CONTRIBUTED by Etheleen Stricklin  2002   [email protected].  Total  names = 205.

LOCATION:  Approximately three miles off highway 69.  Turn left from 69 at Jim Knight’s old store location  Road # 8.   Then take the first left road # 38 Approximately one mile , Church and Cemetery on right.

Section twenty-three  (23), Township twelve (12), Range four (4) West.

     The New Prospect Missionary Baptist Church was first organized in 1896 or 1897 on the property of J.J.  “Josh”  Baker Just a few hundred feet east of where county road 15 and 17 intersected .   Drummonds coal minning campany  moved road 17 several hundred feet farther down  and  the number 17 changed  to number 38.  Road number 15 is still located in the same place, but it is now  road  number 8. 
     Many family names that were active in organizing the church are still helping to carry on today.  Some of the names are: Hollis, Whaley, Harbison, Chafin, Anderson, Wilson, Rice and many others.
      The earliest records began on the Saturday before the first Sunday in  August 1897.   Rev. T.E. Hays was the pastor and J.H.  Anderson was church  clerk.  According to the records, services were held in the first  building until about 1904 when the church voted to move their meeting place of a mile East and consolidate in the school  building Which  was located on Hewlitt Rice’s land just a short distance  from where the church is located today.
      The church and school were separated when the County purchased land of a mile farther down the road and built a new school building.   The Church continued to hold services in the old school building until  1922 when it burned. 
         On September 29, 1922  Mr. And Mrs. W.R. Wilson  “ in consideration  of the sum of twenty-five and no/100 dollars to them in hand paid by the Deacons of New Prospect Missionary Church  sold one acre of land to build a new church” , and  that is where the church is located today.  Deed book # 93, page 377.
      The first new church built on this land  was started in 1924.  Then in 1971, the membership saw a need for a new and larger building.  This new building  was just a few feet behind the old building.  When it was finished in 1972 ,  The old  building  was sold and moved away.  The last funeral held in the old church  building was Ellis Murphree January 1972 a dedicated member and deacon, and the  first funeral held in the new church  building was Oscar Anderson March 1972, also a dedicated member and deacon.

      (Information about the history of New Prospect Missionary Baptist Church came from  the book,  NEW           
        PROSPECT MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH HISTORY,  1888-1998,  by Reba Williams ,  Deed
        Book # 93, page 377, and Conversations with church members).   

      After looking at the Cullman County Cemetery record books, which included New Prospect Church Cemetery where my parents are buried, I discovered that they were not listed.  There were only 31 graves listed and the date of the reading was 1964.  I  knew the cemetery now had between one hundred and fifty and two hundred graves.  I went to the Church cemetery and counted the graves or names on markers, and there are two hundred  and  five  names.   So, with the help of  Dorothy Anderson Grimmett  who  has provided a record that her mother, Malinda Woods Anderson  started when the first grave was put in the cemetery  and my genealogy records,  we have put together  a complete up to date record.  Dorothy took the book over to continue the record when her mother could no longer keep it. 


ABBOTT,  Frances Bea  (Murray), b. October 13, 1917;  d. December 6, 1972,  ( wife of Robert Lee ABBOTT,  and daughter of Claude and LeOla MCLEROY  MURRAY).

 ABBOTT,  Robert  Lee,  b.July 11, 1914;  d. November 26, 1982 , (husband of Frances Bea MURRAY, and Son of Charlie D. and Maudie KING ABBOTT).

ADDISON,  Author  J., “Juddie”,  b. November 11,1903 ; d. March 6, 1964 ,  ( 1
st Husband of Iva HIGGINBOTHAM) .

ADDISON,  Iva (Higginbotham), b. November 30, 1913; d. 2001,  Name on monument, but buried in Birmingham  with 2
nd husband; ( she was the  wife of 1ST husband  Juddie ADDISON, and daughter of George M. and Minnie Jane ELEDGE  HIGGINGOTHAM).  

