Abraham Horton (Bounty land)
Abraham Horton


State of Alabama
Lawrence County
on The 1st day of May A.D. 1859 personally appered before me
a Justice of the Peace within and for the said County and State aforesaid,
Dyhtha Horton, ages 98 years, a resident of Lawrence County and State of
Alabama, who being duly sworn according to law, declares that she is the 
widow of Abram Horton, deceased, who was a Private in the Company commanded
by Captain (name forgoten, refer as above) in the Revolutionary War of the
united States. That her husband, Abram Horton, on or about the  ?day of ?
A.D. 17?., was drafted for the term of ? months and continued in actual 
service in said war for more than fourteen days and was honorably
discharged as she is informed and fully believes,, partly from her own 
knowledge and from the fact that she as a widow of said Abram Horton, (who) was 
inscribed on the Pension List and now had in her possession, a certificate of which
the following is a true copy;
            Department of the interior
Widow's Pension
I certify that in conformity with the Act of Febuary 2nd,1848, Dytha Horton,
widow of Abram Horton, who was a Private in the Revolutionary Wa is
inscribed on the Pension List at the rate of Thirty Dollars per annum,
commencing on the 4th of March, 1848 and continuing for life, unless
she should marry, in which case the pension is not payable after the time of
Given at the Department of the Interior, 12th day of September,
One Thousand Eight Hundered and Fifty Nine.
J.Ewing, Secretary
Dept. of the Interior
Examined and Countersigned
T.L. Edwards
Commissioner of Pensions
adding her name to said Pension list and other papers and proceedings in
connexion therewith now in the Department of the Interiorm which she begs
leave to make reference for the justness of this.
She futher states that she was married to said Abram Horton in the 
County of Surry and the State of North Carolina, on the ? day of ? A.D.,1777,
by on Kajer Clark, a magistrate anf that her name before marriage was 
Dytha Clark, that her said husband died in the County of Lawrence and State 
of Alabama, on the 11th day of December, 1842 and that she is now a widow.
She makes this Declaration for the purpose of obtaining the 
Bounty Land to which she maybe entilted under the Act  approved March 3rh, 1855,
and that her saud husband, in his life time, never obtained from the United
States any bounty land for his services in the Revolutionary War or any other services.
And that she as the widow of said Abram Horton, has made no other application
for Bounty Land. 
     Ditha Horton
We T.J. Jamasion and George Smith, residents of Lawrence County and State
of Alabama, upon our oaths decalre that the foregoing declaration was 
signed and acknowledged by Dytha Horton in our presence.
Crocket McDonald, Justice of the Peace swore "Ditha Horton, made oath in
due form of law, that she is the widow of Abram Horton, who was a pensioner
and is now dead, and to whom a vertificate of pension was issued, of which
the followiong is a true copy, viz;
War Department Revolutionary Claim
I certify that conformity with the law of the United States on the 7th day of June, 1832
Abraham Horton, of the State of Alabama, who was a Private, in the War
of the Revolution,is entitled to recieve Thirty Dollars per annum during his natural
life, commencing on the 4th of March, 1831 adn payable sme-annually on the 4th of
March, and the 4th of September in every year.
    Lew Cass
    Secertary of War
That the said deceased pensioner resided in Lawrence County aforesaid,
in the State aforesaid, for the space of the ninteenyears before his death, and 
that previous thereto, he resided in the State of North Carolina.
     Ditha Horton
Witnessed the 24th day of April, 1843, before C.M. McDonald J.P.
W.W. Downs
W.A. Boyce