Parker Family of Lawrence Co.

Parker Family of Lawrence Co.,

By Rickey Butch Walker

After Nancy married Jeff(erson Cleveland) Parker, they lived on the Oil Well Road. According to Old Land Records of Lawrence County by Margaret Cowart, Jefferson C. Parker entered 160 acres of land in the northwest 1/4 of Section 35 in Township 7 South and Range 8 West on July 16, 1901. The land is located on the Oil Well Road Ridge about one and a half miles south of Ridge Road. Later Jeff bought land on the Mountain Springs Road about 1905.

Jeff(erson Cleveland) Parker was considered to be a half-blood Cherokee Indian. His father William married Katherine Hardin (census records and her father William B. Hardin's will say Catherine, also) who was known as Black Dutch. Katherine was short, dark haired and dark complected. Katherine was the second wife of William (D.) Parker. William and his first wife (Charity Castleberry) had John Campbell, (Bluford),Thursday, (Merry) Martha (who married Wm. E. Vines), (Mary Elizabeth who married Wm. E. Vines also), and Manerva.  William and Katherine had Sally Parker, who married a Henderson; Elizabeth, who married (Albert Josiah) Dunlap; Samantha, who married William Straud Riddle; Docinda, who married a Walker; Jeff(erson), who married Nancy (nee) Henderson (Turner); Joe, who married Scenie Parker, and William (Henry), who married Mary Beth Reynolds.

Jeff(erson C.) Parker was a farmer and also peddled the old mountain brew. He farmed some of the Slayton Place southwest of Mountain Springs Church.  Jeff Parker was involved in the old mountain trade. It was told that he was the only mountain dew peddler in the mountains. He made regular routes in his wagon delivering his brew to local residents for cough syrup or to sip for bad colds. Of course, some folks would make a hog of themselves and occasionally get drunk. Jeff would go from  house to house in the mountains ever so often to replenish the families supplies.

Jefferson C. and Nancy Henderson Parker had the following children. (William)Hamby (who married Susan Aldridge), Kate (Mary Catherine who married a Richards),  Jeffy,  (Nancy) Zora who married Cleve Spillers, and Thursday Parker who was Mrs. Gladys LuAllen's grandmother. Thursday married Pedro Blankenship and they had one son Elbert.
Jefferson and Nancy  lived at their old Mountain Springs homeplace south of the Mountain Springs Church on the east side of the road, until their deaths.

Jeff Parker's father was William (D.) Parker. According to Cowart, William entered 40 acres of land in the Henderson Cove area in Section 28 of Township 8 South and Range 8 West on January 28, 1859. The 40 acre tract of land was just north of Flanagin and Borden Creeks.

William (D) Parker is noted as being the man who got gored by a bull. William was trying to castrate the bull to make a steer for plowing and pulling wagons. After being gored and realizing he was dying, William told the family to "get the steer well and sell it to help raise the family". Shortly after he was gored by the bull, William died of the wound. According to a notice in July 11, 1878 Moulton Advertiser, states, "We have just learned of the death of our good friend William "Will" Parker who was killed by the gore of an ox one day last week near Moulton.

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