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Welti Cemetery Records, Cullman County Alabama

Welti Cemetery Records

Welti Community, Cullman County, Alabama

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Abbott, Armold C.08/27/190601/29/1988ss: Clara
Abbott, Clara N.07/02/190306/16/1975nee Lambert ss: Arnold
Abbott, Dale R.07/27/193707/10/1989s/o Arnold and Clara
Aderhold, James C.09/12/191605/22/1976.
Aderhold, Sarah L.07/09/1917..
Aldridge, Robert Advise08/16/194107/12/1942.
Allen, Lowell K.08/23/1950.Brother
Allen, Opal F.03/20/191504/19/1973Mother
Amick, Ehel A.06/09/190205/28/1956w/o Marvin
Amick, Hamilton N.11/22/186103/11/1946Father, ss: Margaret
Amick, Margaret M.09/20/185502/08/1951Mother. ss: Hamilton
Amick, Marvin J.09/03/189704/01/1986h/o Ethel
Amick, Richard D. 19501950s/o Hollis and Midred
Armstrong, Clarence B.03/12/189908/05/1977ss: Ethel
Armstrong, Clesta L.07/02/1922.nee Bentley ss: Fred R.
Armstrong, Ethel I.12/03/ Clarence
Armstrong, Fred R.11/11/1923.Married 09/13/1941 ss: Clesta L.
Armstrong, Harriet Estelle09/08/191202/08/1978.
Arrington, James T.02/23/189007/19/1947ss: Minnie L.
Arrington, Minnie L.09/20/189801/03/1988ss: James T.
Arvis, infant19131913s/o J. M. and Perry
Baker, Effie10/30/188710/05/1959Mother ss: Henry
Baker, Elvis04/13/190907/04/1909s/o H.H. and E.B.
Baker, Henry H.12/22/188006/08/1941Father
Baker, Mary A.11/03/185501/09/1926ss: William C.
Baker, Robert M.01/14/189204/26/1974ss: Lilla Pvt. U.S. Army WWI
Baker, William C.09/05/185402/25/1923.
Barbee, Bernie R.10/31/191810/06/1988 ss: Huston married 11/08/1940
Barbee, Huston C.09/14/191311/06/1962ss: Bernie
Barbee, Micheal19561956
Barber, A.B.11/26/1922..
Barber, Dollie B.12/15/192301/15/1971.
Barton, E. H.06/20/191006/25/1971.
Barton, E. J.10/09/188806/29/1962.
Barton, Mollie08/19/188809/21/1964.
Barton, Ray03/01/192603/01/1926s/o E. J. and Mollie
Basenberg, infant11/19/191211/27/1912s/o E. F. and Carrie Basenberg
Basenberg, Bertha05/10/190509/01/1922d/o E. F. and Carrie
Basenberg, Carrie E.10/16/187704/17/1944nee Nuss ss: Edward
Basenberg, Edward F.11/15/186712/08/1947ss: Carrie E.
Basenberg, Herman G.09/18/190709/20/1919s/o E. R. and Carrie Basenberg
Basenberg, Mamie03/26/190101/25/1985
Basenburg, Eunice G.04/27/190611/06/1980 nee Stewart ss: William
Basenburg, William H.06/22/190212/04/1975ss: Eunice
Bentley, Ledora E.12/02/189903/20/1992ss: Robert
Bentley, Robert E.03/06/190005/22/1968ss: Ledora
Bice, Martha "Granny"..near 100 years old
Black Charlie W.02/22/194808/11/1900SS: Jean
Black, Billy06/19/192610/13/1936.
Black, Hattie M.19261936.
Black, Mildred06/27/192410/09/1925.
Black, Jean04/12/ Charlie
Boatright, Aubrey10/17/ Willa Dean
Boatright, Catherine04/28/189007/07/1965nee Ham ss: William Jordan
Boatright, Elsie L.18921971.
Boatright, F.H. Holland10/17/185603/03/1925w/o W.M.
Boatright, Hazel A.06/04/1917. nee Tucker ss: Ollie
Boatright, Jackie Wayne03/10/193806/14/1939s/o B.O. and Hazel Boatright
Boatright, James E.12/01/ Ruby
Boatright, Ollie B.10/22/ Hazel
Boatright, Oscar18901944.
Boatright, Ruby08/02/189905/24/1984ss: James
Boatright, Sallie S.18921912ss: James and Ruby
Boatright, Willa Dean12/07/193201/13/1991ss: Aubrey
Boatright, William Jordan03/25/188304/24/1950ss: Catherine
Boatright, William M. 18581932.
Boen, Ulus19091909s/o W.E. and J.J.
Bonner, 08/14/194408/14/1944infant twins of L.W. and Mildred Bonner
Bonner, Author Ford09/26/192611/08/1953A3C-3615 Maint.&Sup.GP AF WWII
Bonner, Eleanor Harris07/02/1916.nee Harris ss: W.T.
Bonner, W.T.11/28/191011/27/1983ss: Eleanor
Bowen, Helen...
Bowen, Joseph03/11/191309/04/1977US Army WWII
Bowen, Julia J...w/o Willie E.
