Miljamin Priest Family Bible
Miljamin Priest Family Bible  
 Mijamin Piest , the name he adopted about 1830, was born " on the banks of the Tennessee" 
according to a poem he wrote on his 75 th birthday. Censuses usually give his birth place as 
Alabama. Actually, it appears that he was born on Chickasaw land on December 23, 1808 just a 
few month before his grandfather, Samuel Priest, was removed by federal troops along with the
 other squatters or intruders on lands still belonging to the Indians. Samuel had settled on 
Indian Creek, near Triana, and it seem probable that Mijami was born there.
The family moved to Lawrence County soon after the bid 1818 land sale. Milamin Priest grew up 
in Moulton, was associated with David Ligon, and in 1832 married Mary Akk hicks of Moulton. He 
was a lawyer and a Cumberland Presbyterian minister, and  represented Lawrence County 
Legislature in 1836,1837, and 1838. In about 1847 he moved to Woodville, Texas, where 
Josiah Wheat, also from Lawrence County, had just donated land for the new town.
During the Civil War, Priest, who was a Whig and a Union man, was judge of the Cherokee
Texas) County court. During reconstruction he was elected to the Texas senate and was 
appointed district judge. He died in Rusk, Texas in 1884.
Mijamin Priest born Dec. 23,1808
Mary Ann Priest (wife) born Aug. 3,1816
Mijamin Priest and Mary Ann Hicks married Dec. 13, 1832.
Margaret Jane born Jan.30,1834
Susan Elizabeth born Jan.7, 1836
Henry Meredith born April 13, 1838
Elisha Madding born Nov. 16, 1840
William Hicks born Dec. 27, 1842
Mijamin Dale born Ma 30,1845
(these children were born in Lawrence County Alabama)
Mary Ann Turner born Sept. 20, 1848
Harriet Lou-Ellen born April 26, 1851
Sarah Bailey born July 26, 1852
Arthur Franklin born Nov. 8, 1853
Eugene Albert born Dec. 31, 1865
(these children were born in Texas)
Margaret Jane Priest married William H. Willson, January 1, 1855
Susan E. Priest married Samuel A. Willson Sept1, 1853
(according to family member who submitted this , belives that surname should be WILSON)
Our Daughter Elizabeth's children:
Mary Alice was born August 28, 1855
Samuel Priest born July 15, 1858
Frank Sexton born Sept 27, 1860
Minnie born Sept. 26, 1864
Lizzie Lou-Ellen born Feb. 15,1866
Our Daughter Jane's children:
Mary Emma born Oct. 22,1855
James Mijamin born Feb. 6, 1857
E.M. Priest and B.A. Priest's children:
Edgar Clinton Priest born Feb.14,1877
Frank McCord Priest born March 8,1879
Rupert Clyde Priest born Dec. 1,1880
Mary Elizabeth Priest born Sept/ 29, 1886
Our little boy Arthur Franklin died Feb. 22,1856 at Rusk Cherokee Co., Texas, aged 2 yrs, 3 
month & 14 days.
Our oldest daughter Margaret Jane (Willson) died Oct. 13, 1861, at Knoxville, Cherokee County, 
Texas, & was buried in the graveyard at Rusk by the side of her little brother, Franklin. 
Her age was 27 yrs, 8 months & 13 days. She left an infant 7 days old, Maggie Jane, which died 
Dec.13, 1861, aged 2 month, buried with its mother and beside her cousin Frank Sexton.
Our daughter Mary Ann Turner "Cotton Puss" died at our manse in Rusk on the night of 
May 8, 1852. She fell asleep without a struggle or groan after protracted illness.
Our grandson, Frank Sexton, son of Sam and Sarah E. Willson, died at our house in Rusk, 
Oct. 12, 1861
Our sons Henry & William were soldiers in the Confederate army- fought bloody battle at 
Fort Donnelson- were surrendered prisoners of war- Feb. 16, 1862 and were carried to 
Camp Douglas, near Chicago, Illinois & there died- William on June 30, 1862, aged 19 yrs, 
6 months & 3 days. Henry on August 15, 1862, aged 24 yrs, 4 months and 4days. William with 
brain fever and Henry of typhoid.
Away from their home & their friends 
They died as they lived in belief of their youth
We mourn, but not as those who have no hope.
To God we commit them.
Mary Ann Priest, wife of M. Priest died Feb. 21, 1883 age of 67yrs.
Judge M. Priest died March 15, 1884 age 76 yrs.
Lucy Priest born jan.15, 1850
Armand Priest born August22, 1863
John Priest born May 15, 1867
Bettie Priest, age not known, bought her 1853
Ed Priest, age not know, bought hi 1864
Roof Priest, age not know, bouth from Woods 1865
Note: a young girl was taken in to their home after Judge Priest sentenced her father to Prison
Emma Ward Pearl born July 6, 1868, Taken from family record.

Submitted by: family member who does not want to be named. (c) 2002