Shiloh Church of Christ Cemetery



Surveyed by: Robert Ellington Torbert
September 20, 2000

     From Florence, go East on US 72 to Killen; North on US 43 to Green Hill; West on County Road 344 to Shiloh Church of Christ. The cemetery is located in Section 18, Township 1, Range 9.
     The cemetery is in two Sections. Section 1 is between the highway and the driveway through the cemetery, with the rows numbered from the East end of the cemetery away from the church.  Section 2 is on the North side of the driveway, with rows numbered from the West end of the cemetery near the church.

     NAME                           DOB        DOD        NOTES
SMITH, Edward Almon              19AP1916    29OC1989
CHANDLER, Lorene                 21AU1924              w of B.D.
CHANDLER, B.D.                   16DE1921    21NO1997  h of Lorene
BLACK, Elizabeth                 20AP1916              w of Jake; (m 30SE1933)
BLACK, Jake J.                   30NO1905    1AP1979   h of Elizabeth
POLK, Christopher E.A.           12OC1970    10AU1991
TWILLEY, Gwendolyn Strong        21AP1929    6JA2000
STRONG - see TWILLEY, Gwendoly
DICKERSON, Arthur Reed           11JE1934    7AU1980   h of Mary E.
DICKERSON, Mary Evelyn           28MY1932              w of Arthur
DICKERSON, Wanda Louise          15AU1944              only one date
DICKERSON, Jim Edd               16JL1906    7MY1983   h of Clois
DICKERSON, Clois                 30JE1917              w of Jim Edd
DICKERSON, Angela Lee             4NO1975    21DE1981
DICKERSON, James Edward          19AU1950              h of Kathy
DICKERSON, Kathy Braswell        21JL1954    24DE1981  w of James E.
REED - see DICKERSON, Arthur
VAUGHN, Wanda Sue                29JE1948    17JE1976
TERRELL, Edgar Eli               28MY1917    3FE1986   h of Ila; Pfc USA  WW2
TERRELL, Ila Mae                 10SE1927              w of Edgar; (m 22DE1945)
JOHNSON, Mary E.                 24JL1921              w of Melvin
JOHNSON, Melvin W.               25AU1917    5AU1997   h of Mary; USN  WW2
WATSON, Arvelo M.                 4DE1925    14MY1998  h of Ruby; (m 3JL1943)
WATSON, Ruby J.                   3AU1927    14MY1998  w of Arvelo
CROSS, William                               6JL1975
JACKSON, Mary Lou                 5AU1917              w of Willie D.
JACKSON, Willie D.               26OC1908    10OC1985  h of Mary L.
BEHL, Melvin Wesley Jr.          25NO1928    25DE1992  h of Elmira
BEHL, Elmira Cook                10MH1933              w of Melvin
COOK - see BEHEL, Elmira
McLAUGHLIN, Willie Nadine        18SE1927              w of Wm. P.
McLAUGHLIN, William Paul         23AU1923    2MH1970   h of Willie N.
McLAUGHLIN, Frankie Wilma         8JA1902    8SE1992   w of Charlie
McLAUGHLIN, Charlie Price        21SE1901    7FE1988   h of Frankie W.
PRICE - see McLAUGHLIN, Charli
McCLANAHAN, Vergie Louise        12JA1938              w of James; (m 8MH1958)
McCLANAHAN, James Herman         19OC1938    23FE2000  h of Vergie
HINES, Dovie J.                  18JL1923              w of Jessie J.; (m 19JA1946)
HINES, Jessie J.                 17MH1917    15JA2000  Tec 4 USA WW2; h of D.J.
McGEE, Electa Gail                7JA1955              w of Lonnie
McGEE, Lonnie Dean               17JE1952    28NO1976  h of Electa; (m 8JE1973)
HOLLIS, Geneva Inez              22AU1923              w of Van
HOLLIS, Van Hamilton             31JL1914    17JA1968  h of Geneva
RICHARDSON, Tessie                 1900        1967    w of Huey
RICHARDSON, Huey                   1897        1985    h of Tessie
ALLEN, Mary H.                   27FE1897    9OC1980   w of Jim
ALLEN, Jim                        6JA1893    7AP1970   h of Mary H.
ALLEN, Granville O.              23DE1915              USMC   WW2
ALLEN, Ruby M.                    4JE1919              w of A.D.
ALLEN, A.D.                      27MY1918    7MH1998   h of Ruby M.
ENGEL, Leon Walter               18JL1940    16DE1996  h of Rachel; USN  Vietnam
ENGEL, Rachel                      1939                w of Leon W.
COKER, Harold Steven             19JA1962    13JA1989
COKER, Dartha M. (Dot)           20MY1927              w of Columbus A.
COKER, Columbus A.               27MH1926              h of Dartha
BROWN, Paul O'Neal               21NO1943    20NO1966  AL SSgt Co B Viet P.Heart
BROWN, Frankie                    8SE1915    14OC1980  w of Louis
BROWN, Louis                     10AP1909    1OC1975   h of Frankie
JOINER, Ben T.                    8FE1916    16JL1987  h of Tessie
JOINER, Tessie G.                15FE1913    3NO1970   w of Ben T.
McINNISH, A.D.                   26OC1893    24JE1969  h of Macy
McINNISH, Macy V.                 9DE1899    23JA2000  w of A.D.