Bowen, Mamie08/15/191604/11/1987.
Bowen, Sarah Juanita07/14/1981..
Bowen, Willie E...h/o Julie Bowen
Bowman, Monroe05/30/188106/02/1950WT USN WWI
Bowman, Velma09/07/188704/19/1974nee Helton ss: Monroe
Boyd, Buna S.02/14/189312/10/1975.
Boyd, Lois07/23/189609/14/1976nee Norman
Brannan, infant02/21/192102/21/1921d/o F.M. and Lizzie L. Brannan
Brannan, infant01/28/191801/28/1918c/o R.L. and Hester Brannan
Brannan, Alfred F.05/24/183405/24/1925Father
Brannan, Anaher D. Porter06/27/190005/11/1964w/o Raymond A. Brannan
Brannan, Buell P.12/14/191206/05/1979ss: Lola
Brannan, Christopher11/11/196211/11/1962s/o Cordis and June
Brannan, Columbus L..12/27/1920USN Fireman
Brannan, F. M.05/23/187212/21/1950.
Brannan, Floy H.07/19/190603/26/1958.
Brannan, Harold G.01/14/195406/15/1971s/o Floy
Brannan, Hazelle L.05/26/191308/10/1950w/o A.R. Brannan
Brannan, Hester01/16/188910/25/1971ss: Lonnie
Brannan, J.D.07/29/187404/28/1945.
Brannan, James06/23/192607/20/1926s/o R.P and L.M. Brannan
Brannan, James Monroe03/22/191009/22/1916s/o F.M. and Lizzie L. Brannan
Brannan, Joseph Tolley04/11/190806/12/1908s/o F.M. and Lizzie L. Brannan
Brannan, Lila Dorris11/08/191211/28/1912d/o F.M. and Lizzie L. Brannan
Brannan, Lilar M.12/11/190306/27/1931w/o Roy P.
Brannan, Lizzie L.11/08/187801/11/1923w/o F.M. Brannan
Brannan, Lola I.11/18/ Buell
Brannan, Lonnie10/02/188704/06/1968ss: Hester
Brannan, Martha09/27/183509/22/1918ss: Albert L.
Brannan, Roy P.05/08/190012/29/1972h/o Lilar M.
Brannan, Texama Jane11/27/186812/28/1939ss:William A.
Brannan, Wendell H.07/08/194702/14/1964s/o Floy
Brannan, William A.05/05/186603/02/1942ss: Texama
Brannan. Rufus04/29/191410/04/1926s/o R. L. and Hester
Brannon, Earl F.04/19/190209/04/1977 ss: Minnie L.
Brannon, Ernest T.12/28/196612/28/1966s/o Marshall and Lonie
Brannon, Lonie M.08/20/193904/30/1990ss: Marshall married 03/03/1962
Brannon, Marshall E.10/19/ Lonie
Brannon, Minnie L.05/14/1900.nee Ham ss: Earl F.
Bright, Della02/23/187305/07/1965w/o Rev. J.N.
Bright, Minnie Inez07/20/190812/06/1978.
Bright, Rev. J.N.01//03/186303/15/1916.
Britt, Aldora B.12/14/188401/12/1962.
Britt, John M.01/17/188306/22/1970.
Britt, Pearl09/28/190602/21/1920d/o J.M. and Dora
Brooks, Horace M.12/05/190204/16/1969.
Brooks, Eunice N.08/03/1909.nee Norman
Brooks, Leola V.06/25/1909..
Brooks, William M.07/07/193001/14/1990.
Brown, Donald02/08/193203/28/1941.
Brown, Evies N.04/07/190912/09/1958.
Bryson, Eula B.12/11/1911..
Bryson, Hobert J.S.12/08/190205/24/1953.
Buchanan, Bobbie12/13/190112/05/1991ss: G.L.
Buchanan, David Alan01/06/197001/06/1970inf.s/o Ezra and Louise
Buchanan, Derek C.02/12/197102/12/1971inf.s/o Ezra and Louise
Buchanan, G. L. (Gillis)12/25/189110/17/1967ss: Bobbie
Buchanan, Lottie H.03/27/190212/18/1946ss: Timothy
Buchanan, Ottis H.11/29/192902/11/1989s/o G.L. and Bobbie
Buchanan, Timothy T.07/08/189808/03/1973ss: Lottie
Burks, Buron Eugene12/30/190002/23/1938ss: Eugenia married Wed.02/141920
Burks, Eugenia "Genie"05/18/190405/29/1990nee Goodson ss: Buron Burks
Burks, Harold Allen04/20/194911/12/1981married 10/10/1968 S-P 5 US Army
Burnham, infant06/06/193806/06/1938d/o Lee and Lessie Burnham
Burnham, Billy Ray06/07.193107/14/1932.
Burnham, E. Louise08/15/192302/22/1990ss: Hillard D. married 08/11/1947
Burnham, Herman S.12/01/ Iva Lambert
Burnham, Hillard D.11/22/ E. Louise
Burnham, Vernie M.08/19/191807/28/1956.
Burnham, William A.11/09/191008/29/1968.
