Abraham Randolph Rev. War Pension
Abraham Randolph Rev. War Pension 
The application for Revolutionary pension of Abraham Randolph is found in recorded in a book 
entilted "Wills and Inventories" of the Lawrence County Alabama 1829-1834 page 201. The 
application was made under the Act of Congress of June 7, 1832 before Judge James R. Wallace 
of Lawrence County,Al. Abrahm Randolph stated he was the 70 yrs of age and that he entered the 
service of hte American Colonies in 1780 in Caswell Co. N.C. undee General Butler, Colonel 
William Moore, Elijah Moone, Major; James Wildon, Captin; Walter Tate, Lieutenant;at Caswell 
Count House.
He marched from  thence to Hillsboro and to Bell's Mill where the troops joined General Davidson
at the Six Mile Creek and thence to New Providence where he was discharged. He voluntered again 
in 1781 under General Butler and marched against the British and Toried at Wilmington.
He lived in North Carolina for 12-13 yrs and then removed to South Carolina where he resided 
for 25-26 yrs after which he removed to Alabama where he had lived 12-13 yrs.
A testimonial as to the character of Abraham Randolph was signed my Stephen Penn, clergyman
of the Baptist Church. James McDaniel and John Harriss. Aug 20,1832.
We do have a copy of the original, if someone would like a copy send us an email. 
Abraham Randolph is one of our  great grandfather's.
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