed, took his own life this morning at the Harris House. He was found dead in bed, by 
Capt. J. E. BROWN, his law partner, with a large dirk driven through his heart, his right hand clenching it with a terrible 
grasp. He had written in Florence, yesterday, a letter of withdrawal from the Congressional race. He came home immediately. 
A pall of sadness drapes our whole town by reason of this awful tragedy.   (Moulton Advertiser 10 Apr 1884)
Mrs. Julia ROSE, wife of our friend, W.F. ROSE, aged about 35 years, died at her home near Trinity , on Thursday last.
MA Feb.9,1882
We fell much grieved indeed to have to chronicle the death of our late candidate for the office of Tax Collector, Thomas B. 
SHEETS, who departed this life about a week ago. MA Aug. 30,1877
Mr. Lawrence SIMMS had the misfortune of losing a little child last week. MA June 28,1888
Frank E. infant son of W.L. & Forrest R. SIMMS, deparets this life on the 20th of June 1888. MA 6-28-1888
Sarah SLATEN, was born Oct.22,1843, she married William SLATEN, Aug.5,1858,departed this life July 14,1888. 
Sister SLATEN was a devoted wife a loving mother and a model of Christianity. She left a husband and five children here to 
mourn their loss. MA AUG. 2,1888
Mary Jane SMITH, daughter of Joseph & Mary SMITH, was born  July 27th, 1847 died June 2nd, 1868 of 
Typhoid Pneumonia. MA 6-12-1868
Mr. James SMITH died near Mount Hope last Thursday, leaving a wife and a number of children. MA 4-1888
Died on Wednesday 25th inst., Miss Amanda C. SPAIN, daughter of Mr. James SPAIN  near Moulton.
MA 11-27-1857
Hon. James S. SPEAKE, for sixty years a conspicuous figure in this county, died at his home, on Thursday last and was laid 
to rest beside his sainted Wife on Friday following. He was 87 years old. MA 9-25-1890
June 30,1876
Carrie BELL, youngest daughter of H.C. & C.M. SPEAKE, died in this place on the 27th, aged 21 months and 4 days. 
Carry was a sweet child, and we tender to the bereaved ones our heart-felt sympathy. 6-30-1876
Died in Arkansas county, Arkansas on the 17th of October, 1857, Hugh C. STEPHENSON, son of Pleasant W. & 
Peggy STEPHENSON.MA 11-27-1857
Died in her residence, two miles west of Danville in Lawrence county, Mrs Delphia STOVER. SHe was born 
February 15, 1800, and departed this life August 10,1878. She left twelve living children, 96 grandchildren 
and 117 great grandchildren. MA 8-15-1878
Died , Riley G. STOVER, December 1,1887 in the 50th year of his age. He was born and raised in Lawrence county, 
Alabama. He left a wife and three children.MA 12-29-1887 Contributed By Charity Goodwin
Died, at his home, ten miles East of Moulton, on the 31st of January,1881, of pneumonia, Mr. James SULLIVAN, in the 54th 
year of his age.  He leaves a wife and ten children to mourn their loss. MA 2-10-1881
Dr. Andrew Jackson SYKES passed out from the living into the eternal life, at his home in Courtland, on April 8,1887. He is 
buried at the Swoope Cemetery. MA 4-1887
Mr. F.D. SYKES. son of Dr. F.W. SYKES, died near Jonesboro, in this county on the 9th, he was 25 years old.
MA 7-14-1876
Francis Dancy SYKES, only son of the Hon. F.W. SYKES, died at the residence of  his father, in Lawrence County, on the 
9th day of July 1876. He was born on the 10th of June 1848 at Courtland, Alabama.MA 7-28-1876
Milton Tanksley was killed accidentally on a railroad in Arkansas two weeks ago. His widow and child reached Moulton in a 
desolate condition. (MA 11-9-1905 Contributed by Charity Goodwin)
Mrs. Sarah TANKSLEY, abt 68 years old, a long member of Primitive Baptist Church, died near this place Tuesday evening, 
June 24, 1902. (MA 6-26- 1902) Contributed by Charity Goodwin
On the 14th of August 1877 our old and much respected friend John William TERRY lost his olny son Alford Terry, lad of 
thirteen years of age.The boy was killed by the fall of a limb knocked off by the fall of a tree cut down by himself and another 
young man Wesley Dixon, for a coon. The limb struck him on the forehead, and killed him instantly.
(MA 8-30-1877 Contributed by: Charity Terry Goodwin)
Joseph TERRY departed this life on the 18th day of September, 1881,in the 75th year of his age, leaving a wife , eight children,
a large number of grandchildren and hosts of friends to mourn his death.  (MA 9-1881 Contributed by Charity Goodwin)
Jo TERRY, died at his home South of Courtland on Sunday last. He was almost 80 years old. 