Burnham,. Iva Lambert11/01/ Herman
Bush, Calvin C.10/17/192505/13/1957.
Bush, Deborah04/07/195612/24/1956d/o Calvin and Wilma
Byrd, Charley June06/06/ Hershel E.
Byrd, Henry E.18961975ss: Rosa Pvt. US Army WWI
Byrd, Hershel E.11/10/191910/04/1964ss: Charley June
Byrd, Rosa D.02/17/189210/08/1956w/o H.E. Byrd
Byron, Dora M18921946.
Byron, Homer B.18781967.
Byron, Merle02/12/190708/03/1923.
Camp, Bernice09/03/190508/20/1990.
Camp, Cecil C.11/22/192706/16/1929s/o Reuben and Lucille
Camp, Dorothy04/08/192604/09/1926d/o reuben and Lucille
Camp, Hester Anna04/06/186704/11/1951ss: Sebron
Camp, Lucile Baker07/11/190809/28/1986nee Baker
Camp, Paul M.05/25/191101/19/1947Tec 5, 894 T.D. BN WWII
Camp, Reuben Carter12/19/190103/09/1963.
Camp, Roy03/24/190304/27/1941.
Camp, Sebron H.07/31/187003/16/1950ss: Hester
Camp, Tommie07/11/190504/01/1974.
Carnes, Rosie Lena12/13/191510/15/1978nee Nuss
Champier, Pierre09/14/182710/27/1907"Erected by his Wife"
Chandler, Ven06/24/186310/25/1925.
Chappell, John F.01/05/185811/22/19940.
Chappell, Mary Ann10/25/184310/07/1925.
Clemons, Annie Faye03/04/193509/16/1982.
Clemons, Walter M.03/31/193006/07/1975.
Cochran, Eddie Lee11/14/190501/17/1970.
Cochran, Ruby05//07/190704.20/1983.
Copeland, George P.10/08/187407/22/1965Father
Copeland, Lula10/02/187811/04/1944ss: George P.
Copeland, Sara E.11/24/188007/01/1965.
Copeland, William L.01/22/186709/15/1912.
Davis, Addie L.06/26/189810/02/1922d/o W.A. & T.J. Brannan,w/o J.L.Davis
Davis, Anna Eliza02/22/186910/21/1948ss: J.R. Davis
Davis, Frank04/12/189401/29/1968ss: Katie Pvt. Al 103 Inf. WWI
Davis, J.R.10/14/186110/28/1933 ss: Anna Eliza
Davis, Joe L.01/16/189203/06/1920h/o Addie L.
Davis, Johnny Dale04/19/192905/30/1930s/o C.M. and Nollie
Davis, Katie E.04/21/189910/29/1984nee Basenberg ss: Frank
Dendy, Ethel07/09/189811/30/1983nee Hightower w/o Tom
Dendy, W.T. "Tom"01/08/189406/29/1972h/o Ethel
Duke, Elna Von08/18/193706/23/1986nee Kilgo ss: James Allen Duke
Duke, James Allen08/23/ Elna Von
Edge,..Our Darling Son
Edge, Porter T.05/03/1910/02/27/1971ss: Elnor
Edge, Elnor M.06/26/ Porter
Edge, J.L...
Edge, J.L.07/22/185504/04/1924.
Edge, Nancy A.04/15/186003/16/1921w/o J.L. Edge
Edge, Vertie05/09/ Robert E.
Edge. Robert E.10/25/190809/03/1990ss: Vertie
Eidson, Earl F.11/23/190312/18/1974h/o Ima G.
Eidson, Ima G.04/10/1906.nee Glasscock w/o Earl F.
Eidson, Kate Marchmon08/10/188611/03/1969.
Eidson, Ruby E.07/29/191011/06/1981.
Entrekin, Joseph B.08/04/185607/20/1919Father
Entrekin, Loyal J.06/27/190908/23/1988Pfc U.S Army WWII
Entrekin, Lucinda J.03/08/186006/30/1942.
Entrekin, Nancy Lou11/03/188005/06/1946Mother
Ezekiel, Anita R.09/17/196512/26/1988.
Ezekiel, Ella Hughes10/24/190207/03/1974.
Ezekiel, John S.06/22/196205/05/1982.
Finnell, Cecil03/01/192107/06/1930s/o G.A. and Osie
Finnell, Datha02/16/191703/14/1931d/o G.A. and Osie
Finnell, Grady A.03/03/189609/08/1976ss: Verda
Finnell, Verda B.08/13/190407/21/1989ss: Grady
Galin, Amelia03/05/189204/30/1976.
Galin, Amelia04/24/185411/07/1933.
Galin, August J.07/29/1887/05/06/1966ss: Sidney
Galin, Fred W.09/09/184408/01/1914.
Galin, Martha Estell11/11/192911/11/1929.
Galin, Sidney O.06/27/189707/28/1985ss: August
Galin, Vilena12/17/192412/10/1928.
Galin,Fritz(Pvt Tr B 103 Engrs)02/28/189608/11/1918Stone is copy of telegram notice of death
Garner, Mrs. L.M.08/21/189807/23/1923w/o W.A.
