Unionists of the Warrior Mountains Book
		Unionists of the Warrior Mountains
Unionists of the Warrior Mountains of Alabama will ….

Reveal the largely hidden Unionists families of Alabama (family group sheets provide an anatomy of this larger community - featuring a dozen Alabama counties), inundated by the larger, dominant "southern culture" & backlash against dropping of the Reconstruction that favored Unionists with patronage jobs, etc.

Discredit the larger national stereotype of the whole South being lock-step Secessionists, slaveholders.

Discredit the false stereotype of the Unionist as ignorant hillbillies, lazy, as fostered in the prejudicial writings by Stanley Hoole, Alabama Civil War Historian.   

Show that North Alabamians staffed not only the better-known 1st Alabama Cavalry (USV), but served in over 2-dozen Federal Regiments.   

Explore the ties between Unionist loyalty stands and the adoption of Jacksonian views of Manifest Destiny -  while, ironically, embracing local isolation.   

Show a mixed-blood American Indian "warrior" cultural influence of the Mountaineers that resisted conscription incursions into their mountain/cove domain.    

Unveil the secretive Union League (much like the Underground Railroad of the NE), organized by General James Garfield utilizing a network of Alabama Masons and Christian Church in alliance with Primitive-Baptists to spy and provide safe houses for those seeking refugee status in the North, or to join the Union Army.

Demonstrate the wider popular support for the Union cause (upper 1/3 of Alabama solidly voted for delegates to represent them as Cooperationists at the State Constitutional Convention December 1860). 

Show the native Alabama Unionists who took the top roles during the reconstruction era.

Explore for the first time the people, the families, the stories and the histories of this unique and fascinating corner of the South.

Unionists of the Warrior Mountains of Alabama synthesizes a piece of national history at a scope level never before quantified or spotlighted. In-depth family records, maps and anecdotes included for the family historian or genealogist.

Release May 20, 2004

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8-1/2 x 11; ~200 pp w/ color maps; $24.95 + S&H ($3.00); first of a series of 12 volumes

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