ANDERS,  Anna D., b. and d. 1961, ( baby daughter of Hobert and Jonnell RUSSELL ANDERS, and granddaughter  of Roy and Anna WILSON RUSSELL).

ANDERSON, Birtha (Frazier), b. July 27, 1906; d. February 6, 1996, (wife of Vernon L. “Tex” ANDERSON , and mother of Doris ANDERSON , DOSS, CLEVELAND).

ANDERSON, Minnie Malinda , (Woods), b. August 15, 1904; d. November 18, 1999, ( wife of Oscar Ruffus ANDERSON, and daughter of Charles W. and Minnie Malinda PARKS,  SMITH , WOODS).

ANDERSON, Oscar Rufus,  b. March 30, 1897, d. March 21 1972,  ( husband of Minnie Malinds WOODS,  and son of James H. and Sara Ann SARGENT  ANDERSON).

BAKER, Agnes (Wilson), b. 1900; d. March 21, 1986, ( wife of Erie Fountain BAKER,  and daughter of George and Sue GREER WILSON). ( George was born George  FILCHUA,  but  he was adolpted  by a WILSON  family and name changed to WILSON).

 BAKER, Erie Fountain,  b. April 1, 1898; d. 1990, ( husband of Agnes WILSON,  and Son of Elisha E. and Emily C. FORESTER  BAKER).    

BROWN,  Ruby (Drummond), b. August 15, 1932; still living 2002, ( wife of Walter Allen BROWN,  and  sister of Sanford Elwin  DRUMMOND).
BROWN, Walter Allen,  b. October 18, 1926;  d. January 17, 1974,  ( husband of Ruby DRUMMOND, and  son of Brock A. and Maudie  PARKER  BROWN). 

CALVERT,  Essie  (Russell), b. March 26, 1920; d. March 5, 2000, ( wife of Vernice CALVERT, and daughter of Wesley E.  and Paralee KEY  RUSSELL). 

CALVERT,  Vernice Alton, b. January 6, 1923; d. 1998, (husband of 1
ST wife Essie RUSSELL, and son of Luther and Lillian  GRAVES  CALVERT). 

CAMPBELL, Charlie A.,  b. August 26, 1885; d. January 11, 1928, ( husband of Sarah SANDLIN, and son of Robert and Olivia WISNER  CAMPBELL).

CAMPBELL, Fannie Mae (Dean), b. April 13, 1920; d. December 9, 1929, ( wife of Zorse CAMPBELL , and daughter of Carl and Bay GRIFFITH  DEAN).

CAMPBELL, James  F., b. October 24, 1924;  d.January 28, 1995,   ( Husbamd of Melba DEAN , and son  of Lewis Oscar and Minnie JAMES CAMPBELL).

CAMPBELL, Larry, b. February 10, 1953 ; d. December 31, 1998, ( son of James F. and Melba DEAN

CAMPBELL, Louis Oscar, b. March 17, 1892;  d. May 9, 1977, ( Husband of Minnie  JAMES,  and  father of Zorce CAMPBELL). 

CAMPBELL,  Melba (Dean), b. September 2, 1926; still living 2002, ( wife of James F. CAMPBELL , and daughter of Carl and Bay GRIFFITH  DEAN).

CAMPBELL,  Minnie (James), b. October 3, 1898; d. August 2, 1991, ( wife of Louis Oscar CAMPBELL).

CAMPBELL,  Sarah  ( Sandlin), b. September 17, 1886; d. May 10, 1981, ( wife of Charlie CAMPBELL , and daughter of Monroe and Nancy Jane  ROUSE  SANDLIN).

CAMPBELL. Zorce, b. February 3, 1918;  still  living 2002 ,  ( husband of Fannie Mae DEAN, and son of Lewis Oscar and Minnie JAMES  CAMPBELL). .

CARLISLE, Cleo H..,  b. October 8, 1922; d. May 1987, ( Husband of Opal HOLLIS, and son of Joseph L. and Mary ROUSE  CARLISLE). .

