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Indian Land Cessions in the American Southeast

Indian Land Cessions in Alabama

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Then match that number in the Treaty List below.
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Treaty List

46. Choctaw Land Cession, 17 Oct 1802
61. Choctaw Land Cession, 16 Nov 1805
64. Cherokee Land Cession, 7 Jan 1806
75. Creek Land Cession, 9 Aug 1814 Treaty of Fort Jackson
79-81. Chickasaw Land Cession, 20 Sep 1816
82. Choctaw Land Cession, 24 Oct 1816
83-86. Cherokee Land Cession, 8 Jul 1817
****** Franklin County was created, 6 Feb. 1818 ******
101-109. Cherokee Land Cession, 27 Feb 1819
156, 157. Choctaw Land Cession, 27 Sep 1830
172. Creek Land Cession, 24 Mar 1832
178. Chickasaw Land Cession, 20 Oct 1832
203. Cherokee Land Cession, 29 Dec 1835

1824 map of Northwest Alabama from Alabama Maps

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