Aldridge Cemetery

Aldridge Cemetery , Lawrence Co.Al

Cemetery Photo

Survey done on December 11,2001 Charity (Terry) Goodwin & Pat (Marlar) Sparks
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Is a very old cemetery,There are many graves, but sadly most of them
are only marked by rocks. This cemetery is located in the Pinhook
community in Lawrence Co., Al. It is in the middle of a pasture field,
which can be seen from the road.

Jencey Aldridge
His Wife 
  D B Barrett
Born 5-1819
Died 7-4-1892
  Sarah H. Barrett
Born 1-23-1868
Died 7-28-1878
Charlotte Wilson
His wife
Born 2-26-1830
Died 3-23-1911
(Wife of Charles W. P. Aldridge)
  Walter N. Aldridge
Born 5-27-1891
Died 6-23-1949
  J.T. Aldridge
Born 1-29-1884
Died 12-13-1937
Thomas J. Aldridge
Born 7-10-1850
Died 5-21-1927
  Edwin Guy Aldridge
Born 11-1-1893
Died 10-21-1920
  Mary C.
Wife of James Adair
Born 12-28-1844
Died 12-23-1895
Daughter of J & SV Adair
Born 9-9-1897
Died 3-28-1899
  Maggie J. Gailey
Wife of J.H. Aldridge
Born 1-3-1852
Died 4-8-1897

There are quite a few graves marked only by stones,
from Large to small sizes, that have no names one them.