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Alabama State Archives -

1st Alabama Cavalry (USA) [email protected] (Glenda Todd) Roster of Soldiers

1st Tennessee-Alabama Independent Vidette Cavalry Companies A-H 1863-5 [email protected] (Alfred C. Ellis)

2nd Alabama Colored Infantry (110th USCT) 1863-6 [email protected]  (C. Penn)

3rd Alabama Colored Infantry (111th USCT) 1863-6 [email protected]  (C. Penn)

Alabama Civil War rosters page

1st Alabama Infantry, Company G 1861-5 [email protected]

2nd Alabama Infantry -

3rd Alabama, CSA [email protected] (Ron Hall)

3rd Alabama Cavalry, Company B [email protected] (Patrick T. Dolan)

3rd Alabama Regiment Alabama Reserves Company B 1864-1865 [email protected] (Harry Stinson)

4th Alabama Regiment [email protected]

4th Alabama Infantry [email protected]

4th Alabama (Roddey's) Cavalry [email protected] (Scott Williams)

4th Alabama Cavalry, Company K [email protected] (Richard B. Davis) (Roddey's Regiment)

5th Alabama Battalion (Infantry) 1861-5 [email protected] (George McCluskey)

5th Alabama Infantry [email protected] 

5th Alabama Infantry, Company B 1861-4 [email protected]

5th Alabama Infantry, Company K 1863-5 [email protected]

6th Alabama Infantry 1861-5 [email protected]

6th Alabama. Infantry Regiment [email protected] (gene cross)

6th Alabama Infantry 1861-1865 [email protected] (Jimmy Allen) file:///D:/Web%20Sites/al_6th_inf/index.htm

6th Alabama. Cavalry, Company I [email protected] (D.A.Bass-Frazier)

6th Alabama Cavalry, Complete Roster [email protected] (Jimmy Allen) 

7th Alabama Infantry [email protected]

7th Alabama Infantry, Company G 1861-2 [email protected] [3rd Confederate Cavalry, Company G]

7th Regiment Alabama Cavalry [email protected]

8th Alabama Cavalry John B. Hurlsey's Company 64-5 [email protected] (Harry Stinson)

8th Alabama (Ball/Hatch's) Cavalry 1861-5 [email protected] (David Slay)

8th Alabama Cavalry, Company K 1862 [email protected]

9th Alabama Infantry 1861-5 -- John Carter [email protected] 

9th Alabama Cavalry, Company K [email protected]

10th Alabama Regiment Company F 1862-4 [email protected]

10th Alabama Cavalry [email protected] (Richard B. Davis) (Pickett's Regiment)

10th Alabama Cavalry (Hilliard's Legions) Company C [email protected] (John Bush)

11th Alabama "Marengo Rifles" Regiment [email protected] (Charles Hogan)

11th Alabama Infantry Company I [email protected] (Steve Vick)

12th Alabama Infantry [email protected]

12th Alabama Infantry

13th Alabama Infantry, Company D 1861 [email protected]

13th Alabama Infantry, Company I 1862-3 [email protected]

13th (later 56) Alabama Partisan Rangers [email protected] (Joseph Gardner)

13th Alabama Cavalry (Partisan Ranger) 1862-4 [email protected] (Wayne Jones)

14th Alabama Regiment Vol. [email protected]

14th Infantry Regiment [email protected] (Lee Weaver)

14th Alabama Infantry, Company D 1861-5 [email protected]

14th Alabama Infantry, Company K (Louina Guards) 1861-3 [email protected]

15th Alabama Regiment [email protected]

15th Alabama Infantry Company A (galvanize 1st Minnesota Infantry Company K)

15th Alabama Vol Regiment Comany B (Midway Guards) [email protected]

15th Alabama Infantry, Company C [email protected]

17th Alabama Infantry 1861-5 [email protected]

17th Alabama Infantry, Company E 1862-4 [email protected]

18th Alabama Infantry, Company B (Covington Hunters) [email protected]

19th Alabama Infantry, Co H 1861-2 [email protected] (Joseph Gardner)

19th Alabama Company H [email protected]

19th Alabama Infantry Regiment   Richard W. Smart

20th Alabama Infantry, Company C 1861-2 [email protected]

21st Alabama Vol (Infantry & Cantonment Artillery) [email protected] or [email protected] (Larry Schultz)

21st Alabama Infantry Company C 1862-4 [email protected]

22nd Alabama Infantry [email protected] or [email protected].at (Ernst Miehl)

23rd Alabama Regiment [email protected]

23rd Alabama Vol. Infantry Regiment [email protected] (Steve Canerossi)

24th Alabama Regiment Company I [email protected] (Daniel M Ward)

25th Regiment, Alabama. Infantry, Company I [email protected]

26th Alabama Infantry [email protected] (Mark Buckley)

26th (O'Neals) Alabama Infantry Regiment [email protected] (Mike Cobb)

26th Alabama. Infantry, Company A 1861-5 [email protected] (D.A.Bass-Frazier)

27th Alabama Infantry

27th Alabama Infantry [email protected]

27th Alabama Infantry [email protected]

27th Alabama Infantry 1864-5 [email protected]

28th Alabama Infantry Regiment 1861-5 [email protected]  (E. D. Wilson)

29th Alabama. Infantry, Company I [email protected] (D.A.Bass-Frazier)

