Gray/Matthews Cemetery

Gray/Matthews Cemetery
Contributed by : Howard Brooks July 11, 2004
Howard transcribed this cemetery on January 1, 1980
Cemetery Photos

Laura Gray
August 15, 1860
August 14, 1911
(Note: Laura Gray is a daughter of
James Madison Gray and Maria Dunlap,
J.M.'s third wife).
  Mary E. Miller
Wife of J.M. Gray
October 6, 1834
September 29, 1906
Mary Gray is James Madison Gray's fourth wife).
  Margaret A.
Daughter of W.S. and S.E. Gray
November 5, 1849
December 18, 1849
A.C. G.
(Footstone)(headstone partially destroyed)
January 25, 1838
September 25, 1870
  Noah Cooper
Died June 15, 1875
Aged 72
(Note:  Noah Cooper may be the father
of Emiline Cooper, James Madison
Gray's first wife).
  Katie A. Clark
Wife of Elijah Melton
March 24, 1849
February 19, 1889
Sallie E.
Born July 13, 1870
Died November 6, 1882 
Children of Robert and Mary Miller
  James S.
Born May 19, 1870
Died December 14, 1878
Children of Robert and Mary Miller
  Oscar J. Cooper ***
Born November 16, 1856
Died July 9, 1888
Robert S. Miller
May 14, 1830
March 2, 1904
  Mary T. Miller                           
October 3, 1833
Jan 15, 1900    
  J. M. Gray
December 14, 1817
April 13, 1880
(Note: James Madison Gray was a son of
Jonathan Gray and Pheby Grimes Gray,
both of whom are buried on Mt. Sandy.)
Maria L.
Wife of J.M. Gray
Born Jan 6, 1832
Died May 26, 1862
(Note:  This is Maria Dunlap,
James Madison Gray's third wife).
  Jonathan Gray
Born Jan 6, 1854
Died August 2, 1890
(Jonathan Gray was a son of
James Madison Gray and Maria Dunlap; he is named
for his grandfather, who is buried on Mt. Sandy, Lawrence Co).
Dau of J.M. and Maria L. Gray
Born February 5, 1862
Died June 29, 1864
Robert J.
Son of J.M. and Mary E. Gray
Born January ll, 1864
Died December 31, 1873
  Joseph J.
Son of J.M. and Mary E. Gray
Born Jan 20, 1866
Died August 22, 1867
  Francis C.
Wife of Wm. M. Little
Born November 19, 1827
Died June 28, 1900
Aged 72 years
Feddie Robert
Son of L.D. and E.J. Ray
Born July 16, 1883
Died September 9, 1884
Note: Is "Feddie" actually "Freddie?"
  Note: Another grave showed someone
who died September ll, 1883, but the
name part of the tombstone is destroyed
and not readable.

Note:  On maps, this cemetery is called the Matthews Cemetery, but there are no known Matthews buried here. The cemetery is located at the eastern end of Second Street, which comes directly out from Sheffield.  When Second Street
ends, one can turn left and go over Wheeler Dam (about four miles), or turn right and go to Town Creek (about 2-4 miles).  Directly to the east, is a little white house, and the cemetery area is to the right (south) of that little white house.  Howard Brooks ([email protected]) has photographs of all these graves taken in 1980.  Howard Brooks transcribed the following
gravestone information on January 1, 1980:

*** Brutal Murder
A quiet, peaceable White was shot to death by a brutal negro. The Murderer at Large.
Near Town Creek, in this county, on Monday of last week, Mr. Oscar COOPER, a respectable farmer of that neighborhood, had occasion to reprimand Steven BINFORD, one of his colored laborers, on account of his not doing work in a satisfactory manner. Binford did not like the talk of Cooper, and securing a shot gun, emptied the contents into Cooper's body, killing him instantly. The negro fled and is still at large. Cooper leaves a wife and two small children. Great indignation is felt among Cooper's neighbors, and it is believed that Steven's neck will grace a halter when caught.
(Moulton Advertiser 19 Jul 1888)

Note 2: Mrs. Goodwin:   Please put on Web page, where readers will see it.   I would like for you to put the news about the cemetery called Matthew--Gray, it is located on hwy 101, near Town Creek. Located on a Mr. Bracken 's farm. Some one told Howard Brooks where it was located. We was searching for the cemetery where James Madison Gray, my 2nd great grandfather was buried. So it was located with trees surrounding it, the grave markers was not in sight. So several of us ancestors, have went together and cut all the bushes and small trees, so it is now in clear sight. We are putting up some new markers, fence and also going to repair some markers. We found no family by the name of Matthew, but did find some Cooper's which are our grand parents. So we are putting up a new sign, which will be Cooper & Gray. So if any of our ancestors of these two families sees this article, please go by and see it. The ones who are responsible for all the work, expense & research are, a Historian, Roger McNeese, who lives in Muscle Shoal, Al,  Several ancestors from Ark. & several other States, traveled to Alabama to restore the cemetery, where their loved ones are at rest. They are Randall Gray, wife Oma, & daug. Mary, Erma Lee Masters, Velva Stephens, Howard Brooks.The list of names who helped with the expense is to many to name, we plan to have a dedication when it is all finished. I know that this will need some corrections, please do so.     Erma Lee Masters, at [email protected]