Fayette Co., AL: Photographic Records
Fayette County, Alabama

~ Photographic Records ~

The old axiom about a picture's worth in terms of words is especially true in genealogical research.  Photographs show who our ancestors were, where they lived and how they lived.  Images of a newly married couple, a uniformed soldier, a dilapidated house leaning to one side, a rural church, a mill, a muddy street streaked with wagon ruts and even a hand-carved chair all provide context and breathe life into inanimate vital statistics.

If you have photographs or scanned images relating to Fayette County, please share them with other researchers.  Be sure to include a brief summary what does the image show, when and where was it taken, and who has possession of the original.  You can either e-mail a scanned image (.jpg or .gif) or snail-mail a copy to me and I will scan it for you.  Please try to limit your scanned image size to 400x600 pixels.  Contact me with any comments or questions.




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