Bulah Cemetery
Bulah (Bular) Cemetery - Partial Survey (More to Come)
Contributed by: Melonie Jackson Naylor July 2005

Bulah Baptist Church Est 1893
The cemetery land was donated by G.W.(George Washington) Naylor after the 
death of his son Bular Naylor and this is where the name came from.  

The cemetery is located in Bankhead National Forest in 
Lawrence County, AL.

Most if not all of the people buried in this cemetery are related to the Naylors.

Last Name     First Name    Middle Name   Birth       Death       Comment
Naylor        David         W.            10-28-1964  07-30-2002  On the back of the tombstone - His Daughters : Misty & Lacole
Rodgers       Jones         O.            03-01-1882  12-09-1973  Double Tombstone: Wife Pearl Lee Rodgers
Rodgers       Pearl         Lee           08-10-1886  09-11-1924  Double Tombstone:  Husband Jones O. Rodgers
Naylor        Willard                     03-02-1938  11-03-1939  On the front of the tombstone - In God's Care
Way           Annie         Louise        04-29-1926  08-02-1927  
Naylor        Erby                        12-04-1921  01-04-1922  
Naylor        Donald        Joe           11-09-1952  02-23-1958  On the front of the tombstone - Son of William & Louise Naylor, brave little soldier
Naylor        Louise        Harris        09-22-1920  07-02-2000  Our Children: Margaret, Betty, Dell, Jimmy, Bobby, Donny, Cathy, Paul, Donna, Vickie, Lisa, David
Naylor        William       Lee           05-26-1912  11-18-1983  Buried between 1st wife Buvena & 2nd wife Louise
Naylor        Buvena        Raney         02-29-1917  01-24-1940  Our Children: Joyce, Billy, Hurley
Allen         Johnny        Randall       11-21-1959  11-21-1959  Infant son of Johnny & Margaret Allen
Ledlow        Tarence       W.            01-20-1880  12-20-1960  Father of Nellie Ledlow Naylor
Naylor        Nellie        Ledlow        05-07-1909  04-04-1953  2nd wife of Mile Jack Naylor
Naylor        Mile          Jack          04-29-1888  03-17-1955  buried between 1st wife Myrtle & 2nd wife Nellie
Naylor        Myrtle        Brooks        02-07-1892  06-1923     1st wife of Mile Jack Naylor
Naylor        Rufe                        1914        1915        son of Mile Jack & Myrtle Brooks Naylor
Naylor        Elsie                       1917        1917        daughter of Mile Jack & Myrtle Brooks Naylor
Naylor        Welden                      03-08-1945  12-28-1961  son of Mile Jack & Nellie Ledlow Naylor
Brewer        E.            Lucille       02-17-1929  07-21-1965  Double Tombstone: Husband Ernest P. Brewer Jr.
Brewer, Jr.   Ernest        P.            10-31-1923  12-09-1966  Veteran's Marker : WW2 - Private - Army Air Force
Naylor        Joyce         Elaine        02-06-1951  02-06-1951  
Naylor        Gregory       Lamar         06-26-1962  06-26-1962  son of Hoyt & Dorothy Naylor
Naylor        Dwight                      12-28-1940  07-23-2000  Double Tombstone: Wife Bobbie F. Naylor
Naylor        Bobbie        F.            07-12-1943              Double Tombstone: Husband Dwight Naylor
Peters        Ed                          02-19-1929  10-23-2001  Double Tombstone: Wife Carley J. Peters
Peters        Carley        J.            11-17-1934  05-01-1990  Double Tombstone: Husband Ed Peters
Logan         Lula          Naylor        02-18-1919              Triple Marker: Jim Matt Naylor & Martha Adair Naylor
Naylor        Jim           Matt          10-28-1900  06-10-1944  Triple Marker: Lula Naylor Logan & Martha Adair Logan (his wife)
Naylor        Martha        Adair                                 Triple Marker: Lula Naylor Logan & Jim Matt Naylor (her husband) her year of birth 1902 ?
Naylor        Forney                      06-20-1925  09-15-1963  Son of Jim Matt & Martha Adair Naylor
Smith                                                             last name only on the 1st of 5 markers in a row
Smith                                                             last name only on the 2nd of 5 markers in a row
Smith                                                             last name only on the 3rd of 5 markers in a row
Smith                                                             last name only on the 4th of 5 markers in a row
Smith                                                             last name only on the 5th of 5 markers in a row
Naylor        Ricky         H.            10-19-1969  09-05-2004  
Sapp          Dorothy       N.            09-21-1939  02-05-2002  Double Tombstone: Husband Price L. Sapp
