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Cemetery Name

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Anderson Cemetery Archive   
Ansley Family Cemetery 


Antioch Assembly of God Church Cemetery Archive    15-7-10
Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery  Archive  22-2-28
Ardilla Cemetery Archive   
Ashford City Cemetery  [partial] Archive   
Barfield Cemetery Archive   
Bay Springs Cemetery  Archive    22-3-25
Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery Archive  7-3-26
Bethlehem Church Cemetery     13-1-28
Beulah Baptist Church Cemetery    [partial]      
Beulah Cemetery 


Big Creek Methodist Church Cemetery Archive  10-1-26
Bird's Farm Cemetery  Archive   
Bluff Springs Baptist Church Cemetery Archive   
Bond Farm Cemetery  Archive   
Branton Cemetery  Archive   
Cedar Springs Baptist Church Cemetery Archive  11-3-28
Center Baptist Cemetery  Archive  33-4-28
Christian Home Cemetery  Archive  16-3-24
Clark Cemetery Archive  19-3-26
Clayton Church of Christ Cemetery  Archive  15-1-28
Columbia African American Cemetery Archive  
Columbia Cemetery  Archive   
Cottonwood City Cemetery Archive   
Cowarts Baptist Church Cemetery Archive   
Cowarts Creek Freewill Baptist Church Cemetery  Archive  11-2-27
Crestlawn Cemetery      
Dasinger Farm Cemetery 


Dothan City Cemetery      [partial] Archive   
East Side Baptist Church Cemetery Archive   
Ebenezer Church Cemetery  Archive  31-4-29
Elizabeth Church Cemetery Archive     15-3-29
Enon Church of Christ Cemetery 


Enterprise Baptist Church Cemetery Archive  7-2-28
First Freewill Baptist Church Cemetery    Archive   
Freewill Church Cemetery  Archive  14-7-10
Friendship Methodist Church Cemetery  Archive  10-7-9
Frith Hill Church Cemetery     23-2-27
Gardens of Memory Cemetery      
Gates of Heaven Cemetery


Goodwater Freewill Baptist Church Cemetery      22-3-24
Gordon City Cemetery Archive  11-2-29
Greater Antioch Church Cemetery     23-1-29
Green Valley Cemetery       
Hardy Family Cemetery       
Harper Family Cemetery      34-2-28
Harper's Joy Assembly of God Church Cemetery  Archive  33-2-27
Hickory Grove Baptist Church Cemetery  Archive  16-1-28
Hodgesville Baptist Church Cemetery  Archive  6-1-27
Howard Grove Freewill Baptist Church Cemetery      29-2-28
Hunters Cemetery Archive     7-3-29
Hurts Chapel Cemetery      
Jellico Community Cemetery
(AKA Piney Grove/Winslette)
Archive  17-3-25
Jerusalem Cemetery      8-1-30
Jesus Name Cemetery       
Jewish Cemetery       
Kennedy Cemetery       
Kinsey Baptist Church Cemetery Archive   
Lassiter Cemetery Archive  34-2-26
Leath and Weems Cemetery Archive   
Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery Archive  6-2-29
Little Vine Cemetery Archive   
Love Hill Assembly of God Church Cemetery Archive  30-2-28
Macedonia Church Cemetery     17-3-29
Madrid Baptist Church Cemetery      
Madrid City Cemetery    [partial] Archive   
Meadows Cemetery Archive   
Memory Hill Cemetery    [partial]      
Memphis Cemetery      
Midland City Cemetery       
Mt. Ararat Cemetery       [partial]      
Mt. Enon Baptist Church Cemetery Archive  1-1-26
Mt. Gilead Baptist Church Cemetery     30-3-26
Mt. Gilead Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery  Archive  30-3-24
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery      
Mt. Zion Baptist Church Cemetery (AKA Jones Cem.)       25-1-27
Mt. Zion Cemetery      
Mt. Zion United Methodist Church Cemetery  Archive  6-3-29
New Corinth Cemetery     3-3-24
New Harmony Freewill Baptist Church Cemetery     28-1-28
New Hope Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery  Archive  7-1-26
New Pilgrim Church Cemetery       
New Providence Baptist Church Cemetery      7-1-26
Oaky Grove Church Cemetery     13-3-28
Old Friendship Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery      10-2-28
Oswald Cemetery      
Pansey Church of Christ Cemetery  Archive  5-2-29
Philadelphia Church Cemetery     10-2-29
Pilgrims Home Baptist Church Cemetery      11-3-24
Pilgrims Rest Baptist Church Cemetery  Archive  27-1-29
Pilgrims Rest Church Cemetery     30-3-25
Piney Grove Assembly of God Church Cemetery Archive  7-3-25
Piney Grove Methodist Church Cemetery      
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Cemetery   [Picture only]     5-1-29
Pleasant Plains Cemetery     22-4-28
Poor House Cemetery Archive      
Poplar Spring Church Cemetery      5-3-28
Ramah Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery       27-1-27
Register Cemetery #1     27-1-26
Register Cemetery #2      
Rehobeth Cemetery  [Pictures only] Archive   
Rehobeth Old Cemetery Archive  
Rocky Branch Cemetery       
Rocky Creek United Methodist Church Cemetery Archive  28-2-28
Sanders Cemetery    
Saunders Cemetery        
Sardis Baptist Church Cemetery     29-3-25
Selma Baptist Church Cemetery    [partial]      
Shady Grove Cemetery     18-2-29
Shiloh Cemetery     24-4-28
Smith Family Cemetery  Archive     8-1-26
Smithville Cemetery     2-1-26
Smyrna Baptist Church Cemetery    [partial]      
Spring Hill Church Cemetery      20-4-29
Springhill Church Cemetery     34-2-29
St. Johns Cemetery     22-7-12
St. Johns Church Cemetery     16-1-30
St. Mary's Cemetery      20-1-27
St. Paul Baptist Church Cemetery  Archive     9-3-28
St. Phillips Cemetery     28-1-26
St. Stephens AME Church Cemetery      
St. Walden Church Cemetery     27-2-26
Tabernacle United Methodist Church Cemetery      
Taylor Assembly of God Church Cemetery      
Trinity Cemetery [AKA Triumph]     29-1-29
Union Hill Baptist Church Cemetery      35-2-27
Union Springs Freewill Baptist Church Cemetery Archive  29-3-29
Unknown Cemetery     18-2-27
Unknown Cemetery     19-3-28
Unknown Cemetery     25-1-29
Unknown Cemetery     13-2-26
Unknown [near Kinsey Baptist]      
Webb City Cemetery  [partial]      
Wicksburg Church Cemetery     26-3-24
Williams Chapel Archive     17-7-9
Wilson-Smith Cemetery         Archive   

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