Thorton-Moore Family Bible (Fayette Co., AL)
Fayette County, Alabama

~ Thornton-Moore Bible ~
(Fayette Co., AL, & Williamson Co., TX)

Originally posted online at the Williamson Co., TX, USGenWeb Archives.
Reprinted here by permission of the submitter:

Mary Love Berryman


This Bible Record was sent to me by Ouida Williamson of Graham, TX.
It was given to her by her cousin Battie Moore Walker, daughter of Lewellen and Eppa Thornton Moore,
and a mutual cousin of ours — mlb

David Thornton was borned 1783 Month not known
Thos Thornton  "    "  March 26" 1807
Henry White Thornton  "    "  Dec 28" 1808
William Thornton  "    "  June 18" 1811
Pressley Wren Thornton  "    "  June 22" 1813
Nancy A. Thornton  "    "  April 8" 1815 
Elisabeth S. Thornton  "    "  March 2" 1817 
James M. Thornton 
January  4" 1821
George W. Thornton 
April 20" 1819
Martha Thornton
January 23" 1827
Mary Thornton (drowned)
January 11" 1823
John M. Thornton
January 23" 1830
Eppa A. Thornton 
January 7" 1833

Martha E. Vanhoose
January 17" 1838
Thos Jefferson Thornton
April 11" 1836
Press W. Thornton (junior)
August 8" 1841
Martha Ann Virginia Drusila Hubbert
Oct 23" 1842
Sarah H. Hubbert 
Feb 15" 1834
Susan P. Vanhoose
Sept 3" 1842

~ Page Two ~

David Thornton to Bathsheba White July 25" 1805
Thos Thornton to Charlotte M. Ray November 7" 1833
William Thornton to Dolla Ann Fowler June 17" 1833
Elisabeth Thornton to Mathew Hubbert April 28" 1833
Pressley W. Thornton to Elenor Duke Dec 19" 1833
Henry W. Thornton to Martha C. Gowing July 31" 1839
Wm P. Murray to Nancy Vanhoose March 3" 1850
Lewelen Moore to Eppa H. Thornton January 9" 1853
James M. Thornton to Milly Sparks Dec 3" 1854
and  to Sarah Hubbert July 29" 1860

Nancy A. Murray Died Nov 16" 1850
Charlotte M. Thornton
Aug 24" 1841
Mary Thornton (Drowned) Feb 2" 1826
Wm P. Murray Died March 5" 1863
Thos J. Thornton
Nov 3" 1859
David Thornton Dide, in the faul of 1867
     (not in Bible Record)

Pressley W. Thornton (Sen)
July 15" 1883

Family Record
(First Page)
David Thornton
was born 1783
George W. Thornton
was born april 20th 1819
Thomas Thornton
Was born March 26 1807
Gains M. Thornton
born Jan 4th 1821
Henry W. Thornton
born Dec 28th 1808
Martha M. Thornton
was born Jan 23rd 1827
William Thornton
June 18th 1811
Mary Thornton
was born Jan 11th 1828
Presley W. Thornton
was born June 22nd 1818
John M. Thornton
Jan 25th 1830
Nancy A. Thornton
April 8th 1815
Eppa H. Thornton
was born Jan 7 1833 
Elizabeth S. Thornton
was born March 22 1817

Family Record
(Second Page)
Lewellen Moore
was born May 16th 1824
Jef. Davis Moore
was born Jan 27th 1861
Eppy H. Moore
was born Jan 7th 1833
Henry Gaines
was born 24 Feb
Luvinia Alice Moore
was born Oct 18th 1853
Battie Elizabeth Thornton
born Dec 23 1870
Eugene William Adams Moore
was born Oct 31st 1855 
Mark Thornton Moore
was born March 1873
John David Moore
was born March 6th 1837
Lafayette Murray Moore
was born Jan 5 1875
Susanah Biddy Moore
was born November 22nd 1858

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