Sapp          Price         L.            07-17-1941              Double Tombstone: Wife Dorothy N. Sapp
Vinson        Drew                        04-01-1904  06-19-1975  Double Tombstone: Wife Eula Vinson
Vinson        Eula                        09-01-1910  08-20-2000  Double Tombstone: Husband Drew Vinson
Naylor        Thomas        J.            12-30-1883  06-17-1968  Double Tombstone: Wife Lula V. Naylor
Naylor        Lula          V.            04-25-1890  12-31-1968  Double Tombstone: Husband Thomas J. Naylor
Naylor        G. (George)   W.            11-03-1865  05-23-1943  Double Tombstone: Wife Lousia Naylor
Naylor        Lousia                      12-20-1866  10-28-1935  Double Tombstone: Husband G.W. Naylor (maiden name Lousia P. Simmons)
Naylor        Theral                      11-19-1907  11-18-1909  Son of G.W. & L. P. Naylor
Naylor        Bular                       08-16-1905  12-22-1905  Son of G.W. & L.P. Naylor
Naylor        Mary          E.            05-02-1838  12-24-1913  Mother of G.W. Naylor
Naylor        Helen         Grace         11-?- 1929  06-09-1931  Daughter of T.W. & Eva Naylor
Naylor        Infant        Son                                   1st of 4 graves in a row -marked: Infant Son of T.W. & Eva Naylor
Naylor        Infant        Son                                   2nd of 4 graves in a row -marked: Infant son of T.W. & Eva Naylor
Naylor        Infant        Son                                   3rd of 4 graves in a row -marked: Infant son of T.W. & Eva Naylor
Naylor        Infant        Son                                   4th of  4 graves in a row -marked: Infant son of T.W. & Eva Naylor
Naylor        Hershel       R.            06-30-1939  08-11-1970  
Kelley        Truman        Jr.           12-05-1929  03-03-1995  Veteran's Marker : WW2 - Private - US Army
Vinson        Elwin         P.            06-15-1912  11-01-1976  
Naylor        Virgil        Edward        1917        2003        Veteran's Marker:WW2-PFC-US Army - Children: Elizabeth-Steven-Lisa-Carol-Jonathan-Becky-Misty-Autumn
Demastus      A.            J.            08-11-1874  01-29-1943  Double Tombstone: Wife Tilda Demastus
Demastus      Tilda                       07-13-1888  10-21-1971  Double Tombstone: Husband A.J. Demastus
Rodgers       Alice                       10-15-1903  1909        
Rodgers       Exie                        09-25-1887  1910        
Naylor        T.            Wash          01-06-1898  11-10-1961  Double Tombstone: Wife Eva Riggs Naylor
Naylor        Eva           Riggs         04-08-1907  06-05-1991  Double Tombstone: Husband T. Wash Naylor
Naylor        Kimbrlee                    09-24-1958  02-23-1983  Daughter of Cecil E. & Judy L. Sparks Naylor
Naylor        Judy          L. Sparks     05-08-1934  06-09-2001  Double Tombstone: Husband Cecil E. Naylor
Naylor        Cecil         E.            11-23-1925              Double Tombstone: Wife Judy L. Sparks Naylor
Sherrill      A.            J.            06-12-1924  07-12-1982  Double Tombstone: Wife Christine Sherrill
Sherrill      Christine                   09-20-1923  04-14-2002  Double Tombstone: Husband A.J. Sherrill
Naylor        W.C.          Junior        09-14-1939  07-20-2003  
Naylor        W. C.         (Buster)      03-03-1902  12-20-1964  Double Tombstone: Wife Minnie L. Naylor
Naylor        Minnie        L.            08-09-1900  05-23-1985  Double Tombstone: Husband W.C. (Buster) Naylor
Naylor        Imogene                     01-02-1926  02-07-1996  
Unknown                                                           Small brick head marker - NO NAME grave between Imogene Naylor & Horace H. Brooks
Brooks        Horace        H.            05-09-1898  11-05-1950  Veteran's Marker - Headstone -Alabama - Pvt -  ORD Dept - WW2 (brother to Myrtle Brooks Naylor)
Way           Walter        Emmett        08-06-1904  04-24-1976  Husband of Ethel Way
Way           Ethel         Mae           07-07-1908  06-06-1967  Wife of Walter Emmett Way
Way           Winford       Gene          07-07-1937  02-06-1969  
Smith         June          Way           01-19-1943  05-21-1980  
Way           Arlie         Eugene        10-07-1932  02-05-1991  
Speegle       Windal        L.            04-01-1933  05-03-2001  Double Tombstone: Wife Willodean Speegle
Speegle       Willodean                   08-21-1933              Double Tombstone: Husband Windal L. Speegle
Dutton        Roger         D.            10-03-1950  07-07-1989  Served in the Alabama House of Representatives - District 7 - 1982 through 1986