McINNISH, Bertha G.              26JL1892    25MH1988
HANNAH, Raymond E.               20AU1898    2JA1968   h of Rosie
HANNAH, Rosie P.                 16MY1919    16JL1985  w of Raymond
HARDWICK, Dorothy V. McInnish    15AU1920    17MH1948
PEDEN, Edith I.                   3MY1920    7FE2000   w of Wilburn; (m 9OC1948)
PEDEN, Wilburn                   29DE1917    26JL1993  h of Edith
GIST, Helen F.                   18SE1928    14MY1980  w of Lincoln; (m 22DE1949)
GIST, Lincoln L.                 13MY1923    18OC1992  h of Helen
HILL, Annie R.                   22MY1899    9OC1988   w of Henry
HILL, Henry E.                   30SE1903    24JL1986  h of Annie R.
ROBERSON, Roxie C.               15JL1905    21DE1986  w of Willie T.; (m 5NO1927)
ROBERSON, Willie T.              16AU1905    8MH1972   h of Roxie
LILES, Helen M.                   1JL1926              w of David; (m 21AP1943)
LILES, David F.                   5NO1917              h of Helen
BEHEL, Hazel Rebecca             25MY1925              w of Paul
BEHEL, Paul Reeder               25MH1924    1MY1992   h of Hazel
REEDER - see BEHEL, Paul
CANERDAY, Tessie M.              15MH1910    8AP1990   w of Wilburn
CANERDAY, Wilburn L.             21AP1905    22JA1980  h of Tessie
BRADLEY, Della                    6AU1901    12OC1966
STUTTS, Rachel                   20OC1897    26OC1965
MILLER, Ruby Mae                 26AP1918    17JE1988
STEWART, Wiley Duncan                                  h of Bonnie - no dates
STEWART, Bonnie Lucile                                 w of Wiley - no dates
SPRINGER, Sherry Jo Stewart      14AP1952    6OC1989
CANERDAY, Odus                   22JA1894    3JA1975   h of Janie; Pvt USA
CANERDAY, Janie C.                2MH1904              w of Odus; (m 25NO1923)
CANERDAY, Edgar                  14JL1899    17MY1991  h of Della
CANERDAY, Della E.                1SE1907    8JA1979   w of Edgar
CURTIS, Carl Edward                          16SE1963  s of Virgil & Ruth
CURTIS, Mary Ruth                18SE1923              w of Virgil; (m 23OC1940)
CURTIS, Virgil T.                27JL1913    25JL1989  h of Mary R.
GRADY, Dessie L.                 20FE1912              w of James M.
GRADY, James M.                  18JL1900    29AU1964  h of Dessie
GOOCH, Steven Ernest              7SE1954    1OC1995
GOOCH, Ernest B.W.                4NO1934    25MY1998  h of Arllene; (m 5JL1953)
GOOCH, Arllene Thornton          17JA1936              w of Ernest B.
GOOCH, Oma J.                     2JE1916    11OC1988  w of Raymond
GOOCH, Raymond E.                26JL1911    27AU1978  h of Oma
THORNTON - see GOOCH, Arllene
GOOCH, Eunice I.                 24AU1924              w of H. Eugene
GOOCH, H. Eugene                 31MH1923    24DE1964  h of Eunice
KILLEN, Duncan B.                26OC1897    26JL1964  h of Susie
KILLEN, Susie S.                 20MY1902    16NO1975  w of Duncan
DUNCAN - see KILLEN, Duncan
McGEE, Dewey                                           s of J.B. & Molly Thompson
McGEE, Avis                                            d of D.B. & Susie Stewart
THOMPSON - see McGEE, Dewey
STEWART - see McGEE, Avis
PERRY, Charlie A.                 6AU1901    4JL1968   h of Effie
PERRY, Effie S.                  28SE1904    18AU1989  w of Charlie
JOHNS, infant                    22OC1943    22OC1943  infant of J.E. & Ruth
JOHNS, Ruth Lumpkins             24AU1925              w of James
JOHNS, James Ethredge            26MH1921    30AU1997  h of Ruth
JOHNS, Hulda House                2FE1903    2NO1936   w of Jessie J.
JOHNS, Jessie James              31JA1896    1AU1980   h of Hulda & Janie
JOHNS, Janie S. Johnson           9MY1919    10NO1994  w of Jessie J.
HOUSE - see JOHNS, Hulda
JOHNSON - see JOHNS, Janie
JOHNS, infant son                            6FE1934   s of J.J. & Huldy
JOHNS, Rayford                   16OC1936    26JE1937
JOHNS, infant dau.                           28SE1947  d of J.J. & J.S.
WILLIAMS, Frankie Louise          4JL1911    26AP2000
CANERDAY, Dorothy Ann            20AP1936              w of Delano
CANERDAY, Delano Ray             27MH1933              h of Dorothy
OLIVE, Helen H.                  23JE1925    25JL1997  w of Lee
OLIVE, Lee H.                    12SE1920    10AU1963  h of Helen
CANERDAY, Lutie Mae              26AU1914    6NO1975   w of Clebern
CANERDAY, Clebern J.              9AU1907    22AU1980  h of Lutie
GOOCH, Lessie C.                 21AU1909    28FE2000  w of Luther
GOOCH, Luther A.                  1MY1908    26JA1971  h of Lessie
GOOCH, Oma E.                    27JE1916              w of Robert B.
