Hello, Richard,

I tried emailing these to you as a reply to a yahoo
message, but it failed.  I had asked you about
identifying photos previously.  Here are a few photos
to start with if you can post them.

The first is an unknown residence that I believe to be
in Jackson County.  I would like to identify the
people in the photo if possible.

The second is two men cutting ?hay.  I believe one of
them to be Arter Miller.

The third is possibly a Mrs. Houston or Thackerson.  I
believe she may have been from the Skyline or Hytop
Community, but I am not sure.

The fourth is a gentleman that I believe to be Matthew
Killingsworth.  If true, he was from the Langston
Community and is buried there.

The fifth is the only one I know for sure.  I thought
he would be a good addition if you have a need to use
it.  He is John Killingsworth.  He served in WWI.  One
of his responsibilities was gathering the deceased.
He supposedly caught TB from his exposure in the war
and died shortly after he came home.  He is buried in
Langston Cemetary.

I would appreciate any help that anyone can offer to
identify the people in photos 1-4.

Thanks for all your support and assistance.
Donna Miller McDaniel