CARLISLE, Joseph  Don, b. August 8, 1919; d. March 3, 1907, (  Husband of Violet HOLLIS  and Son of Joseph L and Mary ROUSE  CARLISLE).

CARLISLE, Opal (Hollis) , b. May 4, 1926; still living 2002, ( wife of Cleo CARLISLE,  and daughter of Grady and 2
nd wife Flora CALVERT HOLLIS). 

CARLISLE, Ruth  (Anderson), b. May 21, 1914; d. October 28, 1972, ( wife of Willard L. CARLISLE,  and daughter of William E. and Nettie A.  HALL ANDERSON).

CARLISLE, Violet  (Hollis), b. February 15, 1819; d. October 13, 1999, ( wife of Don CARLISLE,  and daughter of Grady and 1
st wife Alma V. SARGENT   HOLLIS).

CARLISLE,  Willard Lawernce,  b. June 24, 1916;  d. October 16, 2000,  ( Husband of Ruth ANDERSON,   and son of Joseph L. and Mary ROUSE  CARLISLE).

CARLISLE,  Willodean,  b. September 25, 1938;  still living in  January 2002,   (daughter of Willard L. and Ruth  ANDERSON  CARLISLE).

CASEY,  Colombus C., b. September 13, 1905; d. March 2, 1965,   ( 2
nd  Husband of Pearl BURNS PARKER).

CASEY,  Ila E. (Edwards), b. January 9, 1912; d. April 10, 1996, ( wife of William M “Red” CASEY, and daughter of Harvey R. and Dicie SMITH  EDWARDS).

CASEY, Pearl  (Burns) , b. February 15, 1907; d. August 2, 1955, ( wife of 2
nd husband Columbus CASEY,  and daughter of Dallas P. and Mattie GAMBLE  BURNS).

 CASEY,  William W.,  “Red”  b. 1903;  d. 1960,  (Husband of  Ila E. EDWARDS).

CHAFIN, Alice  (Pope), b. February 9, 1892;  d. November 15, 1956, ( 2ns wife of Dewey CHAFIN ).

CHAFIN, Arnold W., b. August 30, 1909; d. December 10, 1990,  ( husband of Lourie E. CREEL,  and son of Bird C. and Pearl DOLLAR CHAFIN).

CHAFIN,  Bertha  ( McLeroy), b. June 17, 1903; d. July 21, 1986. ( 1at wife of Dewey CHAFIN,  and  daughter  of Ben and Effie ANDERSON  MCLEROY).

CHAFIN,  Bird C., b. December 27,1885; d.August 25, 1995,  ( husband of Pearl  DOLLAR, and son of James H. and E.N. HARBISON  CHAFIN ).

CHAFIN,  Dewey, b.January12, 1898; d. November 15,  1956,  ( husband of 1
st wife Birtha MCLEROY;  2ND  wife Alice POPE,  and son of James H. and E.N. HARBISON  CHAFIN). 

CHAFIN,  Herschel Franklin, b. March 28, 1920; d. July 16, 2001,  (  1
ST  husband of Trilba GRIMMETT, and Son of Dewey and Birtha MCLEROY  CHAFIN ).

CHAFIN,  Lourie E. (Creel), October 22, 1919; d. November 15, 1977, ( wife of Arnold W. CHAFIN,  and daughter of Wilbourn CREEL).

CHAFIN,  Marion T., b. March 19, 1890;  d. June 13, 1975, ( husband of 1
st wife Hattie  ?, and son of James H. and E.N. HARBISON CHAFIN).  .

CHAFIN,  Pearl  (Dollar), b. October 13, 1891; d. September 18, 1977, ( wife of Bird C. CHAFIN,  and daughter of F.W. and  E.E  FORESTER  DOLLAR).

CONWELL, Calvin H.,  b. March 1, 1927;  d. April 21, 1984, (1
st husband of Juanita  C. EDWARDS).