GOOCH, Robert B.                 11MH1914    18JE1964  h of Oma
GRISSOM, James Edward             3FE1930    8JA1999   h of Virginia
GRISSOM, Virginia Freeze                               w of James E. - no dates
FREEZE - see GRISSOM, Virginia
GOOCH, Aaron J.                   2JL1940    29NO1962
GOOCH, Gary Dale                  2JA1965    22JE1965
MYRICK, infant son                           14DE1962  s of L.E.
MYRICK, infant dau                           13JE1967  d of L.E.
MYRICK, Etta Marie Ellis          2JA1934
ELLIS - see MYRICK, Etta
BEAVERS, Lela M.                 17JE1917    31OC1992  w of A.D.; (m 17JL1938)
BEAVERS, A.D.                     8MY1917              h of Lela
HILL, Betty Jo                   22AP1943    24JE1999
RICHARDSON, Elmer C.              2DE1918    11NO1962  AL WT3  USNR WW2
WRIGHT, Owen Luther               8SE1927    8DE1979   S2  USN  WW2; h of Frances
WRIGHT, Frances (Dean)            8NO1925              w of Owen; (m 4FE1946)
OWEN - see WRIGHT, Owen
WRIGHT, Della B.                 25OC1893    16OC1984  w of Luther D.
WRIGHT, Luther D.                12NO1893    5NO1972   h of Della
WRIGHT, James Edward              8AU1914    10NO1945
WRIGHT- LANDRUM, Stella Mae      14NO1912    25JE1997
WRIGHT, Alice Stutts             27AU1922              w of Freeman
WRIGHT, Freeman (Dude)            1AP1926    8SE1998   h of Alice
LAUDRUM - see WRIGHT, Stella
STUTTS - see WRIGHT, Alice
FREEMAN - see WRIGHT, Freeman
HINES, David Louis               19MY1952    8NO1975   Pvt  USA  Vietnam
HINES, Dwayne                                9OC1946   infant son of T.L. & W.L.
GIST, Price                        1887        1964    double w/Josie
GIST, Josie                        1885        1966    double w/Price
GIST, Geneva M.                   4MY1915    15OC1997  w of Edgar
GIST, Edgar L.                   23OC1908    3OC1997   h of Geneva
KEETON, Carolyn Lucille          11FE1957    16JE1959
KEETON, James H. (Jack)           1JA1930    5JL1996
McMartrey, Ethel                   1891        1983    w of Will
McMartrey, Will                    1886        1964    h of Ethel
RICHARDSON, J. Lambert           17MY1904    24JA1986  h of Lillie
RICHARDSON, Lillie G.            10DE1909    26FE1989  w of J.L.
RICHARDSON, Elgenia              14NO1932    20SE1935
SIMPSON, Letha Allice            31DE1908    27AU1984  w of Franklin
SIMPSON, Franklin H.             21MH1907    14JE1987  h of Letha
CANERDAY, James Med               9MH1911    8AP1984   Pvt  USA  WW2
CANERDAY, Mittie E.                1891        1988    w of Wiley
CANERDAY, Wiley E.                 1886        1970    h of Mittie
RICHARDSON, Robin Leigh          24MY1960    26MY1960
OLIVE, Mary Susan                19DE1896    29OC1980  w of Wince
OLIVE, Wince Pettus              14AP1894    30JL1963  h of Mary S.; masonic
OLIVE, Paris Louis               20DE1915    21NO1985
PETTUS - see OLIVE, Wince
HANNAH, Tessie Mae               20JL1917    2MH1924   d of O.C. & Hester
HANNAH, Hester W.                 9AP1890    17DE1970  w of Olbert
HANNAH, Olbert C.                19AP1893    28MY1960  h of Hester
THIGPEN, Kathleen H.             11MY1927              w of Henry
THIGPEN, Henry Fisher            25JE1923              h of Kathleen
KRETZER, Lenon Royce              6MH1930    29NO1984  h of Clara
KRETZER, Clara Lee Richardson    17OC1927              w of Lenon
RICHARDSON, Minnie L.            10MH1895    23JA1955  w of Tommie
RICHARDSON, Tommie F.            16SE1890    17JL1933  h of Minnie
RICHARDSON, Marvoline Gray       10JL1917              w of James T.
RICHARDSON, James Thomas         23MY1916    13JA1999  h of Marvoline
JOHNS, Dennis Ray                17JE1956    22AU1998
JOHNS, Reba R.                   20OC1900    4FE1997   w of Vernon; (m 25NO1917)
JOHNS, Vernon J.                 28FE1898    21OC1969  h of Reba
BEAVERS, Effie Johns             14SE1918
JOHNS - see BEAVERS, Effie
JOHNS, Abra Cledith              19MH1930    31MY1989  Pvt  USA  Korea
ROBERTSON, Mary S.               28FE1917    13MY1971  w of Jess
ROBERTSON, Jess                   9DE1916    25OC1986  h of Mary S.