30th Alabama Infantry, Company A-K 1861-5 [email protected] 

30th Alabama Infantry, Company B 1861-5 [email protected]

31st Alabama (Hale's) 12/1861-4/1862 [email protected] Roster:

31st Alabama Infantry Company H (Capt West's) 1862-4 [email protected] 

32nd Alabama Company C 1862-5 [email protected]

32nd Alabama Infantry, Company D [email protected] (Bennie White) muster roll:

33rd Alabama Infantry 1861-5 [email protected] (JeromeFolmar)

33rd Alabama Mr. L. B. (Tex) Williams, 715 Hollon Ave., Auburn, Alabama 36830

34th Alabama Infantry 1862-5 [email protected]

34th Alabama Infantry [email protected] (Ken Tilley)

35th Alabama Infantry, CSA [email protected] (Douglas R. Anderson)

35th Alabama Infantry, Company C 1862-4 [email protected]

36th Alabama Infantry, Company G 1861-5 [email protected] (D.A.Bass-Frazier)

37th Alabama, CSA [email protected] (Ron Hall)

37th Alabama, Company B 1862-5 [email protected]

38th Alabama Regiment Company E. Vol. [email protected]

38th Alabama Infantry Company F [email protected] (Leland Hamner)

40th Alabama Infantry [email protected] (Ann Blomquist)

40th Alabama Infantry Regiment, CSA 1862-5 [email protected] (Henry B. Seale)

40th Alabama. Infantry, Company I 1861-5 [email protected] (D.A.Bass-Frazier)

40th Alabama Infantry Company K 1862-5 [email protected]

42nd Alabama, Company A (mainly from Monroe County) [email protected] (Peg Price)

43rd Alabama Infantry 1862-5 [email protected] (Jacques Jolie)

43rd Alabama Infantry 1862-5,

44th Alabama. Infantry 1862-5 [email protected]

44th Alabama Regiment [email protected]

45th Alabama [email protected] (Judy Wills)

45th Alabama Infantry, Company E 1862-5 [email protected]

45th Alabama Infantry Regiment, Company E 1862-5 [email protected]

45th Alabama Infantry, Company G 1862-5 [email protected]

46th Alabama Infantry [email protected] (Mark Buckley)

46th Alabama Infantry 1862-3 [email protected] (Richard L. Plant)

46th Alabama Infantry, Company G & K 1862-3 [email protected]

47th Alabama Regiment [email protected]

47th Alabama Vol. Infantry Regiment [email protected] (Jim Foster)

48th Alabama Regiment [email protected]

48th Alabama Infantry 1862-5 [email protected]

49th Alabama 4/1862-1865 [email protected] Roster:

49th Alabama Infantry Regiment [email protected] (Fred Cooper)

49th Alabama Infantry, Company F 1862-4 [email protected]

50th Alabama Infantry, Company D [email protected]

51st Alabama Partisan Ranger Regiment. 1862-5 [email protected].see

51st Alabama Cavalry (Morgan's Brigade) [email protected] (Jane Stephens Rhem)

53rd Alabama Partisan Rangers [email protected]

53rd Alabama Partisan Rangers [email protected] (Ben Israel)

54th Regiment, Alabama. Infantry, Company K [email protected]

55th Alabama Infantry 1861 [email protected]

56th Alabama. Cavalry 1861-5 [email protected] (D.A.Bass-Frazier)

56th Alabama Cavalry (Partisan Ranger) 1863-5 [email protected] (Wayne Jones)

59th Alabama Infantry [email protected] (John Dill) (Formerly part of Hilliard's Legion)

60th Alabama Regiment Company D [email protected]

61st Alabama Regiment, Company E 1863 [email protected]

62d Alabama Infantry also 2d Alabama Reserve [email protected] (D.A.Bass-Frazier)

62nd Alabama Infantry Company F. [email protected] 

Barbiere's Alabama Reserve Cavalry 1864-5 [email protected]

Camp of Instruction at Talladega, Alabama [email protected] 

Freeman's Battalion (Alabama) 1862-5 [email protected]

Gantt's Company Covington County Alabama [email protected] (D.A.Bass-Frazier)

Gulf Rangers (Alabama) [email protected]

Hale's 31st Alabama 12/1861-4/1862 [email protected] Roster:

Hardaway's Battery [email protected] (Ronald Griffin)

Hilliard's Legion of Alabama Volunteers [email protected] (Richard B. Davis)

Law's (Alabama) Brigade [email protected] (Ken Jones)

Lewis' Battalion Alabama Cavalry 1861-5 [email protected]

(David Slay) Mayer Hure, Company A 1861-? [email protected] (D.A.Bass-Frazier)

Alabama Partisan Ranger Companies 1862 [email protected].se

Raby's CS Coast Guard (Alabama) 1862-? [email protected]

Randolph County (Alabama) Reserves, Company D [email protected]

Selden's Battery Gideon Nelson's Light Artillery (Alabama) 1862-5 [email protected]

"Texas Hospital," aka General Hospital, Auburn, Alabama. (Confederate) 1862-4 [email protected]

Capt. Ward's Battery, Alabama Light Artillery [email protected]

On Feb. 5, 2003, James D. Allen, creator of this website passed away
There is no doubt that he would want the work on the
6th Alabama Infantry to go on.
With that in mind, this site is dedicated to him.
We miss you, Jimmy.

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