Giles, Daisy Jane09/22/189405/04/1970.
Giles, Asa Hobson02/14/191306/30/1971.
Giles, Blanche07/04/191512/25/1918d/o L.E. and Esma
Giles, Dwight H.01/24/192701/15/1935.
Giles, Georgia Ann18751944ss: William Thomas Giles
Giles, James Emmitt10///02/188609/03/1932Father
Giles, Jessie Bell08/13/190609/12/1921d/o W.T. and A. Giles
Giles, Mary Ezma11/13/188807/18/1935ss: James Emmitt
Giles, William Thomas18741928ss: Georgia Ann
Gimes, Clyde09/04/191011/04/1910s/o C.F. and L.C. Grimes
Glasscock, Camillus09/17/188608/12/1972ss: Myrtle Loyd
Glasscock, Clyde05/23/190802//05/1963ss: Melvell
Glasscock, Eunice Imelda11/09/191504/01/1917d/o Camillus and Myrtle Glasscock
Glasscock, Louella08/10/188812/26/1949.
Glasscock, Melvell09/18/191011/16/1981ss: Clyde
Glasscock, Myrtle Loyd07//05/188912/26/1942ss: Camillus
Glasscock, Travis L.02/25/188005/20/1960.
Goodson, Ellie M.06//06/189405/02/1984w/o John K.
Goodson, G. H.19181919.
Goodson, George H.07/12/187801/05/1959.
Goodson, John K.05/05/188908/02/1963.
Goodson, Lessie M.08/01/191008/04/1910d/o J.K. and E.
Goodson, Martha E.18681954.
Goodson, Martina E.01/11/186803/21/1954.
Goodson, Mary E.04/01/188510/22/1971ss: George H.
Gorham, Charles E.04/20/194104/20/1941s/o J.D. Gorham
Gorham, Edyth07/25/191101/11/1969nee Glasscock ss: J.D.
Gorham, Forrest W.04/28/1915. nee Deese ss: Roy O.
Gorham, J.D.08/09/191101/15/1978ss: Edyth
Gorham, Roy O.07/23/191512/27/1980ss: Forrest
Griffin, Byrd M.18691942ss: Josie E.
Griffin, Edna B.07/28/191901/15/1950ss: James D.
Griffin, James19461946s/o James and Edna Griffin
Griffin, James D.08/20/ Edna D.
Griffin, Josie E.18751937ss: Byrd M.
Grimes, Calvin04/11/188701/30/1921.
Grimes, infant12/10/191312/10/1913s/o J.M. and Perry Grimes
Grimes, James M.03/30/188308/12/1976ss: Perry S.
Grimes, John A.08/20/190811/21/1989.
Grimes, Lou C.03//08/189312/22/1918w/o C.F. Grimes
Grimes, Lucy O.08/13/191110/18/1991.
Grimes, Mollie E.08/14/186009/17/1909w/o J.H. Grimes
Grimes, Perry S.11/19//189009/27/1969ss: James M.
Grimes, Virginia 02/04/194204///05/1942d/o C. E. and Lovella
Grimes, W.Z.12/24/188403/28/1934.
Grimes, William A.12/04/191009/18/1973.
Grizzard, Horace E.11/26/188309/28/1963.
Grizzard, Maggie L.12/08/188503/14/1950.
Grizzard, Velma Eugene06/19/190809///05/1909d/o H.E. and M.E. Grizzard
Haldkiar, Ida Cumi09/13/190409/14/1952d/o F.M. and L.L. Brannan
Hallman, Mavarene05/08/192708/29/1932d/o J.D. and K.H. Hallman
Ham, Emma L.07/27/188109/30/1955ss: Hiram Ham
Ham, George I.02/21/1912..
Ham, Hiram J.01/05/187810/30/1939ss: Emma
Ham, Jimmie Harold05/26/194804/23/1952.
Ham, Lena I.08/12/191908/05/1986.
Hamm , infant...
Hamm, Bonnie B.12/10/189303/16/1980nee Almon ss: John W.
Hamm, Dollie J.11/29/186803/20/1957nee Hyde
Hamm, infant...
Hamm, infant...
Hamm, John W.02/04/188803/13/1968ss: Bonnie
Hanson, Delores05/24/192304/27/1958nee Byrd
Hanson, Jo Ann07/16/195307/17/1953infant d/o Robert and Delores
Hardin, Jewell Alene08/25/1928.nee Helton ss: Warren
Hardin, Warren02/21/192109/15/1977PFC, US Army WWII ss: Jewell
Haris, J.W.09/24/187608/23/1920h/o Annie E.
Haris, Rose11/29/188803.17/1967.
Harlow, James E.06/18/1923ss: Rachel
Harlow, Rachel N.07/07/191910/26/1982nee Nuss ss: James E.
Harper, Marjorie Ann12/31/195006/20/1987.
Harper, William A.01/04/ Golda P.
Harper. Golda P.03.24.1920.nee Buchanan ss: William
Harris, Alma L.18861940.
Harris, Alpha G. 07/10/ Vesta P.
Harris, Alvin E.18871960.