MA 9-22-1881 Contributed by Charity Terry Goodwin
Mrs. Louisa TERRY, daughter of J.T. & Nancy Terry, and wife of David Terry, died at her fathers residence in Lawrence 
county, on January 29,2888. (MA 6/14/1888 Contributed by Charity Goodwin)
Mrs. Mary E. GIBSON, nee TERRY, was born November the 15th 1837, and died June 15th 1870.  She was the daughter 
of John F. TERRY and was married to A.P.GIBSON, November 22nd, 1854. She leaves a grief stricken husband and 8 
sorrowing children. MA 6-30-1876 Contributed by Susie Terry Hill
Mrs. Dub TERRY, a most excellent woman died a few miles Nort of this place last week. She died on April 17,1888.
MA 4-1888 Contributed by Charity Goodwin
Mrs. Nancy TERRY, wife of J.T. TERRY, died at her home in Lawrence County, April 17,1888. She was a native of this 
county, and was above 44 years at the  time of her death. A newly  married daughter had died a few months before, leaving an 
infant daughter upon a grandmother's loving care. Several of her children were pining under the same disease that was carrying 
her  to the grave, and some of them in a critical condition. MA 6-7-1888 Contributed by Charity Goodwin
Two sons of Daniel THOMPSON, 16 & 22 years old, were drowned in the Tennessee River near 
Tuscumbia last week while bathing. (MA 6-29-1893) summitted by: ALIMM
Our Esteemed friend adn beloved Brother, A.J. TURNER, who departed this life May 9,1888, near Decatur. His death was 
caused by being shot by Tom GARTH, while attempting to arrest said GARTH. On the 10th he was buried at the Eastern 
View cemetery. Ma June 28,1888
Rites held Today For Mrs. Anna VOSS-1946
Final rites were held 2 pm today at Chalybeate Springs church for Mrs. Anna Voss, 73, who died Thursday at her home, 
Hillsboro 1, following a long illness. Rev. See Montgomery conducted the rites, while Highsmith of Moulton directed interment 
in the adjoining cemetery. The deceased, a member of the Baptist Church and resident of Lawrence County for 35 yrs, is  
survied by her husband, J.W. Voss, four sons, Bill, Rube, and Bob of Hillsboro 1, and Harvey  Voss of Bessemer, and six 
daughter, Mrs. Ida Rose, Mrs. Leonora Claborn, and Mrs Sally Anderson of Hillsboro 1, Mrs Essie Cahela, Mrs. Ima Coffey, 
and Mrs. Eunice Cahela of Bessemer, 41  grandchildren & 7 great grandchildren.
(Thanks to Mrs. Jan Harris for this Obituary)
On the 18th of October the angels reached down and lifted  Mrs. N.E. WALLACE up into Heaven. MA 11-13-1890
On September 10,1878, a few minutes before midnite, Mrs. Martha AliceWALLACE (nee RIDENHOUR), fell asleep to 
slumber until the resurrection morn. She was born August 14,1859 in Stanley Co., North Carolina. In the fall of 1873 she 
emigrated with her father and mother, being the only surviving child, to Gibson Co., West Tennessee. There on the 14th of 
August, on her birthday, she joined the M.E. Church, South, at Oak Grove, Trinton Circuit,  Memphis Conference, and 
remained a consistent memeber until her death. In December of 1876, she with her parents, moved to this county and
settled near Hillsboro. February 14m1878 she was married to William Calvin WALLACE.
FL 9-12-1878
Hattie daughter of J.H. & A.I. WARE, born July 30th 1890, died Sept. 3rd1890. MA 9-1890
Rev. Daniel WARD 84 years old, died at Six Mile last week. MA 6-28-1888
Franklin B. WASSON, son of Calvin and Nancy, was born in Lawrence Co, Alabama, May 30th, 1861, died 
October 29th,1881. His remains were deposited in the grave yard at Rock Springs Church. (MA 11-1881)
Memorial of John T. WHITE, son of Nelson H. & Mary E. WHITE, who fell at Shiloh, April 7th 1868. MA 4-24-1868
We regret to learn that MR. Bill WHITE of Landersville was found dead near one of the depots, on the Sheffield and 
Birmingham road, last week,  is supposed that he committed suicide. MA 6-28-1888
Departed this life on Wednesday morning the 9th of the present month, James J. WILLIAMS, in the 31st year of his life.
MA 8-31-1876
Isaiah A. WILSON, a shining light in the Baptist church,a bright Mason, and an able statesman, died recently in the Insane 
Hospital, at Tuscaloosa. MA Feb. 9,1882
Mr. George WITT was buried Jan 8 after being ill for nine days. MA 1-13-1938
Mrs. Florence WORTH, wife of  Brig. General Wm. S. WORTH,  retired,died at Forth Hamilton, N.Y. on the 29th.
MA 1-4-1900


MA= Moulton Advertiser
TU= The Union
ASW=Alabama State Wheel
FL= Friend of the Laborer
TAE- The Alabama Enguirer