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38th Tennessee Infantry
Confederate States of America (CSA)

From the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors Database

38th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry (Looney's) (8th Infantry)

38th Infantry Regiment, formerly the 8th (Looney's) Regiment, was organized at Camp Abington, Fayette County, Tennessee, in September, 1861. The men were recruited in the counties of Shelby, Madison, and Wilson. Members of Company G were from Alabama, and Company H, later F, contained men from Georgia. During December it was at Knoxville with 988 men but only 250 arms. As most of these were worthless, the General commanding the department did not allow the unit to participate in the Battle of Fishing Creek. Later it was involved in the conflicts at Shiloh and Perryville. It then was assigned to General M.J. Wright's, Strahl's, Palmer's Brigade, Army of Tennessee. During the summer of 1863 the 22nd Tennessee Infantry Battalion merged into the regiment. It was active from Murfreesboro to Atlanta, endured Hood's winter operations, and ended the war in North Carolina. The unit lost thirty percent of the 282 engaged at Murfreesboro, and there were 264 in action at Chickamauga. Only a handful surrendered on April 26, 1865. The field officers were Colonels John C. Carter and Robert F. Looney; Lieutenant Colonels Andrew D. Gwynne, Edward J. Golladay, and Hugh D. Greer; and Majors Hardeman A. Abington, Hamilton W. Cotter, and David H. Thrasher.

Credit for the following information concering "The Plow Boys" must be given to the late Reverend J.A. Mitchell of Reform , Pickens County, Alabama.  Reverend Mitchell was a member of the company and wrote serveral articles for the [Pickens County] News during November and December 1925. Submitted by Jackie Wolf.

Company G, 38th Tennessee Infantry Regiment,  Tuskloosa Plow Boys

The Tuskaloosa Plow Boys were organized during June 1861, with J.J. Mayfield as elected captain.  While in camp, they came down with measles.  Because of this the regiment they were originally suppposed to join had left, and the only regiment at the camp was the 38th Tennessee Regiment.  This is the reason they were nesver listed in an Alabama regiment.

They served at Fort Donelson, TN; the Battle of Shiloh; Chickamamauga; and the Battle of Atlanta. 

The commanders of the regiment were Colonels John C. Carter and R.F. Looney; Lieutenant Colonels A.D. Gwynne, Ed J. Golladay, and H.D. Greer; and Majors H.A. Abington, H.W. Cotter, and D.H. Thrasher.

The following roster is from the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors Database and Part of the roster is attributed to a "list is taken from A Pay Roll made at Knodville Tenn December 31st 1862 by Capt. J. J. Mayfield now in possession of J. J. Mayfield, Jr. The record of wounded & killed was made from memory by J. D. Thomas. L. F. Burks, Chairman His. Comm. Camp Rodes Feby 22nd 1897" A

Roll of Company G, The Tuscaloosa Plow Boys, 38th Tennessee Infantry Regiment

Company officers and non-commissioined officers:

Name Rank-in Rank-out  
Alexander, D. H. 4th Sergeant 4th Sergeant  
Banks, James M. Private Third Lieutenant killed at Atlanta Ga on July 22, 1864
Bryant, S. M. Private First Sergeant died in battle at Franklin TN
Conley, William Private Sergeant  
Doughtty, J. T. [aka Daughty, J. T.] 1st Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant  
Doughty, J. W. [aka Daughty, J. W.] Private 1st Lieutenant mortally wonded at Murfreesboro, TN
Findly, John [aka Findley& Finly] Private 1st Lieutenant  
Freeman, B. M. [ aka Freeman, M . F.] Private Ensign  
Harkins, D. A. 4th Corporal Corporal discharged at Corinth, MS
Hudgins, Lemuel [aka Hudgings, L.T. } 1st Sergeant 1st Seargent Orderly Sergeant
Hughes, Joseph 5th Sergeant Private  
Ivy, John [aka Ivey, JohnH] 2nd Corporal 2nd Lieutenant  
Lloyd, M. C. [aka Loyd, M. C.] Private Sergeant died at Murfreesboro, TN
Maddox, Middleton L. Private Corporal  
Mayfield, James J., Captain Captain  
Mills, Jesse Private Corporal mortally wounded at Battle of Perryville, KY
O'Bryant, R. C. [aka Obrien, O'Bryan] Private Corporal  
Sartain, J. W. [aka Sartan, J. W.] Private Corporal  
Sartain, S. H. [aka Sartan, S. H.] 2nd Sergeant Captain  
Smedley, G. W. Sergeant Sergeant  
Swindle, John T. Private 3rd Lieutenant died in MS
Wait, E. J. 1st Lieutenant 1st Lieutenant 1st Lieutenant
Wait, J. M. Private 3rd Sergeant 3rd Sergeant
Waldroop, M. C. Sergeant Commisary Sergeant wounded at Atlanta, Georgia, 22 July 1864
Wammock, W. J. [aka Wamac, Wammick] 3rd Lieutenant Sergeant killed at Jonesboro, GA
Watson, James 3rd Corporal Corporal died at Camp Abbington, TN
Winder, S. A. 2nd Corporal Corporal discharged at Knoxville, TN


