Providence Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery Records

Vinemont, Alabama

117 documented graves.

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Berry, Luford H.06/04/191403/30/1915s/o H. P. and M. F. Berry
Berry, Mattie11/10/184407/25/1928w/o R. R. Berry
Berry, R. R.06/10/184003/31/1909Father
Berry, Lillie E.08/25/190408/17/1905d/o R. C. and M. E. Berry
Berry, Delbert03/10/190312/11/1920s/o R. C. and M. E. Berry
Berry, Rober C.10/15/187410/03/1955.
Berry, Mary E.03/04/187804/25/1966.
Berry, Cyrus Leon11/10/190501/17/1979.
Binkowsky, Michael Frank07/12/196104/17/1976.
Bonds, Charlie R.02/06/190107/13/1924.
Burdick, A. Juanita10/24/1930D. H..
Burdick, Donald R.07/07/191107/24/198372 years, 17 days
Burks, James O.08/21/189503/10/1940.
Burks, Beedy Holmes02/01/189205/31/1963DH
Bynum, Ruth Braswell09/07/189805/12/1924.
Cobbs, Syntha A.12/02/181810/30/189?Stone is broken, unreadable
Cobbs, William T.12/18/181807/04/1906.
Copelane, Blanche M.06/14/188512/22/1916.
Copelane, Ella W.04/29/189809/25/1980Mother
Copelane, Francis Lottie04/28/192604/29/1926.
Copelane, James P.11/18/188106/19/1962.
Copelane, Laura03/31/1925..
Copelane, Louise11/22/1906.DH
Copelane, Riley04/30/190210/30/1958.
Copelane, Robert Wayne08/20/192609/06/1926.
Cowart, Altha02/10/184206/03/1926w/o A. A. Cowart
Crider, A. J. 03/06/183602/25/1917.
Crider, Martha Ann08/31/183801/03/1930.
Crider, Rosetta10/25/189703/30/1909d/o A. J. and A. L. Crider
Crider, Alice L.05/02/186903/30/1951.
Crider, A. J. 05/10/186303/10/1924.
Crider, J. A.08/11/189110/10/1923.
Crider, Wrethel05/28/192002/18/1924d/o MR. and Mrs. N. Crider
Davidson, James Kermit09/27/195309/27/1953.
Davis, Daniel B.04/08/189609/25/1963Father, AL. Pvt. U. S. WWI
Davis, Janie N.11/21/189912/17/1991Mother D. H.
Davis, Kennis June06/26/192609/22/1930.
DeMonia, Bretha07/06/1928..
DeMonia, Hiwatha12/08/191503/13/1975m 11/13/1948, PFC U. S. Army WWII
Easterwood, Infant11/20/192411/20/1924s/o Vester and Leavy Easterwood
Easterwood, James Robert12/20/191406/15/1983FI U. S. Navy, WWII
Easterwood, Geraldine10/18/193504/28/1938d/o J. R. and Zelma Easterwood
Easterwood, Shirlene01/10/194007/10/1952d/o J. R. and Zelma Easterwood
Grizzard, Nancy J.03/16/188701/29/1973DH
Grizzard, Robert O.11/22/188107/22/1943DH
Grizzard, Patricia Earleen01/16/194001/18/1940d/o Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Grizzard
Holmes, Martha V.03/21/185605/01/1911w/o D. S. Holmes
Holmes, Nancy P.11/14/189410/29/1909Mother, w/o D. S. Holmes
Holmes, D. S. 04/29/185309/23/1929.
Holmes, Oma12/01/191312/09/1913d/o A. A. and Ada Holmes
Hulsey, Robert T.07/23/189803/17/1972Al. PVT 282 Co. MPC WWI, DH
Hulsey, Willie Stinson10/04/188904/18/1966.
Hulsey, Robert T. Sr.06/25/187608/16/1926.
Hulsey, E. Demmoris08/30/191803/04/1934.