LeFAN, Bettie M.                 25AP1908    15NO1996  w of Charlie
LeFAN, Charlie T.                27DE1894    25MY1963  h of Bettie; (m 15MY1927)
KILLEN, Christopher Blake        16JL1990    29SE1991
BLAKE - see KILLEN, Christophe
HOLT, Wayne A.                    4SE1940    8JA1960
HOLT, Archie Boyd                29MY1915    5NO1957   TN  Pfc  WW2  Purple Heart
HOLT, Sylvia Lee                 21SE1923              w of Archie; (m 18DE1939)
HOLT, Harold Daniel              17AP1957    4JA1992
BOYD - see HOLT, Archie
WATKINS, Blanche S.               6JE1903    3FE1979   w of John M.; (m 26SE1942)
WATKINS, John M.                 11DE1879    12FE1969  h of Blanche
BROWN, Dorris S.                  4JA1927              w of Parker; (m 20MH1954)
BROWN, Parker J. Jr.              2MY1924    28MH1959  AL Tec 5 USA WW2 PH
STUTTS, Evelyn H.                 6OC1908    17FE1997  w of J.H.; (m 14NO1925)
STUTTS, J. Haywood               13AU1902    2AU1957   h of Evelyn
JONES, J. Hershel                 2OC1901    5JA1948   h of Minnie
JONES, Minnie Lee                23DE1898    29MY1946  w of J. Hershel
GIST, Alma Katherine              5NO1923    12NO1988  w of Robert
GIST, Robert Lee                  1JE1919    23JL1978  h of Alma; (m 31AU1941)
HILL, Eula Stewart               16MY1916              w of Dalton
HILL, Dalton J.                  25AP1916    27MY1999  h of Eula
STEWART - see HILL, Eula
DALTON - see HILL, Dalton
VINSON, Jennifer Hope             3OC1956    15JA1959
WHITE, Kyle Conred               26MY1941    21JE1962
DANLEY, Reba D.                   5JA1914    24SE1982  w of James
DANLEY, James W.                 15SE1911    23JA1978  h of Reba
HINES, Ruby Nellerine            22JL1931    18SE1982
CARTER, Dana Keith               18OC1973    15JA1976
WALLACE, Rosie                    6FE1913    30MY1972  w of Albert
WALLACE, Albert                  28MY1910    5OC1981   h of Rosie
HAYGOOD, Ida G.                  24NO1882    27NO1957  w of H.D.
CLEMMONS, Stella Mae             11JA1913    27JL1993  w of Porter
CLEMMONS, Porter L.               7DE1905    2AU1986   h of Stella
STUTTS, Susie Carol               5JL1965
STUTTS, Paul                     27JL1920    19JE1990  h of Betty
STUTTS, Betty                    17JA1941              w of Paul
STUTTS, Grover                    1JA1888    8NO1959   h of Lizzie
STUTTS, Lizzie                    5JA1898    10AP1976  w of Grover
GIST, Gladys                      2JE1914    24OC1992  w of Leonard
GIST, Leonard                    16MH1911    19JL1973  h of Gladys
CLEMMONS, Austin Cole            23SE1998    23AP1999
COLE - see CLEMMONS, Austin
BRADLEY, Florence S.              2DE1888    5FE1977   w of D. Albert
BRADLEY, D. Albert                3AU1888    17SE1964  h of Florence
BRADLEY, Bluford Fato            23JL1916    30JA1968
SMITH, Flora E.                   3FE1914    18AP1979
HOLDEN, Leona J.                 20DE1925    10MH1981  w of Hollis
HOLDEN, Hollis R.                12MH1920    23JL1979  h of Leona; Pvt USA WW2
HOLLIS - see HOLDEN, Hollis
HOLDEN, Timothy                  10AP1957    12AP1957  s of H.R. & Leona
THIGPEN, Frances                 17FE1938    31MH1978
THIGPEN, Genora                    1914        1968    double w/Virgie
THIGPEN, Virgie                    1916        1955    double w/Genora
CANERDAY, William Reeder          3NO1926    4NO1987   h of Dorothy
CANERDAY, Dorothy M.              6NO1928              w of Wm. R.; (m 27OC1945)
CANERDAY, William Ray            19JE1954    6OC1957   s of Reeder & D.M.
CANERDAY, Bessie C.              10SE1907    31MH1996  w of B. Herschel
CANERDAY, B. Herschel            31MY1907    11AU1976  h of Bessie
CLEMONS, Janice K.               17DE1952    17JE1991
WALLACE, Cynthia                   1884        1962
WALLACE, Evelyn                              31MY1977
BOGUS, Mable W.                              23OC1995  w of Howard
BOGUS, Howard T.                 29JL1924              h of Mable; (m 11JA1943)
CANERDAY, Hannah B.               9JE1909    7MY1971   w of Porter
CANERDAY, Porter O.               4NO1904    16JL1971  h of Hannah
CANERDAY, Billie Reed            24JE1932    12JA1955  AL Cpl USA  Korea
REED - see CANERDAY, Billie
JONES, Idell R.                  10AU1911    15FE1957  w of Porter
JONES, Porter                    14FE1910    16JE1988  h of Idell
PORTER - see JONES, Porter
JOHNS, H.L. Jr.                  19AU1927    4NO1967
CAMPBELL, Martha Ann             26SE1929    31AU1971
JOHNS, Georgia Lillian           22JA1908    3MY1980   w of Henry; (m 26AU1923)
JOHNS, Henry Lee                 16JA1904    19JA1982  h of Georgia
CANERDAY, Martha                 26OC1900    24NO1991  w of Lee
CANERDAY, Lee M.                 26OC1896    6AU1978   h of Martha
JOHNS, Bashie C.                 23OC1916              w of E. Woodrow
JOHNS, E. Woodrow                20NO1912    4AP1981   h of Bashie
HALL, Omega                      25NO1904    6JE1992   w of M.L.
