6th Alabama Regimental Officers

~~ 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment ~~
Field & Staff Officers


SEIBELS, John Jacob  (Montgomery; until reorganization) John Jacob Seibels married Philippa Berney 1809-1881. I don't have any info about her or when they married.

GORDON, John Brown (Jackson; wounded, Sharpsburg; promoted) John Brown Gordon formed the 'Raccoon Roughs' and tried to get them into the Confederate Army in Atlanta, but the Governor of Georgia at the time turned them down saying they already had enough fighting men. The Raccoon Roughs then marched and rode onto Birmingham where they joined up with the oversized 6th Alabama. John Brown Gordon was a strong orator and rose in rank very fast in the Confederate Army. He commanded units eventually in several of the larger conflicts in the East and was wounded several times. He commanded a Georgia unit at Gettysburg. He was given the honor by General Lee of leading the Confederate Army in the surrender march at Appomattox. He was one of Lee's favorite generals. After the war he became governor of Georgia and was active in the rebuilding of the South.

LIGHTFOOT, James Newell (Henry; wounded, Chancellorsville, Spotsylvania)

Lieutenant Colonels

BAKER, Benjamin Hurt  (Russell; resigned)

GORDON, John Brown  (promoted)

WILLINGHAM, James J. Lowndes; KIA, Seven Pines)

LIGHTFOOT, James Newell (wounded Sharpsburg; promoted)

GORDON, Augustus Manly  (Jackson; KIA, Chancellorsville)

HOOPER, George W.  (Russell; accidentally disabled; retired)

CULVER, Isaac Franklin (Major, Company A & B & F& K 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment) Isaac was born October 20, 1830 near Sparta, Hancock County Georgia. - Died January 30, 1917 Enlisted at Montgomery Alabama in May 1861 in the Henry Greys, 6th Alabama Regiment where he continued until May 1862. Re-enlisted at Yorktown, Virginia as Captain Company K, 6th Alabama Regiment and continued until the close. He was wounded at Winchester. Paroled at Appomattox, Virginia in April 1865 as Major 6th Alabama Regiment. As appears in1907 Bullock County, Alabama Soldiers Census. Married possibly Nancy McSwean, 1823-1915; buried Oakwood Cemetery, Union Springs Bullock County, Alabama'


GORDON, John Brown  (promoted)

NESMITH, S. Perry  (Lowndes; KIA, Seven Pines)

GORDON, Augustus Manly  (promoted)

HOOPER, George W.  (promoted)

CULVER, Isaac F. (wounded Sharpsburg; promoted)


GOLDWAITE, George  (Montgomery; resigned)

PACE (Georgia; transferred)

THOMAS, John Whit  (Henry; KIA, Spotsylvania)

WATSON, Edgar  (Montgomery; KIA, Farmville).

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