Harris, Annie04/04/187907/24/1961w/o J.W. Harris
Harris, Blanche B.11/26/ Earl S.
Harris, Clifford03/15/1912..
Harris, Earl S.07/04/189904/30/1971ss: Blanche
Harris, Elmer C.05/30/190311//06/1983ss: Ruby
Harris, Euel11/22/191407/02/1984h/o Katherine
Harris, Evelyn S.01/27/191703/15/1985ss: Clifford
Harris, James M.10/21/186707/31/1915.
Harris, Jewell M.11/17/190310/30/1977ss: William R.
Harris, Katherine02/17/1920.w/o Euel
Harris, Kay Rellene07/11/193508/13/1938d/o Rellie D. & Jewell
Harris, L.M.02/03/185108/30/1925w/o Sam Harris
Harris, Margaret F.11/12/186910/23/1952.
Harris, Mary June12/24/194712/25/1947d/o Samuel and Olene
Harris, Olene11/04/ Samuel
Harris, Ollie01/06/188602/07/1969Father
Harris, Ollie, Jr.10/11/192207/13/1991BMF US Navy, WWII, Korea ss: Reiko
Harris, Ossie C.04/11/188503/18/1959.
Harris, Ray Bell...
Harris, Reiko04/08/1939..
Harris, Rellie D.07/21/191310/16/1966.
Harris, Ruby E.06/11/190604/27/1985nee Gorham ss: Elmer
Harris, Sam12/184403/15/1920h/o Lucy Harris
Harris, Samuel R.07/23/190611/16/1985ss: Olene
Harris, Tyrie07/17/188908/12/1964.
Harris, Vergie E.03/17/188608/09/1940Mother
Harris, Vesta P. 02//09/189202/03/1961ss: Alpha G.
Harris, William R. "Bill"05/31/190910/21/1980ss: Jewell
Heatherly, Linus E.08/26/191908/04/1960ss: Nettie K.
Heatherly, Nettie K.07/02/ Linus
Helton, Amos02/23/188211/03/1943.
Helton, Annie10/08/188601/13/1958.
Helton, Annie Lee10/01/190007/20/1979.
Helton, Clara Mae12/06/192405/08/1927.
Helton, D.H.10/02/185604/08/1916h/o Nancy Helton
Helton, Lonzo, Jr.09/12/193206/26/1938s/o U.L. and Annie Lee Helton
Helton, Marvin H.07/16/191409/20/1938.
Helton, Maude O.05/13/189211/24/1968ss: William C.
Helton, Nancy Woodard18561921w/o D.H. Helton
Helton, Ulas Lonzo04/15/189412/28/1956.
Helton, William C.01/17/188708/06/1927ss: Maude Helton
Hembree, Glenn19051990.
Hembree, Lotie H.18601933ss: Walter
Hembree, Silmon18991988.
Hembree, Walter T.18581939ss: Lottie
Herndon, Carrie Bell08/09/190505/24/1957nee Hamm ss: Claude
Herndon, Claude L.11/16/190201/10/1963ss: Carrie Bell
Hesterly, C. Horace12/19/190201/30/1984ss: Eva
Hesterly, Eva E.06/05/1910.nee Martin ss: C. Horace
Hightower, Alice A.08/03/186202/18/1950ss: James M.
Hightower, Fannie02/15/189710/28/1989nee Davis ss: Roy C.
Hightower, James M.02/11/186109/30/1928.
Hightower, James R.02/02/192104/13/1924s/o Roy and Fannie Hightower
Hightower, Roy, C.05/20/189608/24/1960ss: Fannie Hightower
Hollman, Maverine19271932d/o J.D. and K.H. Hollman
Holloway, Arthur W. (Sam)10/25/191906/04/1946.
Holloway, Brenda Kay02/07/ Charles E.
Holloway, Charles Edwad09/18/194806/03/1989.
Holloway, Enza E.10/02/191405/07/1984Pvt. U.S. Army, WWII
Holloway, Hermon L.12/17/191202/22/1961Daddy
Holloway, Leroy05/11/192305/15/1893.
Holloway, Lessie M.04/022/191802/17/1920.
Holloway, Pearle J.18861941ss: Virgil
Holloway, Raymon J.11/28/191403/01/1920.
Holloway, Virgie J.18841955ss: Pearle J.
Holloway, Virgil Ray07/27/192702/17/1988U.S. Navy WWII
Holloway, Zeron02/01/190902/10/1909s/o V.J. and Pearl Holloway
Holloway. Gertrude11/28/191907/22/1982Mother
Hooten, Aletha G.12/25/191708/06/1970nee Glasscock ss: John J.
Hooten, John J. 11/15/ Aletha
House, Baby01/28/1935..
Hughes, infant03/05/191503/05/1015d/o T.R. and N.M. Hughes
Hughes, Mamie M.10/05/187506/24/1954Mother
Hughes, Mammie Geneva02/25/191804/13/1918d/o Frank and Della Hughes
Hughes, Thomas B.06/18/186612/21/1927Father
Jenkins, Ila04/12/193902/23/1982.
Johnson, dates
Johnson, Myrtle08/21/191512/17/1918d/o S.J. and L.M.