HALL, M.L.                       23JA1900    30JA1959  h of Omega
PARKER, Caroline                             5SE1947   d of Horace & Helen
PARKER, Derwin                               18FE1956  s of Horace & Helen
STUTTS, Louise                   28JE1926              w of Horace; (m 22JE1946)
STUTTS, Horace                   30MH1925              h of Louise
FREEZE, Ruby Thigpen              3SE1917              w of John H.
FREEZE, John Henry               29MY1919              h of Ruby; (m 13OC1938)
THIGPEN, Delia E.                 9JL1890    27MH1986  w of James M.
THIGPEN, James Mint              11FE1890    10MY1954  h of Delia
MINT - see THIGPEN, James
HOUSE, Irene B.                   1MH1916              w of Nattie L.
HOUSE, Nattie L.                 23JL1885    7AU1962   h of Irene
RICHARDSON, Stella M.             4MH1922              w of Noah
RICHARDSON, Noah Clinton         19NO1919    16MY1969  AL Cpl AAF  WW2
RICHARDSON, Chastity Ann                     23NO1978  d of Joey & Barbara
BAGGETT, Melinda Jean              1949        1950    d of J.R.
BAGGETT, Maggie Elizabeth        16AU1901    18JL1984  w of Marcus
BAGGETT, Marcus Ezra              4SE1898    12MY1990  h of Maggie
VANPELT, Elmer                     1901        1962
VANPELT, Ellen                     1882        1957    w of Frank
VANPELT, Frank                     1869        1962    h of Ellen
JOHNS, Ellis Raybon              28NO1943    31JA1954
RAYBON - see JOHNS, Ellis
FREEZE, Lee R.                     1890        1972    double w/C. Ben
FREEZE, C. Ben                     1895        1959    double w/Lee R.
ROGERS, Stella Kay                           21FE1957  d of R.A.
RICHARDSON, Lem M.                 1903        1965    h of Lettie
RICHARDSON, Lettie P.              1905        1991    w of Lem
TOUNGETT, Randall                30SE1959    4JL1961
TOUNGETT, Gristy                             17MH1958
QUILLIN, Lenice Ibera McMurtre   15FE1912    1MY1982   w of Chester
QUILLIN, Chester H.              20AP1910    30MY1984  h of L.I.; Pfc  USA WW2
WALLACE, Eula M.                  8FE1888    26OC1969
WALLACE, Andrew J.                5MH1868    2MH1949
WALLACE, Elizabeth B.            20AU1919    12AU1976  w of Jesse
WALLACE, Jesse J.                11FE1911    16MY1967  h of Elizabeth
CURTIS, Pauline C.               23SE1914              w of Ernest
CURTIS, Ernest C.                30MH1911    8JA1975   h of Pauline; (m 13AP1934)
CURTIS, Betty                    28NO1936    30NO1936  d of Ernest & Pauline
CURTIS, Bertha Mae                2OC1924    13JE1989  w of Oliver
CURTIS, Oliver Windell (Y.Z.)    12OC1922    14FE1957  AL Pfc Med WW2; h of B.M.
BURBANK, Lizzie                  27MH1892    5AP1986   w of Hobert
BURBANK, Hobert/Hobart (19FE97   20FE1897    29DE1953  h of Lizzie; AL Pvt WW1
BURBANK, Alma D.                  3SE1920              w of James H.
BURBANK, James H.                 5OC1920    25OC1963  h of Alma
LILES, Chapel                    30AP1896    16FE1949
LILES, Walter A.                 14FE1892    14MH1963
BUTLER, Jim L.                    9OC1915    31DE1948  h of Tollies McMurtrey
BUTLER, Ethel G.                 11SE1896    31MH1978  w of Wm. C.
BUTLER, William Cleveland        27FE1885    15DE1974  h of Ethel
BUTLER, M. Louella               27AU1919              w of Wm. C.
BUTLER, William C.               20OC1922    24JL1963  h of M. Louella
COCKRELL, Opal L.                12JA1932    5JE1996   w of Richard
COCKRELL, Richard A.             22NO1929              h of Opal
REDFORD, Maggie B.               25OC1922              w of Lamar; (m 3JE1943)
REDFORD, Lamar Garnett            7MY1923    14DE1989  h of Maggie; Pfc USA WW2
BREWER, Angela A.                19NO1938              w of Jimmy
BREWER, Jimmy Lee                15JA1936    8JE1983   h of Angela
BREWER, E. Beatrice               2FE1916    20MH1966  w of Edward
BREWER, Edward L.                 8FE1912    31OC1984  h of E.B.