CONWELL, Juanita (Edwards), b. January 7, 1927; still living 2002, ( wife of Calvin H. CONWELL, and daughter of Charlie and Modie SWANN  EDWARDS).

COOK,  Ruth E. (Swann), b. July 23, 1915; d. 2001,  ( wife of Willie E. COOK and daughter of Henry D. and Martha KEITH  SWANN).

COOK,  Willie E. ,  b. June 26, 1912;  d. February 16, 1999,  (husband of Ruth E . SWANN). 

CORLEY,  Susie Pearl ( Swann), b. December 13, 1898; d. August 4, 1990, ( Sister of Ben SWANN).

CREEKMORE,  Jesse L. , b. December 29, 1939; d. October 4, 2000, ( 3
rd  husband  of Trilbia E. GRIMMETT,  CHAFIN ,  MANN).

CREEDMORE,  Trilbia ( Grimmett) CHAFIN; MANN, b. August 10, 1928, still living 2002, wife of 1
st husband Herschel CHAFFIN;  2nd husband Joe  MANN;  3rd husband Jessie L. CREEKMORE,  and daughter of Luther L. and Mattie  POWELL GRIMMETT). 

DANIEL,  Cecil, b. January 17, 1910; d. November 26, 1955, ( husband of 1
st wife Allie GRAVES; 2nd wife Mattie LEGRAN,  and son of Jess and Georgia Ann KEISTER   DANIEL).

DEAN, Bay (Griffith), b. February 9, 1897; d. February 14, 1985, ( wife of Carl DEAN,  and daughter of Jim and Molllie  GRIFFITH).

DEAN,  Bessie  (Lee), b. March  20, 1920; d. April 18, 1999, ( wife of Cecil DEAN,  and daughter of Henry and Essie  KING  LEE). 

DEAN,  Carl,  b. October 27, 1895;  d. July 21, 1984,  (husband of Bay GRIFFITH,  and son of James Monroe and Ida ANDERSON  DEAN).

DEAN,  Cecil,  b. November 4, 1918;  d. July 21, 1984,   ( husband of Bessie LEE, and son of Carl and Bay GRIFFITH  DEAN).

DEAN,  Coy T.  b. August 25, 1893;  d. April 17, 1977,  ( son of James Monroe and Ida  ANDERSON  DEAN and brother of Carl). 

DEAN, Mark,  b. and d. April 30, 1970,  (infant son of Harold and Margaret  CREEL  DEAN).

DEAN,  I nfant  son,  no  marker  no dates,  (son of Melanie DEAN, and grandson of Harold and Margaret CREEL   DEAN).

DOSS, Doris (Anderson) CLEVELAND, b. April 8, 1938; still living 2002, ( wife of 1
st husband Jim DOSS;   2nd husband Richard W. CLEVELAND,  and daughter of Vernon L. “Tex” and Birtha FRAZIER ANDERSON).

DOSS,  James Harold “Jim”,  b. February 14, 1932;  d. October 31, 1997,   (1
ST husband of  Doris ANDERSON; CLEVELAND, and son of Jessie W. “Jess” and Mae CAMPBELL  DOSS). 

DOSS,  Jessie W. “Jess”,  b. December 10, 1901;  d. November 21, 1960, (Husband of Mae CAMPBELL) .

DOSS,  Mae  (Campbell), b. February 9, 1912; d. November 27, 1923, ( wife of Jessie “Jes” DOSS, and daughter of Charlie and Sarah SANDLIN CAMPBELL).   

EDWARDS,  Charlie T.,   b.  September  30, 1904;  still  living in October, 2002,   (husband of Maudie SWANN,  and  son of Harvey R. and Dicie SMITH  EDWARDS).  , 

EDWARDS,  Dicie ( Smith), b. December 13, 1882; d. November 29, 1987, ( wife of Harvey R. EDWARDS,

EDWARDS,  Harvey R.,  b. November  1876; d. June 27, 1969, (husband of Dicie SMITH,  and son of Alvin Monroe and Francis COX   EDWARDS). 

