Jackson Cemetery



Contributed 27 Sep 2006
by Bob Torbert

Location: From Florence, go east on US 72 just past Elgin and turn south on CR 84.  Go about 3/4 mile and turn right at mailbox 843. Go between the two houses and up the lane to the top of the hill to the cemetery. This cemetery was surveyed in 1996 by James & Muriel Barnett and reviewed by Robert Torbert in Sept 2006.  Rows are numbered from east to west. Map.

NAME                               DOB           DOD        ROW  NOTES
SIMPSON, Preston                   1842          1932       01   h of Catherine
SIMPSON, Catherine                 1847          1908       01
SIMPSON, Paul                      1875          1917       01   s of Preston
JACKSON, A.E.                    13FE1815      09JA1887     01   h of Cynthia; Laud m 18FE1844
JACKSON, Cynthia                 09AU1825      06AP1867     01
JACKSON, Aristises Lee           29OC1864      19JA1866     01
JACKSON, Blanche                 09JE1863        1864       01
JACKSON, Eveline                 05AP1857      21AU1859     01
McCARLEY, Baby                                              01
McCARLEY, Baby                                              01
McCARLEY, Lucy A.                30MH1885      21JL1885     01
McCARLEY, J.T.                   08JA1835      12MH1902     01
McCARLEY, Hattie Kate            17AP1879      12JL1908     01
McCARLEY, Lucy A. Jackson         MY1844        FE1924      01   w of JT
JACKSON, Willie F.               16AP1861      09MH1918     02   Woodman
RAY, Pearl                       16JL1888      22SE1888     03   d of HL & SE
RAY, Myrtle                      16JL1888      16JL1888     03   d of HL & SE
BUTLER, Mattie Polk              18AP1879      06JA1963     04
BUTLER, Nettie                   10AP1881      10NO1952     04
BUTLER, William Lee              16SE1886      16JL1947     04
BUTLER, Vella C.                 29JA1885      24DE1928     04
BUTLER, Martha J.                20MY1849      25DE1912     04   w of WP
BUTLER, William P.               22SE1845      01JA1916     04

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