Lawrence County Cemeteries

Lawrence County Cemeteries
Cemetery Photos

Aldridge (Pin Hook) (Photos )
Aldridge Grove (Pin Hook) (Photos )
Alexander-Welborn & Old Alexander (Pin Hook) (Photos)
Almon (Moulton area)
Ashford 2 (Courtland)
Asherbranner (Bankhead Forest)
Baker #1 (Hillsboro)
Bald Knob
Barclay (Hillsboro)
Barnes (Danville/Speake)
Beavers ( was Destroyed/Plowed up)
Berry (Red Bank) (African American)
Blackground (Temp. Link)
Bobo (Hillsboro)
Boger (Pin Hook)
Brides Hill (Hillsboro)
Brown (Moulton)
Bulah (Bankhead Forest)
Bunyan/Bunion Hill (Bankhead Forest)
Byrd (Courtland)
Bynum (Courtland)
Cave Springs (Bankhead Forest)
Chalybeate Methodist Church
Chalybeate Springs Baptist
Cheatham (Pin Hook)
Childers (Town Creek)
Clardy (Hillsboro)
Collins (Hillsboro)
Cooper #1 (Danville/Oakville)
Cottingham (Hillsboro)
Courtland City Cemetery
(Temp. Link)
Courtland Memorial Gardens (Courtland)
Cramer (Hillsboro)
Davis (Hillsboro)
Donald/String (Town Creek) ( White and African American Sections)
Doss (Bankhead Forest)
Early (Hillsboro)
Ebenezer (Town Creek)
Elliott #1 (Jones Crossroads)
Elliot #2 (Hillsboro) (Photos)
Enon (Oakville)
Ennix (Hillsboro) African American
Flower Hill (Hillsboro)
Foster (Town Creek/Red Bank) (African American)
Foster-Davis (Hillsboro) African American
Friendship (Bankhead Forest)
Fuller (Trinity)
Gibson #1 (Speake/Oakville) (Particial African American, Older section is white)
Gibson (Wren)
Grave of Eliza Hubbard (Courtland)
Gray/Matthews (Town Creek)
Gum Pond (Bankhead Forest)
Hames/Clardy (Caddo)
Harris/Sherrod (Sherrod Quarters)
Hickory Grove Cemetery
Holland (Hillsboro)
Indian Tomb Hollow (Bankhead Forest) (Photos)
Jobe (Jones Crossroads)
Johnson (Speake)
Jones #1 (Hillsboro)
Jones #2 (Hillsboro) (Photos)
Lindsey (Speake) (Photos)
Lindsey (Oakville)
Locklayer (Hillsboro) (African American)
Loosier Church Cemetery
Masterson (Wolf Springs)
McBride (Hillsboro)
McKelvy (Moulton)
McLemore (Bankhead Forest)
Milam (Moulton) (Photos)
Miller #1 Cemetery
Milligan-Hill (Trinity)
Mountain Springs (Bankhead Forest)
Mt.Hope Methodist Cemetery
Mt Zion M.B. (Town Creek/Red Bank)
Old Macedonia Cemetery
Old Prospect (Photos) (This Cemetery was Vandalized in Oct 2005)
Old Settlers (Oakville Indian Mounds) (Photos)
Old Town Creek African American
Old Town Creek Cemetery (End of Hwy 101 & Old 24) Was Vandalized in the Summer of 2005)
Owens Chapel (Youngtown)
Paff (Moulton)
Parker (Parker Cove, Bankhead Forest)
Penny (Hillsboro)
PineTorch (Bankhead Forest)
Pine Grove Christian Church Cemetery
Piney Grove Church Cemetery (Bankhead Forest)
Popular Springs Cemetery
Preuit/Gibson (Pin Hook)
Puckett (Danville/Speake)
Reynolds African American
Roberts (Wren)
Rock Springs Presbyterian Cemetery
Rock Springs CPCA Cemetery
Rocky Hill (Courtland)
Roden (Wolf Springs)
Sanderson (Hatton)
Saunders (Town Creek area)
Schultz (Wheeler)
Scruggs (Town Creek)
Shackelford African American
Sherrod (Sherrod Quarters)
Shiloh (Bankhead Forest) (Photos)
Shoemaker (Moulton)
Smith (Hillsboro) African American
Smith (2)
Smith Cemetery (3) Mt. Hope
Speake Family (Speake)
Spring Hill
Stover (Danville) (Photos)
Stover#2 (Danville/Oakville)
Strickland (Mountain Home)
Swoope (Courtland) aka Ussery
Swoope (Hillsboro)
Tapsville (Bankhead Forest)
John F. Terry
John V. Terry (Cemetery Location Map)
Terry #2
Terry Family (Hillsboro)
Terry Family #4
Thompson (Between Moulton & Hatton)
Thrasher (Caddo)
Town Creek #1 Missionary Baptist
Troupe (Red Bank)
Watkins/Watts (Hillsboro)
Wear Cemetery
Wheeler Plantation (near Courtland) (Photos)
Wheeler Reservoir Cemeteries
Willis (Wren)
Woodard (Pinhook) -destroyed/plowed over

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