EDWARDS,  Maudie  (Swann), b. March 30, 1905; d. March 23, 1991, ( wife of Charlie EDWARDS, and daughter of Henry D. and Martha KEITH  SWANN).

FYKE,  Annie E., b. January 31, 1907; d. April 11, 1980,  (Mother-in-Law of Bobbie Lee PHILLIPS).

GARMON, Clifton b. May 31, 1918; d.  February 9, 1998 , ( Husband of Wilma GRAHAM  and son of John and Lular Bell  ?  GARMON).

GARMON, Wilma  (Graham), b. April 24, 1918; d. June 24, 2000, ( wife of Clifton GARMON,  and daughter of Albert and Savannah BAKER  GRAHAM).

GOODWIN, Donald  b. July 4, 1977;  d. September 25, 1977,  ( son of Donald and Glenda  RUSSELL  GOODWIN  , and grandson of Lloyd R. and Era CAMPBELL   RUSSELL ).

GRAHAM,  Christine (Casey), b. December 4, 1928; still living 2002, ( wife of Willard GRAHAM,  and daughter of William W. “Red” and Ila EDWARDS  CASEY).

GRAHAM,  Willard, b. August 2, 1915; d. July 8, 1982,  (husband Of Christine CASEY,  and son of Albert and Savannah BAKER GRAHAM).

GRAY,  Thelma (Hollis), b. January 18, 1920; still living 2002, ( wife of John GRAY, and daughter of Adair H. and Marie NUNN  HOLLIS).

GRIMMETT,  Euel Herbert, b. June 5, 1911; d. August , 1984 , ( husband of Imolee BOWERS ,  and
son of Luther D. and Mattie POWELL  GRIMMETT ).

GRIMMETT,  Imolee  (Bowers), b. October 8, 1918; still living 2002, ( wife of Herbert GRIMMETT,  and daughter of William L. and Nollie MURPHREE  BOWERS).

GRIMMETT,  Luther D., b. April 27, 1888; d. 1963,  (husband of Mattie POWELL, and son of Alford K. and 1
st wife Nancy R. HINES GRIMMETT,).       

GRIMMETT,   Mattie J. (Powell), b. 1888; d. June 1977, ( wife of Luther GRIMMETT,  and daughter of Miles W. and C.A. BAKER  POWELL).

HAMRICK, Juanita H. ( Humphries), b. October 8, 1934; still living 2002,  ( sister to Robert Wayne HUMPHRIES).

HANDLEY, Arzilla ( Smith), b. January 31, 1900; d. December 26, 1984, ( wife of Otto L. “Ot” HANDLEY,  and daughter of Charles and Lear QUICK  SMITH). 

 HANDLEY,  Otha,  b. July 29, 1930;  d. July 29, 1974,  (son of Otto “Ot” and Arzilla  SMITH HANDLEY).

HANDLEY,  Otto I. “Ot”,   b. August 4, 1897;  d. October 16, 1980,  ( husband of Arzilla SMITH, and son of Henry “Edgar” and Amanda M. GRAHAM  HANDLEY).

 HERRING,   G.B., b. November 9, 1917;  d. April 27, 1997, (  called “SLIM”  , lived  in Harvey Edwards house).

HIGGINBOTHAM,  Don Ray, b.  March 3, 1932;  d. December 7, 1988 , ( son of William  G. and Nellie WILSON  HIGGINBOTHAM).

HIGGINBOTHAM, George M.,  b.  September 16, 1870;  d. August 1954. ( husband of Minnie Jane ELEDGE ,  and son of Robert B. and Avorilla B. WALDEN  HIGGINBOTHAM).

HIGGINBOTHAM,  Minnie Jane (Eledge), b. October 23, 1877; d. November 28, 1960, ( wife of  William George HIGGINBOTHAM). 

HIGGINBOTHAM, Nellie (Wilson), b. September 5, 1898; d. August 18, 1975, (wife of William HIGGINBOTHAM, and daughter of William R. and Marzie GRAHAM WILSON).