BREWER, Stephenie S.             27AU1974    27AU1974
BREWER, Myrtle Jane              18FE1890    30JE1968
BREWER, William Noah             29OC1889    12JL1950
JOHNSON, Elizabeth C.             2MY1919
JOHNSON, Oscar                   18JL1913    9NO1995   h of Ruby
JOHNSON, Ruby H.                  6FE1916    9DE1950   w of Oscar
JOHNSON, Lena C.                 17OC1895    16JE1970  w of Oscar
GAMBLE, Virginia Wright          13OC1920              w of Foy
GAMBLE, Foy Neal (killed in FR   20NO1915    7AU1944   TN Pvt 116 Inf WW2
WRIGHT - see GAMBLE, Virginia
WRIGHT, Alice  (Rosie)           17AU1927              w of Porches
WRIGHT, Porches                  16AU1914              h of Alice
PORCHES - see WRIGHT, Porches
GIST, Louise Thompson            28OC1926              w of Harry
GIST, Harry Roy                  28MY1924    10MH1994  Sgt USMC WW2 Korea
THOMPSON - see GIST, Louise
THOMPSON, Rufus T.                1AP1906    7NO1994   h of Leva
THOMPSON, Leva Mae               13MY1906    8JE1987   w of Rufus
HESTER, Louise M.                30AU1916              w of Roy J.
HESTER, Roy James                30JA1909    9MH1963   h of Louise
BUTLER, infant                               25DE1947  s of J.N. & R.V.
BUTLER, Ruth Johns               29AU1918    22OC1993  w of Johnnie
BUTLER, Johnnie N.               21AU1921              h of Ruth
STANSBERRY, Mattie               25SE1887    16JA1964  w of Elbert
STANSBERRY, Elbert               29SE1920    30No1949  h of Mattie
HOUSE, Jane M.                   13OC1865    25DE1947  w of P.H.
HOUSE, P.H.                      28SE1860    10OC1933  h of Jane
BUTLER, Connie Mae               13SE1947    6AP1950   d of G.W. & G.M.
BUTLER, Georgia Brewer           23MY1920              w of George Wm.
BUTLER, George William           10DE1918    7MH1993   h of Georgia; (m 8AP1939)
BUTLER, Sarah Smith              13MH1940              w of Wm.; (m 7SE1957)
BUTLER, William  (Jackie)        11JL1940              h of Sarah
BUTLER, Vera Mae                 10OC1927    11FE1994  w of Otis
BUTLER, Otis Leo                  5NO1923    9MY1990   h of Vera; (m 28DE1947)
BREWER - see BUTLER, Georgia
SMITH - see BUTLER, Sarah
LOVELACE, Mattie B.                1909        1951
DICKERSON, Harvey R.             28OC1900    24AU1964
WATKINS, Charlie D.              20MY1901    3JL1976   h of Annie
WATKINS, Annie Lou               27SE1903    16JE1993  w of Charlie
THOMPSON, Mattie F.              25DE1875    24SE1947  w of Ruffus
THOMPSON, Ruffus J.              24JA1874    20NO1949  h of Mattie
THOMPSON, Gertie                 31MH1903              w of B. Dewey
THOMPSON, B. Dewey                8SE1900    13JA1968  h of Gertie
THOMPSON, Robert C.              14DE1901    27MY1978  h of Elva
THOMPSON, Elva M.                13JL1905    5AP1976   w of Robert; (m 18OC1924)
COKER, Edward Lee                18AP1911    10FE1952  h of Eula; AL F2 USN WW2
COKER, Eula Mae                  17MY1911    29SE1994  w of Edward
COKER, Joyce Fay                 28DE1946    4DE1963
COKER, Lois Haygood               3JE1923              w of Henry P.; (m 26JL1941)
COKER, Henry Paul                14SE1919    13AU1996  h of Lois
COKER, Pearlene                  23JA1935    28MH1994  w of Albert
COKER, Albert L.                  1FE1933    18FE1999  h of Pearlene
COKER, infant                                20DE1963  d of Albert
JOHNSON, Lois M.                 16SE1934              w of Virgil
JOHNSON, Virgil                  28NO1934    3JL1986   h of Lois
THOMPSON, Alice                   6MY1896    24FE1935  w of Louis
JANES, Thomas                    27AP1831    6FE1911   Pvt Co B 41 TN inf CSA
  [17 May 2007. According to Larry Cockerham,this is 
  Thomas Hamilton JANES [not JAMES as previously listed]]
THIGPEN, Misty Nicole             5NO1975    6NO1975
CALL, Lee Odell                  20SE1930    22JE1982
ODELL - see CALL, Lee
BEVIS, Angela Dawn               17OC1975    10AP1987
RICHARDSON, Annie S.             16NO1898    8DE1992   w of Edgar
RICHARDSON, Edgar L.             17NO1895    21AP1974  h of Annie
ERWIN, William C. Jr.            28JL1920    10JA1994  h of Pearl
ERWIN, Pearl F.                  26MH1926    cir2000   w of Wm.; (m 22JA1944)
WEATHERFORD, Kelly Hannah        17JA1967    24SE1999
HANNAH, Jerry Wayne              22DE1945    23MY1996  h of Judy
HANNAH, Judy Dianne               1AU1948              w of Jerry; (m 10NO1967)
HANNAH, Eula Mae                  8JA1923    3AU1992   w of Ira; (m 21OC1939)
HANNAH, Ira J.                    5FE1919    9AP1981   h of Eula
HINES, Agnes K.                  17FE1911              w of Oliver
HINES, Oliver Lee                19FE1907    10MH1987  h of Agnes
HILL, Madgie B.                  25SE1902    29JA1995  w of John H.
