35th Lawrence Co., Ala Infantry
The 35th Alabama Infantry Company C
Lawrence County Alabama 
File Contributed by: Linda Ayres  July 2003
Ashford, A.E            Captain/Major/Lt. Colonel 
Stewart, J.A            Lieutenant
Elliott, T.E            1st Lieutenant
[Died at home during the war]
Latham, Tyre A          1st Lieutenant/Captain 
Aldridge, William V     2nd Lieutenant 
[Died in Morgan County]
Watkins, J.C            2nd Lieutenant
Morris, William         Sergeant
Robertson, Gale         Sergeant
Evans, John M           Corporal 
[Died in Alabama during the war]
Gillespie, Stephen      Corporal
[Died in Lawrence County] 
Gray, Milton J          Corporal
[Enlisted at age 14]
Wood, W                 Corporal
Abney, W.C
Aday, R.G
Aldridge, Andrew P
[Died during the war]
Aldridge, Warren H
Alexander, J.E
Alexander, John
Alexander, William
[Died during the war]
Armstrong, J.D
Armstrong, James C
Aston, William M
Barksdale, T.A
Bates, Pearson 
Bigham, Samuel Thad
[Died during the war]
Bond, A.J 
Bond, Charles J
Byrd, Jeff
[Died during the war]
Cailey, T.F
Chainey, H
Chambers, D.W
[Died during the war]
Cherry, J.M
[Died during the war]
Cochran, Frances M
[Died in Cherokee County]
Cooper, John
Cooper, Thomas
Cornelius, W.F
[Died during the war]
Cottinghin, Daniel
Cottinghin, John
[Died at home during the war]
Cottinghin, William
[Died at home during the war]
Craig, John F
[Died during the war]
Craig, William Post
[Died during the war]
Darnel, Marion
[Died during the war]
Davis, James J. Jr.
Dinsmore, John
[Died during the war]
Dones, I.C
[Died during the war]
Dow, Martin
Eday, Nicholas
Eday, Rufus P
Edwards, David
Evans, Willis
[Died during the war]
Foote, W.H
[Died in Tennessee]
Galey, Thompson 
Galey, Elane 
Galloway, Henry
Galloway, W.E. Sr.
Goodwin, Milton
[Died in Jefferson County]
Grimes, Nicholas 
Gunter, Macon Jr.
Haffley, Rufus 
Hambleton, Edger
Hambleton, Joe 
Hambleton, Thomas
[Died during the war]
Hazelwood, Samuel
Hightower, William H
[Died during the war]
James, N
Johnson, Claude
Lewis, John
Lockley, I.E
Long, Andrew J
Long, H.A
Masterson, John H
McCluskey, S
McGaughey, C.S
[Died during the war in Lawrence County]
Mitchell, Randolph
Moody, James Henry
Moran, J.W
[Died in Lawrence County]
Nicholson, Henry
Parker, W
Payne, D.W
Payne, George W
Ponder, W.J
Priest, R
Priest, William R
[Died during the war]
Primons, James C
Pyles, J.L
Raper, Jesse
Riddle, Henry O
Sandlin, James W
[Died during the war]
Sherrod, J
Simmons, Callaway
[Died during the war]
Simmons, Calvin
Simmons, James C
Simmons, W.S
Stayberry, J.F
Sterling, J.M
Stephens, William C
Stewart, John A
[Died in Lawrence County]
Stewart, William
Stockton, W.M
Stondemer, J.T
Voldirck, A
Walker, J
Walker, John 
Walker, R
Wheeler, John
Whitten, William S
Wilbanks, J
Williams, George C
Williams, James J
Williams, W
Wood, Andrew 
Woodruff, Nathan
Worthy, John T
Worthy, Thomas 
Wray, John
Wray, Michael