Johnson, V. Harry06/01/ Jrushia
Johnson, Alvin John10/11/191509/04/1989ss: John
Johnson, Barbara B.08/26/188312/30/1943ss: W.H.
Johnson, Bertha01/14/187903/07/1955ss: Leonard
Johnson, Emily J. 08/21/186612/26/1918Mother
Johnson, Emmett T.09/30/191704/28/1947.
Johnson, other dates
Johnson, Georgia07/17/185812/16/1944ss: John
Johnson, John18501941.
Johnson, John G.01/03/185005/04/1941ss: Georgia
Johnson, Jrushia04/15/191511/16/1986ss: Harry married 12/12/1936
Johnson, Leonard05/04/188611/09/1922Father
Johnson, Lula E.11/07/188802/13/1971ss: Seab
Johnson, Roy M.02/20/190904/08/1929s/o S.J. and L.M.
Johnson, Seab J.10/30/188005/25/1945.
Johnson, Solomon Homer01/14/189812/24/1953M M 2, U.S. Coast Guard
Johnson, Thelda I.11/27/1923.w/o Emmett T.
Johnson, William H.10/03/187409/05/1943.
Jones, Alphia James A.
Jones, Brenda Gayle11/22/194611/24/1946d/o Ted and Ione Jones
Jones, James A.19171979ss: Alphia
Jordan, Claud V.09/04/190402/17/1978ss: Ruby M.
Jordan, Della H.18801930.
Jordan, Eva S.11/01/1906.nee Sticher ss: Raymond
Jordan, Parks R.18771959.
Jordan, Raymond07/09/190808/06/1971ss: Eva
Jordan, Ruby M.11/08/1907.nee Waddell ss: Claud V.
Jordan, Winfred Van11/17/195308/06/1990.
Keller, Jeanne07/16/189708/26/1942ss: William C.
Keller, Jerome18971942.
Keller, William C.07/16/188610/13/1953ss: Jeanne
Lambert J.W.18831938.
Lambert, Gertie18821958.
Lambert, Warner18831938.
Leipert, infant...
Leipert, infant...
Leonard, Lackey Barton01/04/191203/04/1990.
Mann, infant..infant daughter of Verdie Mann
Mann, Verdia Elva03/01/190308/29/1987.
Martin, Eddie05/27/190707/19/1925s/o J.M. and E.
Martin, Gary Robert09/15/1194204/18/1945.
Martin, Gwen A.05/30/1947..
Martin, John Marvin03/06/187911/06/1980.
Martin, Roger Melvin03/18/194003/31/1967AL ATN2 USN
McCullars, Cecil M.04/25/ Mary
McCullars, Mary11/09/ Cecil
Mann, James R.03/18/192311/24/1979USN Bkr 3, WWII
Martin, James Paul04/09/194702/10/1974.
Moore, James A.01/15/186102/12/1931ss: Lula
Moore, John Henry03/02/191104/04/1987ss: Mary
Moore, Lonnie07/05/192601/14/1927.
Moore, Lula 04/10/188707/05/1926ss: James A.
Moore, Mary Lorena06/30/191108/29/1955ss: John H.
Moreland, Betty Sue...
Moreland, Ruben M.10/26/192203/25/1984.
Nail, Gladys M.02/22/ Jessie C.
Nail, Jessie C.04/02/ Gladys M.
Nicholas, Mickey L.09/11/195610/15/1982s/o Sherdon and Mildred
Nix, Minnie Viola18931919 nee Rigsby ss: Robert
Nix, Robert Newton18881972ss: Minnie
Norman, infant19441944infant of Mr. & Mrs. Hoyt Norman
Norman, Bertis11/21/191701/03/1933.
Norman, Hattie Pearl04/03/189305/27/1921nee Ham ss: Oliver
Norman, Horace Hope08/28/191001/31/1984ss: Lena
Norman, Lena Elizabeth03/23/1015.nee Grimes ss: Horace Hope
Norman, Lilla H.03/17/188908/25/1981ss: William Baskin
Norman, Oliver Dale05/02/188510/0l/1932ss: Hattie Pearl
Norman, Shirley11/19/1934.infant
Norman, T.Z.18891935.
Norman, William Baskin11/20/188604/24/11960ss: Lilla
Nuss, infant09/24/191409/24/1914d/o Albert and Lizzie
Nuss, infant04/02/191704/02/1917d/o Albert and Lizzie
Nuss, Albert W.10/2/8/187410/20/1941.
Nuss, Fred12/12/187102/20/1948ss: Mahaley
Nuss, Leopal Melvin01/20/191006/10/1950AL CO X.U.S.N.R. WWII
Nuss, Lizzie11/10/188001/17/1923w/o A.W. Nuss
Nuss, Mahaley05/14/ Fred
Parrish, James M.07/27/187204/15/1936.
Parrish, Mary L.07/24/187205/07/1920.
Patterson, Kerry & Kevin01/07/197501/07/1975infant sons of Richard and Doris
Payne, infant11/10/194611/10/1946d/o Ray and Louise
Payne, Clifton Ray10/09/192401/13/1992ss: Mary Louise
Payne, Daisy L.05/10/ James O.
