Jonathan Gray's Family Bible
Jonathan Gray's Family Bible  
 submitted by Erma Lee Judkins Masters (c) 2002 
Jonathan Gray's Journal
This Bible originally belonged to Jonathan Gray of Fayette County, Kentucky and Lawrence County,
___? Ember the 26th 1855 I make a memoranda ? the following generation may know?nce they
sprung? Joseph Gray married  a? iney . Isaac Gray married an Anderson, ? Gray married a 
Benning, James Married? Widow Morening, Jonathan myself married a ? William of Vannattertine,
Thos. Gray married as Anthony, Jno Gray married a Walker. ? Gray married Ambrose Youngs 
daughter of Ky.
Jonathan Gray son of George and Mary Gray and father of all these young Grays  was born the 
28th of December 1785
(Jonathan Gray married Phebe Grimes in Fayette. County, Kentucky, in 1817)
Phebe Gray , the daughter of James & Sarah Grimes was born the 4th day of May 1795
John Elder was borned January the 17,1815
Mary S. Grimes was born the 5 th of October 1815
William S. Elder was borned September the 27 in the year 1816
Sarah B. Grimes was born the 15 th of February  1817
James Maddison Gray was born the 14 th day of December 1817
Leonidus Grimes was born 5 th July AD 1818 Son of Jno. Grimes
John Milton Gray was born the 27 th day of Aprile 1819
George Grimes was born 17 th Jamuary AD 1820
Isabella Elder was borned September the 19 in the year 1821
Betsey Wilcox Gray was born  Tuesday 20 th November 1821
Mary Stuart Gray was born the 7 th day of May 1825
Sarah B. Gray was born the 23 rd day of February 1827
George Washington Gray was born the 23 rd day of May 1828
William S. Gray was born the 16 th day of August 1830 
Joel Bradford Cottingghams was borned 25 day of January 1832
Carroline Gray was born the 3 rd day of November 1832
Mary Jane Cottingghams was borned January the 1 st 1834
Benjamin Franklin Gray was born the 20 November 1834
Josiah Cottingghams was born the 19 th day of Febuary 1836
Wiley G. Cottingghams was borned the 2 nd day of April 1838
Jonathan B. Cottingghams was borned the 25  of July 1841
Jonathan B. Gray was born the 11 th of Decr. 1858
Alice B. Gray was born the 30 th day og Jan. 1862
Sarah I. Gray was born the 16 th day of Decr. 1864
Joel C. Gray  was born the 31 st day of August 1867
James Robert Gray Milton and  Sarah Grays oldest Son was born the 5 th day of December 1867
Jonathan F. Gray was born the 28 th of March 1870
Wm. S. Gray was born the 27 th Sept, 1875
Charles M. Gray was born the 25 of Nov. 1871
George Walter Gray was born 22 nd Septr. 1875
Hubert Wilson Gray son of W.B. & Addie Gray was born on the 11 Sept. 1901
Jo Prince Gray son of C Walter & Lilian Gray born Sept. 28,1901
Dorothy Charlotte daughter of C Walter & Lillian Gray born March 4 1904
George Robert Gray son of WS & Addie Gray born 26 June 1910
John George Son of S Walter and Lillian Gray born Sept. 29,1912
Wm. Shipp Gray son of Joe & Eva Gray was born May 12 th 1918
Walter Kenneth Son of Joe & Eva Son  was born Mar 6 th 190 in Weakley Co.,Tenn.
Joe Price Gray Jr. son of Joe Price & Christine Gray
Wa born Nov. 7,1921
Mary Catherine gray daughter of Joe & Eva Gray was born Dec. 9 th 1921
Carolyn Gray daughter of Joe & Eva Gray was born Dec. 23 rd 1923
Shirley Gray - born Dec. 15 th 1925
Mary Jane Cottingham was married to George W. Gray on the 11 th day og November in the year
of our Lord 1836
W.S. Gray & Addie Wilson were married on the 28 th Oct. 1897
Alice B. Gray & James Elder were married on the 20 th day of April 1898
C. Walter Gray & Lillian Johnson were married on 29 day of November 1900
Joel C. Gray was married to Eva Shipp Apr. 3 rd 1917
Joe Price Gray married to Christine Stover  Jan. 20,1921
  End of Gray Family Bible