Ander, Frank -- wounded [aka Anders, Frank]
Andrews, Frank [aka Andrews, Franklin]
Bailey, G. P.
Bailey, M.
Bailey, M. A.
Bailey, Martin M.
Beam, J. B. -- lost arm and leg in battle
Berry, S. A.
Blevens, James C.
Braughton, H. J. [aka Broughton, H. J.]
Braughton, J. T. [aka Broughton, J. T.]
Butts, James E.
Cabiness, R. C. -- died at Camp Abbington TN
Chasteen, D. A.
Clay, W. C.
Conner, L. E.
Cox, R. S. --, Drummer, lost a leg at the Battle of Atlanta 22 July 1864 transferred
Crossland, F. W. [ aka Crossland, W. F., Crosslands, T. W., & Crosslands, W.]
Cunningham, Bartholomew - died [ aka Cuningham, B. & Cunningham, B.]
Doughty, J. J.
Doughty, J. M. -- discharged [aka Daughty, J. M.]
Doughty, J. N. [aka Daughty, J. N.]
Doughty, Newton
Edgeworth, Herbon E. [aka Edgeworth, H. E.. Edgworth, Hebren E., Edgworth, H. E.
Fowler, Jessee -- discharged [aka Fauler, Jesse]
Franklin, H. E. -- died at Pine Mountain GA
Freeman, W. T. -- killed at Knoxville
George, T. B.
Gilliand, A. M.
Hall, W. J. -- killed at Camp Abbington, TN
Hammer, J. H. [aka Hammel, J. M., Hamner, J. H., & Hamner, James]
Highsaw, D. J. [aka Highsau, Daniel, Hisaw, D. J., Hysan, D. J., Isaw, D. J.]
Highsaw, John - discharged at Murfreesboro, TN [ aka Hisaw, John & Hysaw, John]
Holloway, H. H. -- discharged at Corinth, MS [aka Holaway, H. H.]
Holt, D. H.
Hyche, Eli -- wounded at Charleston, TN [aka Hiche, E. & Hyche, E. T.]
Hyche, T. J.
Johnston, E. [aka Johnson, E.]
Johnston, Irvin []aka Johnon, Irvin]
Johnston, Samuel [aka Johnson, S. T.]
Knight, E. J. -- discharged at Murfreesboro, TN [aka Knight, E. G.]
Knight, W. R. -- captured at Charleston, TN
Lary, J. M.
Lindsay, G. W. -- died at Camp Abbington, TN [aka Lindsey, G. W., Linsey, G. W.]
Lindsay, John A. -- captured at Charleston, TN [aka Lindsey, John A., Linsey, John A.]
Lindsay, James -- died at Camp Abbington, TN [aka Linsey, James]
Lindsay, R. T. -- died at Camp Abbington, TN [aka Lindsey, R. T., Linsey, R. T.]
Loftis, J. M. --- wounded and lost at the Battle of Shiloh
Malone, C. P.
Malone, S. A.
Mayfield, Burns
Mayfield, Irving
Mayfield, Jesse [aka Mayfield, J. T.]
Mayfield, R. J.
Mayfield, S. B. [is this Burns Mayfield?]
Mayfield, T. J. -- captured at Cleveland, TN [is this Jesse T. Mayfield?]
McGee, William
Mills, A,. J. -- killed at Chickamauga on 15 Sept 1862
Mills, C. J. -- wounded [aka Mills, C. G.]
Mills, D. H. [aka Mills, D. A., & Mills, David}
Mills, Felix [aka Mills, F. E.]
Mills, Milton Jeff -- captured at Perryville, KY
Mitchell, A. T. C. -- died at Camp Abbington, TN [aka Mitchell, A. F. C.]