William       Florence                    12-14-1874  10-31-1973  Footstone shows: Florence Williams 12-14-1875 & 10-31-1973  Age 98
Owen          Kip           L.            12-64       12-16-64    home-made (mortar mix/cement) headstone with - not sure of dates
Naylor        Rosemary                    09-05-1935              Double Tombstone: Husband Edgar P. Naylor
Naylor        Edgar         P.            05-05-1925  10-11-1983  Double Tombstone: Wife Rosemary Naylor
Naylor        Ben                         01-30-1894  01-25-1978  Double Tombstone: Wife Jannie Naylor
Naylor        Jannie                      05-20-1896  05-15-1985  Double Tombstone: Husband Ben Naylor
Naylor        Patrick       Miles         1971        1971        Son of Marshall & Dorothy Naylor
Smith         Jeffrey                     01-18-1962  07-02-2000  
Smith         Huey          E.            12-02-1935  07-26-1981  
Owen          Thomas        H.            08-09-1924  03-18-1991  Veteran's Marker- WW2 - S SGT - US Army - Husband of Lavera F. Way Owen
Owen          Lavera        F. Way        08-03-1927  05-01-1981  Wife of Thomas H. Owen
Asherbranner  Pauline                     01-29-1929  04-19-1983  
Garrison      Johnny        Mac           09-29-1953  07-17-1989  daughter Melissa
Garrison      Monroe        J.            07-09-1923  01-16-1923  Double Tombstone: Wife Naomi N. Garrison
Garrison      Naomi         N.            01-16-1923              Double Tombstone: Husband Monroe J. Garrison
Loggins       Clayton                     03-03-1897  10-05-1985  Double Tombstone: Wife Marinda Loggins
Loggins       Marinda                     01-25-1903  10-05-1994  Double Tombstone: Husband Clayton Loggins
Loggins       Jiggs                       04-30-1924              Double Tombstone: Wife Janice S. Loggins
Loggins       Janice        S.            09-11-1933  05-06-2000  Double Tombstone: Husband Jiggs Loggins
Alred         Frank                       01-02-1909  08-26-1997  Double Tombstone: Wife Verbie Alred
Alred         Verbie                      08-31-1917              Double Tombstone: Husband Frank Alred
Piper         Opal          Naylor        02-01-1932              Double Tombstone: Husband Everett Otto Piper
Piper         Everett       Otto          08-29-1928  04-24-1979  Double Tombstone: Wife Opal Naylor Piper
Freeman       Pinkney                     05-18-1922  02-23-1999  Double Tombstone: Wife Nadine Freeman - Our Grandchildren: Matthew-Joshua-Nicholas-Zachary-Madison
Freeman       Nadine                      02-09-1927              Double Tombstone: Husband Pinkney Freeman - Married 8-3-1947 - Our Children: Patricia-Cathy-Michael
Naylor        Bobby         Joe           11-25-1946  05-23-1999  Double Tombstone: Wife Susan Lee Naylor - We will always love you & miss you, Kelley & Dennis
Naylor        Susan         Lee           04-20-1952  01-13-2004  Double Tombstone: Husband Bobby Joe Naylor - We will miss your love & laughter, Kelley & Dennis
Hickman       Phillip       A.            10-23-1948  12-23-2001  Double Tombstone: Wife Diane Hickman - Married 02-19-1993
Hickman       Diane                       10-28-1949              Double Tombstone: Husband Phillip A. Hickman - Married 02-19-1993
Naylor, Sr.   Charles       E.            10-21-1949  01-15-2002  Beloved father of: Nancy - Imy - Charles Jr. - Jeanie
Way           Dennis        Hayward       08-20-1939  07-01-2001  Double Tombstone: Wife Betty Blankenship Way
Way           Betty         Blankenship   07-10-1948              Double Tombstone: Husband Dennis Hayward Way
Farley        Deborah       Gail          05-31-1955  11-19-2003  Double Tombstone: Husband Roger J. Farley
Farley        Roger         J.            06-22-1940              Double Tombstone: Wife Deborah Gail Farley
Morrison      Arvle         Virgle        03-21-1930  12-23-2000  Double Tombstone: Wife Methel Naylor Morrison - Our Children: Deborah-Sheena-Annette-Van-Eric-Kelly
Morrison      Methel        Naylor        07-04-1935              Double Tombstone: Husband Arvle Virgle Morrison -Our Children: Deborah-Sheena-Annette-Van-Eric-Kelly

Additional Comments:
Children of Mile Jack (Miles Jackson) Naylor & Myrtle Brooks Naylor: 
Rubert, Rufe, Lillian, Garland, Elsie, Daisy, and Edith

Children of Mile Jack(Miles Jackson) Naylor & Nellie Ledlow Naylor:
Clellie, Vivian, Lucille, Geraldine, Carl, Irwin, Hoyt, 
twins: Mary, and Sherry, twins: Marshall, and Margaret,
Roger, Welden, and Windell