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"Os Confederados" 

Several years ago, I was at the Montgomery,. State Archive, in Montgomery, Ala, there is a book there titled , The Alabama Historical Quarterly, Published by the State Department of Archives and History, Vol 1, Spring Issue, 1930, It is a copy of the Diary of Jennie R Keyes (They have the original there at the Archives) who went to Brazil with her parents, to est, the colony of American's there after the Civil War. Mrs. Julia Keyes was a daughter of Col. William Hutchinson Norris, This is a very good book, as it lists the names of the people who went to Brazil, the ones that died, and the ones who came back to the United States, It consists of abt. 250 pages, Dorothy

SCV Camp #1653, "Os Confederados" -- Brazil: 

Confederates in Brazil - 1995 Reader's Digest BRAZIL

UNDER FLUTTERING Confederate flags, women in hoop skirts dance the Virginia reel with men wearing rebel gray. It could have been a gathering of Civil War buffs in Georgia or Alabama, but this picnic took place more than 4000 miles below the Mason-Dixon line. Brazilian descendants of Confederate veterans who sought refuge in this tropical nation 130 years ago gather four times a year to celebrate their American roots. They are members of the Fraternidade Descendencia Americana, founded in 1954 to preserve ties to U.S. culture among an estimated 100,000 heirs of the original emigrants. The Confederate emigres were some 20,000 Southerners who preferred the Brazilian wilderness to life under Yankee rule after the Civil War. The expatriates were called Confederados and their community was Vila Americana, or 'American Town." Today, Vila Americana (pop. 200,000) is the only city in Brazil with a coat of arms that has a Confederate flag as its centerpiece. Jack Epstein in The Christian Science Monitor

I have some partial lists of those who migrated to Brazil on my Civil  War in South Carolina Web site. My guesstimate is that some 20,000 made the migration. Here in South Carolina, two entire communities that I know of made the migration.  John Rigdon

If you have Confederate relatives that migrated to Brazil, I would like to hear from you. Both my Jones and Norris families moved there and most stayed, though some came back. The area in which they settled became known as Villa Americana and later simply as Americana. If you have connections there, please let me hear from you. I will be happy to share information.. C B (Doc) Jones, Melbourne Florida

The Georgia pensions listing on-line; go here and click on Biographical Sketches and scroll down: Many thanks to Donna. Deo Vindice, Homer T. Jones

The Alabama Civil War Roots' webmaster, James D. Allen, passed away February 5, 2003.  His tireless dedication to making available information on all our Civil War ancestors will always be our inspiration.  We dedicate the continuation of this site to him.  Jimmy, we miss you.

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