Hulsey, Claude Samuel08/03/190301/26/1956Al. C M I USNR WWII
Kellem, Mary Etta11/20/187501/20/1962.
Kellem, Williamson E.02/13/187411/11/1951.
Long, Robert A.09/16/188803/20/1962.
Long, Carrie L.03/27/189107/23/1981.
Mabry, Lillie A.02/03/1891?.
Mabry, John D.08/10/188004/08/1957.
Mabry, J. O. 09/03/187003/29/1932.
Morgan, Melton08/29/189809/06/1930.
Morgan, Mable Aline06/28/192203/08/1930.
Morgan, Esther Patrick07/19/189911/19/1929w/o M. B. Morgan
Nix, Maydell05/20/187502/21/1956.
Nix, Alfred D.04/18/189502/12/1968Al. Sgt. Co. C, 30 Inf WWI, Mason, D.H.
Nix, Frances E.18911892Aunt Fannie
Nix, Joel V.05/26/188006/06/1916.
Nix, Charles E.12/16/187511/30/190226 years, 11 mo., 14 days
Nix, Jane Elizabeth Thomas02/10/185503/23/1914w/o J. C. Nix
Nix, J. C. 07/07/185202/15/1925.
Nix, M. R. (Bob)02/19/189312/15/1960.
Nunnelley, Martha M.10/03/188901/30/1983Mother
Nunnelley, Francis M.07/03/187008/30/1946Father
Nunnelley, Bessie L.05/23/189910/19/1980.
Nunnelley, James W.10/26/189111/27/1962.
Nunnelley, Forrest Lee06/23/192101/27/1952.
Nunnelley, Hattie10/03/189311/21/1990.
Nunnelley, Vester07/26/189703/17/1933.
Page, Roy D.01/30/194803/02/1968PFC 25 Inv. Vietnam, Killed in action
Patrick, Emmitt07/22/189704/17/1928s/o F. M. and Nancy Patrick
Patrick, Nancy Cobbs08/06/187005/11/1946.
Patrick, Francis M.05/13/186801/06/1950.
Perkins, Maggie E.02/28/190901/15/1993.
Perkins, John F.09/18/190102/12/1985.
Perkins, Infant03/09/194603/09/1946d/o John and Maggie Perkins
Perkins, Infant09/03/194109/03/1941d/o John and Maggie Perkins
Perkins, Joseph M.06/19/187601/06/1938Father
Perkins, Nancy F.01/13/188207/26/1962Mother
Puckett, Charles D.07/21/192612/04/1957Al. SC 3 USNR WWII
Puckett, Frank Jr.02/05/192502/01/1960Al. PFC, Co. D, 33 Inf. WWII, PH
Puckett, H. Frank04/30/190212/22/1978.
Puckett, Ila Mae10/06/1900..
Puckett, James W.09/21/192308/28/1924s/o Frank and Ila Puckett
Ryan, Afton05/24/192802/24/1932.
Ryan, Marzie Kellem Crider02/09/189604/30/1969.
Scott, Gail01/30/194311/21/1943d/o Cordis and Ruby Scott
Thompson, Mrs. Rebecca H.02/22/187409/18/1944.
Wilkinson, Irvin C.04/29/190009/23/1983.
Wilkinson, Yettie10/26/1909.DH
Wilkinson, Velma19041983.
Wilkinson, Utilla11/19/189104/23/1976.
Wilkinson, Otilla11/19/189109/04/1959.
Wilkinson, Susan11/13/186705/15/1942Mother
Williams, Ciscro09/11/188108/19/1948.
Williams, Mattie08/18/187811/09/1952.
Williams, Ervin M.03/02/190504/18/1957.
Williams, Helen A.02/08/191303/10/1988.
Williams, Oleta08/05/183910/11/1962.
Williams, Earnest01/08/191211/29/1968Father
Williams, Mattie02/06/191301/22/1988Mother
Williams, Andrew Johnson03/15/190104/09/1969.
Williams, Robert E.07/21/191411/26/1984Father
Williams, Edna N. Starlin09/17/190701/13/1982.
Zanger, Eleanor K.11/06/1918..
Zanger, Edward F.07/07/190702/11/1977.

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