Alexandra's Family Tree House
Alexandra's Family Tree House
Western Carolina Cemeteries and More!
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 Hi, I'm Alex.  I am Three years old.  I am climbing my family tree.  I'm related to at least half the county at least once.  I'm trying to sort out how.  You may notice a little help from MomMy.  She is focusing her research on Local cemeteries in an effort to place a name with each grave.

This is a work in Progress.  It will take several Years to complete all the surveys.  There is a built in bias for cemeteries in Transylvania County since we live here.  If you have any special requests let us know and we'll try to move that cemetery up on the priority list.  Please provide as much info as you can to help us find it.

Main Rooms
Surname Index
Index to each surname including spelling variations.  Each name links to an index for that surname.  In the individual surname index, everyone is listed alphabetically by first name so you don't have to guess which spelling they used.  Information about birth and Death dates is also given to help you sort folks out.

Cemetery Index
links to index for each county.  Under each county find a list of cemeteries and basic information such as earliest death date, number of graves, and primary surnames found in the cemetery.

My collection of Bible records

transcribed records on-line

Meaning behind the flowers, abbreviations,  and all those little slashes by the place names.   Includes disclaimer

Research Services
Are your ancestors playing hide and seek?  That is one of our favorite games.  Click here for help in Henderson, Jackson, & Transylvania Counties, NC


 Other Decorations
About My Family
Alex's Ancestors
Research Procedures and Documentation Notes
Library page - Books used for research
Cemetery Research Kit - For safe, Low impact,  High info surveys
Alex's Awards & Mommy's memberships
An explanation of why I hate Broderbund
Why are we doing this?
MomMy is Coordinator for Transylvania County, NC
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A mailing list for anyone with an interest in the cemeteries of Western North Carolina. Areas of discussion will include page updates, local cemetery news and announcements, and preservation strategies.
Donations Welcome!
Please send copies of Bible records and other documents and information to help me learn about my family.   As for money - Please contribute to the ongoing maintenance and restoration needs of your family cemeteries.
Final Note:
Alexandra's Family Tree House is not associated with any government Agency or Genealogical organization.  This is just kin folks swapping tales.
The Tree House was planted October 31, 1997
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