Payne, James O.10/29/ Daisy L.
Payne, Mary Louise09/03/1926.nee Harris ss: Clifton
Perry, infant19141914infant of R.L. Perry
Perry, Clarence10/11/ Lillie
Perry, Edward H.09/02/191904/04/1970Tec. 5 -2-ARMD Div., WWII
Perry, Lillie Mae01/28/192110/01/1986ss: Clarence
Perry, Tiney10/19/191710/19/1917.
Perry, William02/14/189002/03/1978.
Ponder, Ralph L.06/18/190807/29/1988ss: Ruby
Ponder, Ruby B.06/23/191006/05/1985ss: Ralph
Pounds, Mathew J.03/22/186209/25/1925.
Pritchard, Clarence J.01/03/191207/07/1912s/o W.A. nad M
Pritchard, Lawrence J.04/28/190906/10/1913s/o W.A. & M.
Pritchard, Myrtle06/21/188706/03/1935ss: Arthur
Pritchard, W. Arthur11/1/188702/26/1926ss: Myrtle
Quattlebaum, Arzilla07/24/18860820/1971.
Quattlebaum, Henry01/08/187904/29/1953.
Quick, Myrtle Mmay05/27/190910/06/1929.
Ray, James W.05/28/192102/14/1991MSgt. U.S. Army, WWII
Ray, Joyce03/06/193607/27/1954.
Ray, Venora B.12/02/1924.nee Brannan ss: James W.
Reave, Adam10/19/197809/24/1979s/o Andy and Patricia
Reid, Dorothy S.07///06/1921. nee Speegle ss: George
Reid, Esther11/22/186309/15/1928.
Reid, George E.03/11/192011/01/1974ss: Dorothy
Reid, Ida (Eavy Pearl)09/17/190002/26/1983ss: James
Reid, James Glenn01/05/189605/23/1953AL 1st Sgt. Co. C, 162 Depot Brig.WWII
Reid, James R.07/14/186205/23/1923.
Reid, Joseph Verma11/20/190005/11/1946s/o J.R. and Esther
Rigsby, Grace 11/10/190506/30/1909d/o W.W. and J.C.
Rigsby, John William12/27/192512/22/1929s/o B.O. and Ethel
Rigsby, Julia Cornelia12/19/187501/10/1936ss: W.W.
Rigsby, Lester06/26/190910/16/1930.
Rigsby, Mattie Ophelia04/14/189812/11/1918d/o W.W. and J.C.
Rigsby, Vergil William04/07/189501/22/1911s/o W.W. and J.C.
Rigsby, Viola Nix18931919w/o R.N. Rigsby
Rigsby, W.W.04/21/187103/13/1934.
Russell, dates
Russell, Audia C.03/18/ James
Russell, Edna H.04/23/189403/21/1984nee Hightower w/o Roy Howard
Russell, James H.11/22/192804/21/1986ss: Audia married 06/06/1954
Russell, Roy Howard01/13/189205/15/1957AL F1 USN, WWII h/o Edna
Shadinger, infant01/24/195001/24/1950d/o Herbert and Sue
Shadinger, Andrew J.04/26/188506/14/1961.
Shadinger, Mila05/30/189103/07/1954.
Sill, Joseph Dwight10/12/190210/17/1978.
Sill, Ola Galin06/19/189411/05/1972.
Smith, Crawford07/15/191302/16/1989ss: Vada married 11/11/1934
Smith, Emmet Odes03/09/191004/19/1910.
Smith, Hershel P.07/05/191209/14/1976.
Smith, James Randall03/05/195411/27/1954s/o Arlin and Violet Smith
Smith, Jewel C.09/13/1908..
Smith, Lonzo C.03/17/188804/19/1939Father
Smith, Nancy Ann08/25/186004/10/1948.
Smith, Nathan R.12/23/196401/08/1985.
Smith, Nora J.06/17/188201/02/1956Mother
Smith, Preston05/24/191007/30/1971.
Smith, Vada Baugh08/20/ Crawford
Smith, W.J.07/09/185306/29/1925.
Sparks, Ernest s.04/23/190412/23/1967ss: Velma
Sparks, Joseph Olen12/05/191001/16/1985ss: Pearl
Sparks, Lillie Bell12/12/188504/12/1980ss: Willie R.
Sparks, Pearl A.09/11/ Joseph Olen
Sparks, Velma Marie04/06/190810.01.1989ss: Ernest
Speegle Wynelle Boatright02/16/191710/15/1964.
Spradlin, Johnnie02/02/191302/02/1913s/o J.F. and L.V.
Spradlin, Lela V.12/12/187709/22/1951.
Spradlin, Myrle E.05/08/191412/31/1915d/o J.F. and L.V.
Spradlin. Rev. John F. 10/06/187502/26/1941
Stewart, dates
Stewart, A.W.05/17/185801/04/1928.
Stewart, Alice U.03/22/187002/03/1937nee Brannan
Stewart, Jimmie Lou09/14/190007/07/1948.
Stewart, Nancy E.11/15/186003/20/1944.