Mitchell, Dave [aka Mitchell, D. P. H.]
Mitchell, H. E. -- wounded at Battle of Shiloh, TN
Mitchell, J. A. -- transferred to Lumsden's Battery
Mitchell, John
Montgomery, T. F. -- wounded at Kennesaw Mountain, GA
Moore, J. J. -- died at Knoxville, TN
Moore, M. V. B.
Moore, Moses W.
Moore, Tobias -- discharged at Knoxville, TN [aka Moore, J. B.]
O'Brian, Francis W. [ aka O'Briant, O'Brien, Francis M., O'Bryant, O'Bryan]
O'Brian, J. A. -- wounded [aka O'Bryant, O'Bryan
Perigem, William
Pool, W. H. P.
Redd, F. M. -- died at Knoxville, TN [aka Red, F. M.]
Roberts, R.
Robinson, W. J.
Sanders, A. S. -- discharged at Murfreesboro, TN
Sanders, John J.
Sartain, W. T.
Sartain, William
Savage, Julius
Sexton, M. -- died at Camp Abbington, TN
Shelton, William -- died at Adairsville, GA
Ship, James [aka Shipp, James, Ship, J. F.]
Ship, S. T. -- transferred from unit [aka Shipp, S. T.]
Skelton, J. D.
Skelton, William
Smith, Newton -- killed
Spencer, Tilmon [aka Spencer, T. H.]
Stripland, Newton [is this E. N. Strickland? E. N. Stripling?]
Strickland, E. N. -- died at Camp Abbington, TN [aka Stripling, E. N.
Sturdivant, Isaac H. -- wounded at Battle of Peachtree Creek, GA in 1864
Sturdivant, R. M. -- mortally wounded at Battle of Shiloh, TN
Sturdivant, R. P. -- died at Cave Spring, GA [is this Sturdivant, S. P.?]
Sudduth, J. W. -- killed at Battle of Peachtree Creek GA in 1864
Sullivant, Henry
Sullivant, T. B. [aka Sullivan, Tobias]
Sullivant, Toliver B. [aka Sullivan, Toliver B.]
Sullivant, William [aka Sullivan, William]
Thomas, Eldridge L. -- died
Thomas, John D. -- wounded at Battle of Peachtree Greek, GA in 1864
Thomas, N. A.
Thorpe, D. W.
Trimm, Charles P. [aka Trim. Charles P.]
Waldrop, N. J. -- discharged in Corinth, MS
Walker, H. W. -- died at Camp Abbington, TN
Walker, M. W. P.
Watkins, David C. [aka Wadkins, D. C.
Watson, E. F. -- killed at Knoxville, TN [aka Watson, E. T.]
Watson, John -- killed at Knoxville, TN
Wheat, William A.
Wilbern, J. A. J. -- discharged [aka Wilborn, Wilburn]
Wilbern, G. J. [aka Wilborn, Wilburn]
Williams, Leroy
Wilson, William [aka Willson]
Winter, J. W. -- killed at Battle of Peachtree Creek, GA in 1864 [aka Winder]
Womack, Lowndes
Yoeder, William
Yodor, John -- killed


The Alabama Civil War Roots' webmaster, James D. Allen, passed away February 5, 2003.  His tireless dedication to making available information on all our Civil War ancestors will always be our inspiration.  We dedicate the continuation of this site to him.  Jimmy, we miss you.

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