HILL, John Henry                  2JA1897    10JE1969  h of Madgie
MARDIS, Eula Dial                 2AU1908    24JL1977
DIAL - see MARDIS, Eula
DIAL, Elois Turpen               18SE1920              w of J. Elmer
DIAL, J. Elmer                   21OC1914              h of Elois; (m 28NO1942)
TURPEN - see DIAL, Elois
HINES, Annie H.                  23JL1908    26FE1998  w of Johnnie
HINES, Johnnie C.                28FE1904    27NO1978  h of Annie
WALLACE, Andrew D.               24NO1921    10MH1983  h of Helen
WALLACE, Helen R.                11JA1925    13AU1986  w of Andrew; (m 26OC1945)
PARKER, Kenneth D.               25AP1959    8JE1982
RICHARDSON, Jimmie Hollis        19DE1950    29DE1990  h of Peggy
RICHARDSON, Peggy Sue LeFan      30AU1951              w of Jimmie
LeFAN, Eulah Stutts              12DE1925    18NO1996
LeFAN, Flavil Reed               22DE1927    7SE1983
STUTTS - see LeFAN, Eulah
REED - see LeFAN, Flavil
GLOVER, Malcolm                   5FE1932              h of Lurene; (m 25JA1956)
GLOVER, Lurene                    1JE1936              w of Malcolm
DISON, Flora G.                  17MY1920              w of Jesse
DISON, Jesse L. Sr.              29MY1914    20OC1995  h of Flora
LESTER, Ethel Lurine             17FE1921    24AU1979  w of James; (m 31JL1937)
LESTER, James Melin              26OC1915    31DE1993  h of Ethel
LeFAN, George R.                  1AU1916    14NO1987  Tec 5 USA WW2
DIAL, Elvie Vernice G.           25AU1915    19JA1999  w of Wm. H.
DIAL, William H.                 26JL1913    14AP2000  h of Elvie
SWINEA, George G.                11JA1927    21DE1983  h of Margaret; (m 7FE1948)
SWINEA, Margaret A.              11FE1932              w of George
SMITH, Nona L.                    8SE1915    12AP1996  double w/Jettie
SMITH, Jettie I.                 13MH1910    23DE1978  double w/Nona
SMITH, Virl Reed                 18NO1938    23SE1993
REED - see SMITH, Virl
BRETHERICK, Evel                 12FE1914              w of Ernest
BRETHERICK, Ernest B.            25JL1910    26JA1975  h of Evel
BRETHERICK, Kathryn L.           21AU1948              w of Ernest N.
BRETHERICK, Ernest Neal          20JL1934    26MH1994  h of Kathryn
HOLDEN, Martha E.                23JL1944              w of Hollis
HOLDEN, Hollis R. Jr.             5OC1944    7MH1977   h of Martha
HOLLIS - see HOLDEN, Hollis
COMER, Linda Mae                 24NO1944              w of James; (m 30MY1969)
COMER, James Edward               6MH1941    3JL1994   h of Linda
EMERSON, Bessie Lee              17MY1924              w of Billy
EMERSON, Billy Joe               28NO1932              h of Bessie
HILL, Wylodean Thigpen           23AU1929              w of Howard; (m 25JE1949)
HILL, Howard (Jim)               18JE1923    23AP1999  h of W.T.
HILL, Reed                       22DE1914    9DE1988
HILL, Lou C.                     28SE1889    19JA1982  w of Noah
HILL, Noah L. Sr.                14AP1889    21OC1977  h of Lou C.; masonic
THIGPEN - see HILL, Wylodean
REED - see HILL, Reed
SHORT, Charles Kirk                          23JA1974  s of Ted & Beverly
MATHESON, Patricia K. Willis     14FE1954    3OC1999
BRADY, Augustus J.               18MY1913    5JA1989
THIGPEN, Ellen Kathy             13SE1949              w of Johnny
THIGPEN, Johnny Lee              29AU1939    29MY1985  h of Ellen
HOLDEN, Gladys W.                 6MY1905    29OC1994
LOVELACE, Catherine Virginia       1936        1975
VANPELT, Annie E.                 1FE1909    12OC1978  w of Alvin
VANPELT, Alvin E.                27JE1904    9DE1968   h of Annie
OWENS, Sammy Dale                 7FE1950    1FE1970
OWENS, Andy Joe                   1MY1953    22OC1985
OWENS, Doris J.                  23AP1930              w of Adrian
OWENS, Adrian J.                 28FE1923    12JE1991  h of Doris
QUILLEN, Willie Thompson          4SE1911              w of Calvin
QUILLEN, Calvin Ernest           26JA1903    12AP1994  h of Willie T.