Stewart, Robert E.12/05/191111/06/1980USMC, WWII
Stewart, Robert Lee05/10/186606/24/11935W.O.W.
Sticher, Eutha03/25/191509/28/1937.
Sticher, Gladys H.09/01/190807/12/1977.
Sticher, J.B. "Bill"04/13/191704/25/1992.
Sticher, James Dell08/27.190001/16/1965.
Sticher, John Douglas01/22/194401/22/1944.
Sticher, Lois Ann11/04/ James
Sticher, Manarka Horsley07/19/188103/18/1964.
Sticher, Millrd R.02/25/190310/18/1988.
Sticher, P. S.07/30/187708/11/1953.
Sticher, Wyley Luther03/16/191312/05/1986PFC US Army, WWII
Tackett unmaarked grave...
Tackett unmarked grave...
Thornton, Alvin A.04/15/192106/08/1953.
Thornton, Dave L.02/15/187109/21/1953.
Thornton, Geneva M.03/13/192705/23/1988married 01/06/1945
Thornton, Lena M.10/05/189502/18/1897.
Thornton, Ulas David01/07/194810/17/1985Sgt. U.S. Army, Vietnam
Tucker, Alfred E.11/01/189208/29/1972.
Tucker, Hester Faye11/18/190902/16/1982.
Tucker, Minnie L.06/24/189312/27/1968nee Stewart
Umphrey, Sandra P.06/09/194706/09/1947d/o Doy and Bovine
unmarked grave...
unmarked grave...
unmarked grave...
unmarked grave...
unmarked grave...
unmarked grave...
unmarked grave...
unmarked grave...
unmarked grave...
unmarked grave...
unmarked grave...
unmarked grave...
unmarked grave...
unmarked grave...
unmarked grave...
unmarked grave...
unmarked grave...
unmarked grave...
unmarked grave...
unmarked grave...
unmarked grave...
unmarked grave...
unmarked grave...
Vanzandt, Clara G.09/20/192311/23/1979nee Hightower ss: David
Vanzandt, David J.05/27/ Clara
Vanzandt, Herbert L.12/04/192403/11/1986PVT. USA WWII
Vanzandt, Lawrence P.09/13/188406/04/1955.
Vanzandt, Mildred06/15/1925.nee Russell ss: Herbert
Vanzandt, Sarah E.11/25/18901-/22/1981.
Waddel, Lera Gay10/09/ Clarence "Tutt"
Waddell, Albert11/26/188304/12/1965.
Waddell, Cecil10/16/191503/26/1919s/o Albert and Dessie
Waddell, Dessie 09/27/189211/27/1987nee Norman w/o Albert
Waddell, Ruehl Clarence "Tutt"10/26/190909/29/1983 Sgt. US Army, WWII ss: Lera Gay
Waldrep, Lucy Harris10/06/191209/30/1990ss: William
Waldrop, William Cranford, Sr.10/23/191109/30/1990ss: Lucy Harris
Welti, Johanna10/09/187810/08/1964.
Welti, Ludwig02/17/189902/12/1908s/o M. and J. Welti
Welti, Melchior08/21/186109/01/1948.
Welti, William John04/14/191004/14/1910s/o Melchior and Hanna
West, Amanda 02/22/186811/18/1938Mother
West, Charles 06/18/193309/18/1933s/o William and Dora
West, Cordelia L. Luna10/26/190203/18/1931 infant daughter buried w/mother Cordelia
West, Dora B.08/07/189306/22/1969ss: Willie
West, Henry G.04/09/190810/04/1935.
West, Joseph H.08/20/186410/01/1949Father
West, Willis M.05/14/189403/12/1973ss: Dora
White, infants..2 infants of Mr. & Mrs. J.W. White
White, Eulalah M.08/28/189802/13/1986ss: James C.
White, Gwendolyn02/27/192401/13/1925.
White, James C.12/16/188904/28/1969AL Pvt Co M, 123 Inf. WWI ss: Eulalah
Whitmire, Gordia07/03/189308/22/1971.
Williams, Em.18701918.
Williams, John W.B.03/23/186910/29/192.
Williams, Katherine Juanita 09/09/ Lewis Franklin Williams
Williams, W.W. 05/21/184012/13/1918.
Williams,Lewis Franklin(Frank)03/27/193402/13/1992ss:Katherine Juanita, maried 10/18/1974
Williamson, Allie G.08/26/ Jack W.
Williamson, Burnette07/15/190501/29/1976.
Williamson, Deltha H.09/17/190911/05/1965Ala. Pvt. Co. A, 601 T.D.B.N., WWII
Williamson, Dollie03/17/191703/24/1917.
Williamson, Jack W.06/29/189801/11/1975ss: Allie
Williamson, Jesse E.01/25/190804/14/1909s/o R.B. and Lillia
Williamson, Lillia10/25/187710/18/1934.
Williamson, R.B.03/21/187304/19/1952.
Williamson, Raybert B.06/24/190212/29/1912s/o R.B. and Lillia
Woodard, J.L.12/27/188512/11/1923.
Woodard, Joe18851923s/o B. N.

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