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Days Old Civil War Cemetery

Days Old Civil War Cemetery

DAY, David, no date-1869
DAY, Nancy, 1912-1961
DAY, Richard, 1799-1878
DOUTHET, T. J., no dates
GIBSON, Elizabeth, 1834-1856
GIBSON, Mrs. James W., 1805-1898
GIBSON, John R., 1806-1852
GIBSON, S. W., 1803-1871
GIBSON, Sabahn, 1868-1871
GIBSON, Thursey, 1808-1863
GIBSON, William H., 1801-1873
MINTER, J. K., 1824-1897
MINTER, J. Rufus, 1868-1896
MINTER, James, 1858-1875
PENN, Elizabeth, no date-1869
SPEEGLE, Infant of J. A., 1875
SPEEGLE, S. Minerva, 1848-1909
TURRENTINE,Caroline, 1843-1889
TURRENTINE, Infant of J. D. and M. E., 1885
TURRENTINE, Mary, 1876
TURRENTINE, Infant of J. D.
TURRENTINE, Search, 1815-1881
TURRENTINE, Stephen B., 1881-1882
WALACE, Mary E., 1840-1876
WALACE, Sarah, 1831-1862
WALACE, William, 1862-1863
WILSON, James A., 1862-1883
WILSON, Martha L., 1839-1882
WILSON, Ollie E., 1870-1871
WOODRUFF, Lucinda, Age 77 years-1886
INFANT, 1896
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