BURKS, Henry R.                  17OC1930    3JA2000   h of Evelyn
BURKS, Evelyn P.                 12DE1928              w of Henry
BURKS, Alma                       3JA1902    5DE1968   w of Wheeler
BURKS, Wheeler                    2OC1890    3FE1969   h of Alma; masonic
WHEELER - see BURKS, Wheeler
CHANDLER, Barbie Dial            24SE1904    8AP1989   w of Arthur L.; (m 20NO1921)
CHANDLER, Arthur L.               3JE1900    20NO1968  h of Barbie
CHANDLER, Maureen Ingram          8NO1924    11MH1994  w of Norman
CHANDLER, Norman Delano          19OC1922              h of Maureen
DIAL - see CHANDLER, Barbie
INGRAM - see CHANDLER, Maureen
TATE, William J.                 28OC1923              h of Kathryn
TATE, Kathryn C.                 19DE1928              w of Wm. J.; (m 27JL1946)
CHANDLER, James Martin           25OC1961    13DE1983
BOGUS, Louise Atwell             16AP1936              w of Louis
BOGUS, Louis Edward              13AU1931              h of Louise; (m 16AP1955)
ATWELL - see BOGUS, Louise
FELTNER, Delbra Hilliard         10NO1961    24MH1993  w of Wm. R.; (m 12MY1986)
FELTNER, William Ray             13JL1953    26MY1990  h of Delbra
BOGUS, Wanda Joyce                2AU1939              w of John C.
BOGUS, John C.                    8AP1938    28AP1974  h of Wanda
BEHEL, Charles W.                24JL1951    5NO1972
BEHEL, Milton W.                 11JE1947    29OC1973
SMITH, Vera M. Danley            12AP1915    1JL1990   w of James
SMITH, James Ezra                28JA1915    21AU1992  h of Vera
DANLEY - see SMITH, Vera
MITCHELL, Billy Eugene           16AU1930              h of Margaret; (m 9MY1951)
MITCHELL, Margaret Ann            6FE1934    20NO1995  w of Billy
WALLACE, Jo Ann                   2SE1941              w of Thomas
WALLACE, Thomas Jackson          21SE1938              h of Jo Ann; (m 11JL1958)
WRIGHT, Earlene                   6JL1947    4FE1973   w of Joe Thomas (per Sherry Gavanditti
JENKINS, Katie M.                17JL1908    1SE1998   w of Edgar
JENKINS, Edgar L.                 1DE1905    9NO1973   h of Katie
ROSE, Walter                       1904        1980    h of Mae
ROSE, Mae                          1909        1988    w of Walter
ROSE, J. Frances                 19NO1926    1AP1989
KEENER, Hazel C.                 20MH1927              w of James A.; (m 15DE1945)
KEENER, James A. (Al)            22JL1925    30DE1987  h of Hazel
KEENER, James Travis              5MH1949    11DE1998  L Cpl  USMC  Vietnam
WILLIS, Lillie Mae               15SE1920    10MH1988  w of Carl
WILLIS, Carl A.                  30DE1909    26JA1993  h of Lillie
WATKINS, William Randall          9JE1953    5FE1986
ARNETT, Pearl D.                   1905        1983    w of Wm. H.; (m 4FE1936)
ARNETT, William Howard             1909        1983    h of Pearl
TATE, R.J.                       13AU1914    25AU1990
GIST, Bessie R.                  29OC1904    19SE1991  w of John W.; (m 14OC1923)
GIST, John W.                    27FE1904    27AP1985  h of Bessie
HANNAH, Willie Mae               14MY1907              w of Hershel
HANNAH, Hershel E.               12AU1902    26MH1990  h of Willie M.
HANNAH, Albert E.                 2MY1934    28NO1993
QUILLEN, Lucille Johns           19FE1921              w of Cyrus
QUILLEN, Cyrus Ragan             16JL1922              h of Lucille
JOHNS - see QUILLEN, Lucille
RAGAN - see QUILLEN, Cyrus
PENNINGTON, Pauline Burgess       2JA1919    10AP1996
GOINS, Lawrence                  13MY1915    25FE1984  h of Myrtle
GOINS, Myrtle                    27DE1912    11OC1995  w of Lawrence
MOORE, Marjorie Gray             24AP1929    15FE1979
GRAY - see MOORE, Marjorie
RODRIGUEZ, David Ruben           17AU1944    5NO1997   Sgt  USAF  Vietnam
RODRIGUEZ, Clara Hines            1FE1941              w of David; (m 23DE1967)
COOPER, Eugene                   13MY1933    2JE1984   SP 4 USA Korea; h of Shirley
COOPER, Shirley D.                5NO1936              w of Eugene
BORDEN, LaDonice G.              22JL1967    30OC1993
GRAY, Bertha Lee                  6NO1929              w of Clarence
GRAY, Clarence (Bill)            13MY1929    21AU1996  h of Bertha
MYHAN, Ester Louise               5FE1928              w of J.C.; (m 8SE1946)
MYHAN, J.C. Dalton               30JE1926    12FE1998  h of Ester; Pfc USAAF WW2
AIGNER, Annie Ragsdale           24OC1905    7MH1999
JENKINS, Gentry Wiley Jr.        21SE1943    14SE1998
JENKINS, Bonnie Gray              9JE1925              w of Gentry; (m 8SE1942)
JENKINS, Gentry Wiley (Sr)        9MY1922    11OC1993  h of Bonnie
GRAY - see JENKINS, Bonnie
GENTRY - see JENKINS, Gentry
WILEY - see JENKINS, Gentry
GIST, Norma Augazelle            26JA1922              w of Hal
GIST, Hal Hoadley Sr.            30OC1918    16AP1986  h of Norma; Sgt USAAC WW2
STEWART, Georgia J.              31MY1889    4MH1979   w of John A.
STEWART, John A.                 10JA1884    22JE1975  h of Georgia
GLADNEY, Mary McClure            21DE1918    21JL1999

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