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ALGenWeb Project - Alabama - All Mail Lists
Mailing Lists

There are a number of mailing lists for discussing Alabama genealogy research. You can review subscription information and use the automated subscription form or subscribe via e-mail. Click on the name of the mailing list to subscribe to the list. While most lists require that you subscribe to the list in order to submit a message to the list, they also have archives which can be read by subscribers and non-subscribers. Location of each list is indicated as follows:

County Lists

Each of these lists focuses on discussion of genealogy in a specific county. Since county boundaries have changed over the years, most lists welcome researchers of adjacent territories which were once part of the county.

  • ALAUTAUG -- Autauga County, Alabama. RW
  • ALBALDWI -- Baldwin County, Alabama RW
  • ALBARBOU -- Barbour County, Alabama RW
  • ALBIBB -- Bibb County, Alabama. RW
  • ALBLOUNT -- Blount County, Alabama. RW Researchers for Cullman, Etowah, Jefferson, Marshall, Walker and Winston counties are invited to add their postings.
  • ALBULLOC -- Bullock County, Alabama. RW
  • ALBUTLER -- Butler County, Alabama. RW Researchers for Covington, Crenshaw, Lowndes and Monroe Counties are invited to add their postings.
  • ALCALHOU -- Calhoun County, Alabama, as well as the territory former part of Benton County, Alabama. RW
  • ALCHAMBE -- Chambers County, Alabama. RW
  • ALCHEROK -- Cherokee County, Alabama. RW
  • ALCHILTO -- Chilton County, Alabama or the counties that formed it (Autauga, Bibb, Shelby and Perry) as well as neighbors Coosa and Elmore. RW
  • ChiltonAL -- Chilton County, Alabama YG
  • ALCHOCTA -- Choctaw County, Alabama RW
  • ALCLARKE -- Clarke County, Alabama. RW Researchers for Choctaw, Marengo, Monroe, Washington and Wilcox Counties are invited to add their postings.
  • ALCLAY -- Clay County, Alabama. RW For a mailing list covering the surrounding area, see the RAN-CLAY list.
  • ALCLEBUR -- Cleburne County, Alabama. RW This county is also covered by the RAN-CLAY mailing list.
  • ALCOFFEE -- Coffee County, Alabama RW
  • Coffeecounty_AL -- Coffee County, Alabama YG
  • ALCOLBER -- Colbert County, Alabama. RW
  • ALCONECU -- Conecuh County, Alabama. RW
  • ALCOOSA -- Coosa County, Alabama. RW
  • ALCOVING -- Covington County, Alabama RW
  • Covingtoncounty_Al -- Covington County, Alabama YG
  • Covington-County-AL -- Lisa Franklin's Covington County discussion group YG
  • ALCRENSH -- Crenshaw County, Alabama RW
  • ALCULLMA -- Cullman County, Alabama RW
  • CullmanCo_AL -- Cullman County, Alabama. YG
  • ALDALE -- Dale County, Alabama RW
  • ALDALLAS -- Dallas County, Alabama. RW
  • ALDEKALB -- DeKalb County, Alabama. RW
  • ALELMORE -- Elmore County, Alabama. RW
  • ALESCAMB -- Escambia County, Alabama. RW
  • ALETOWAH -- Etowah County, Alabama. RW This county is also covered by the RAN-CLAY mailing list.
  • ALFAYETT -- Fayette County, Alabama. RW
  • ALFRANKL -- Franklin County, Alabama. RW
  • ALGENEVA -- Geneva County, Alabama RW
  • Genevacounty_Al -- Geneva County, Alabama YG
  • ALGREENE -- Greene County, Alabama. RW
  • ALHALE -- Hale County, Alabama RW
  • ALHENRY -- Henry County, Alabama. RW
  • ALHOUSTO -- Houston County, Alabama RW
  • ALJACKSO -- Jackson County, Alabama RW
  • Jacksongenealogy -- Jackson County, Alabama. YG
  • ALJEFFER -- Jefferson County, Alabama. RW
  • ALLAMAR -- Lamar County, Alabama. RW
  • ALLAUDER -- Lauderdale County, Alabama. RW
  • ALLAWREN -- Lawrence County, Alabama. RW
  • ALLEE -- Lee County, Alabama. RW
  • ALLIMEST -- Limestone County, Alabama RW
  • ALLOWNDE -- Lowndes County, Alabama. RW
  • ALMACON -- Macon County, Alabama. RW
  • ALMADISO -- Madison County, Alabama. RW
  • ALMARENG -- Marengo County, Alabama. RW
  • ALMARION -- Marion County, Alabama. RW
  • ALMARSHA -- Marshall County, Alabama RW
  • ALMOBILE -- Mobile County, Alabama. RW
  • ALMONROE -- Monroe County, Alabama. RW
  • ALMONTGO -- Montgomery County, Alabama. RW
  • ALMORGAN -- Morgan County, Alabama. RW
  • ALPERRY -- Perry County, Alabama RW
  • ALPICKEN -- Pickens County, Alabama RW
  • ALPIKE -- Pike County, Alabama. RW
  • ALRANDOL -- Randolph County, Alabama. RW This county is also covered by the RAN-CLAY mailing list.
  • ALRUSSEL -- Russell County, Alabama. RW
  • ALSTCLAI -- Saint Clair County, Alabama RW
  • ALSHELBY -- Shelby County, Alabama RW
  • ALSUMTER -- Sumter County, Alabama. RW
  • ALTALLAD -- Talladega County, Alabama. RW
  • ALTALLAP -- Tallapoosa County, Alabama. RW
  • ALTUSCAL -- Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. RW
  • ALWALKER -- Walker County, Alabama. RW
  • ALWASHIN -- Washington County, Alabama RW
  • ALWILCOX -- Wilcox County, Alabama. RW
  • ALWINSTO -- Winston County, Alabama RW

Regional and Miscellaneous Lists

  • ALABAMA -- A mailing list for anyone with a genealogical interest in the State of Alabama. RW
  • AL-AfricaAmer -- A list focusing on African American genealogy in Alabama. RW
  • African American Genealogy -- A list dedicated to African American, Native American and slave ancestry research. YG
  • Al-Black_Indians -- a list for discussing Alabama Black Indian Genealogy. YG
  • AL-MOBILEBAY -- This list, sponsored by the Mobile Genealogical Society, focuses on research in the Mobile Bay area of Alabama. It covers the Alabama counties of Mobile and Baldwin plus the bordering counties in Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. RW
  • BLB -- For the study of the history and families of Bayou La Batre, Alabama. YG
  • DEEP-SOUTH-ROOTS-L. Discussions of genealogical and historical research in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi. IU
  • GADADE -- This list is for researchers in the Dade County, Georgia area, but invites both DeKalb and Jackson County researchers to join. RW
  • RAN-CLAY -- A mailing list for anyone who has an interest in genealogy related to the east-central Alabama counties of Autauga, Bullock, Calhoun, Chambers, Cherokee, Chilton, Clay, Cleburne, Coosa, Elmore, Etowah, Lee, Macon, Montgomery, Randolph, Russell, St.Clair, Shelby, Talladega and Tallapoosa, and the Georgia border counties, all of which were once Indian territory and subject to boundary changes. RW Additional information can be found on the East-Central Alabama Researchers web page at
  • Southeast_Genealogy -- for people interested in genealogy research anywhere in the United States, especially in the Southeast. YG
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