Military Records

Military Records

Revolutionary & War of 1812, French/Indian Wars
Alphabetical List of Revolutionary Soldiers in Alabama
List of Rev & War of 1812 Soldiers in LCA
Facts about the American Revolutionary War
American Revolution War Soldiers & Their Descendants
Revolutionary War Units
War of 1812 - Northern Alabama Soldiers
French & Indian War
Alexander Aston Rev. War Pension
James Aston Rev. War Pension
Abraham Horton (Widows) Pension
John J. Jeffrey - War of 1812 Military Records
Hubbard McCarver - War of 1812 Military Record
RevWar Pension for Eleanor McKnight
John McWhorter-Rev War Pensison
RevWar Pension for William Nichols
Abraham Randolph - Rev War Pension
James Dougan War Pension

A Confederate Soldier's Prayer

Civil War
Some Civil War Soldiers buried in Lawrence County
Receipts for Confederate Soliders Warrants 1905
Leighton Rangers
Civil War Rosters - Alabama
1st Alabama Calvary (Union)
Members of the First Alabama Union
Company K, 4th Alabama Cavalry (Roddey's) Regiment, C.S.A
Company E & L, 4th Alabama Cavalry (Roddey's) Regiment, C.S.A.
5th Alabama Cavalry Regiment, C.S.A.
5th Alabama Cavalry Company C
6th Alabama Infantry Regiment Homepage
11th Alabama Infantry Regiment, C.S.A.
15th Alabama Infantry Company A
16th Alabama Infantry Company B
16th Alabama Infantry Company I
History of the 16th Ala
19th Alabama Infantry Regiment, C.S.A
23rd Alabama Infantry
23rd Alabama Infantry Regiment, C.S.A.
25th Alabama Infantry Regiment, C.S.A.
Jim Taylor's 25th Alabama Infantry, Confederate States Army
27th Alabama Infantry Regiment, C.S.A.
29th Alabama Infantry Regiment, C.S.A.
33rd Alabama Infantry Regiment, C.S.A.
35th Alabama Infantry Company C
35th Alabama Infantry Company H [Partial]
36th Alabama Regiment of Volunteers
48th Alabama Infantry Roster
The 48th Alabama Volunteer Infantry Regiment
Civil War Rosters
Civil War Soldiers & Pension's of LCA
1883 Pensioners Online including veterans of the war of 1812 and Union service during the Civil War
Lawrence County, Alabama 1883 Pensioners
CSA Records of James Landers
CSA Records of J.M. Roden
CSA Records of J.W. Roden
CSA Records of Sgt. J. Roden
CSA Records of Rufus F. Landers
CSA Record of Charles Miles Patterson Hampton
Rufus Berryman Civil War Pension Application
Rufus Berryman Civil War Schedule Of Property June 5, 1899
Rufus Berryman Pension Application
Berryman on 1907 Census of Confederate Soldiers (Colbert Co.Ala)
Martin VanBuren Shelton Civil War Pension Application's
Widow pension for Tymoxsena Dyer Stephenson
General Joseph (Fightin Joe) Wheeler Of Lawrence County Alabama
Civil War Rosters - French Guard Battalions (Confederate)
Jewish-American U.S. Civil War Veterans
Civil War Rosters - Irish Regiments
Thomas Samuel Pointer
The Prisons
Camp Douglas, IL
Camp Douglas, IL (link 2)
Elmira Prison, NY
Pt. Lookout, MD
Rock Island, IL
The Prisons
Civil War Prisoner
Prison Camps of the Civil War
Prisoner Index Project
Research Sources
American Civil War Homepage
American Civil War Unit Bibliographies
Civil War Genealogy
Confederate Information Gallery
The Blue and Gray Trail
Women in the American Civil War
American Civil War Timeline
Confederate Queries
Photos and Rosters of CSW Soldiers and Sailers
USGenWeb Special Collections Military
John Pelham Historical Association
U.S. Civil War Center
The Valley of the Shadow: Living the Civil War in Pennsylvania
Confederate Soldiers of Lawrence Co, AL - lookup
Alabama Civil War Regimental Histories
The American Civil War Page
Confederate States of America
Vanished Index to Alabama Civil War Military Units
Alabama Civil War Roots
Soldiers Roots Page and bio's
Alabama in the Civil War Message Board
Alabama Civil War Roots mail list (put subscribe in the subject line)
Civil War Links
Fort Blakely
Fort Gaines
Battlefield Map
LegionVille-birthplace of the US Army 1792-1805 muster rolls, journal entries, photographs of soldiers
Index to Loyalist Muster Rolls
Fort Morgan
Along the Old Federal Road
Atlanta, Ga
Chattanooga, TN
Chickamauga, TN Regimental Perspective
Kennesaw Mountain, GA
Murfeesboro, TN
Perryville, KY
Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System



World War I
African-American Medal of Honor Recipients World War I

World War II
African-American Medal of Honor Recipients World War II


AL Korean War Casualties
Korean Conflict Casualty Lists (1951-57)
Korean War Medal of Honor Recipients


Vietnam Conflict Lists of Casualties
Vietnam Vetererans Database
Navy Medal of Honor: Vietnam War 1964-1975



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