HIGGINBOTHAM,  William G.,  b.  May 30.  1902 ;  d.   November 9, 1987,  (Son of George M. and  Minnie Jane Eledge). 

HINKLE,  Colombus O. “Lummie”,  b. September 9, 1900;  February 5, 1972,   ( husband of Tressiie  J. McLeroy).

HINKLE,  Tressie (McLeroy), b. December 2, 1908; d. September 11, 1976, ( wife of Colombus O. “Lummie” HINKLE , and daughter of Jim and Lillie BOWLING MCLEROY). 

HITT,  Timothy Morris,  b. August 29, 1984;  d. October 18, 1998,  ( son of Amiel and  Kathy JOHNSON HITT  MURRAY  , and grandson of Eva Jean  GREEN ,  JOHNSON,  RHODES).

HOLLIS,  Adair H.,  b. January 7, 1887; d. May 9, 1954,  (husband of Marie MANN,  and  son of Thomas and Sara Nancy CHAFIN  HOLLIS). , 

HOLLIS, Dillard,  b. August 10. 1930;  d. October 10, 1989,  (husband of Faye Exer MURRAY, and son of Girdes John and Lillie CALLAHAN  HOLLIS).

HOLLIS, Faye Exer  (Murray) , b. December 9, 1933;  d. November 8, 1984, ( wife of Dillard Thomas HOLLIS,  and daughter of Claude and LeOla MCLEROY  MURRAY).

HOLLIS,  Flora (Cakvert), b. December 2, 1904; d. January 22, 1993, (  2
nd wife of Grady HOLLIS, and daughter of James Marion and Jennie Nancy  STRICKLIN  CALVERT). 

HOLLIS,  Girdes John,  b. June 26, 1900; d. August 4, 1989,  ( husband of Lillie CALLAHAN,  son of Thomas and Sara Nancy  CHAFIN HOLLIS).   

HOLLIS,  Grady Thomas, b. March 22, 1897; d. March 1973 , ( Son of Thomas and Sara Nancy  CHAFIN HOLLIS, and Husband of 1
st wife Alma V. SARGEMT and 2nd wife Flora CALVERT).

HOLLIS,  Labrenda  ( Dean), b. April 26, 1958; still living 2002, ( wife of  Ronald  Keith HOLLIS, and daughter of Clark and Edith ALEXANDER  DEAN).

HOLLIS, Lillie C. (Callahan), b. February 11, 1904; d. August 4, 1989, ( wife of Girdes John HOLLIS ).

HOLLIS, Marie  (Nunn), b. October 19, 1899; d. May 29, 1969, ( wife of Adair HOLLIS).

HOLLIS, O.D.,  b. January 9, 1931; d. February 21, 1994,  ( 1
st  husband of Wilma  REID,  and Son of Grady and 2nd wife Flora CALVERT  HOLLIS).

HOLLIS,  Ronald Keith, b. February 3, 1957;  d. May 12, 2001,  ( husband of Labrends DEAN, and  son of Dillard  and Faye MURRAY  HOLLIS).  .

HOLLIS, Wilma  (Reid), b. January 13, 1930; still living 2002,  ( wife of O.D HOLLIS).

HUMPHRIES, Irene (Aaron)  SHELTON, b. October 22, 1942; still living 2002, ( wife of 1
st husband Robert Wayne HUMPHRIES; 2nd husband Clyde SHELTON,  and daughter of Arles and Norene RHODES AARON).

HUMPHRIES,   Robert Wayne,  b.  May 26, 1941;  d. March 31, 1966,  (1
st  husband of Irene AARON  SHELTON ).

 HUTCHINSON,  Conard L. b. October 28, 1911;  d. May 20, 1989,  ( husband of Eula GRIMMETT, and Son of William Benny and Cora Alice GRAVES  HUTCHINSON).

HUTCHINSON, Eula Mae (Grimmett), b. October 30, 1915; d. 1957, ( wife of Conard L. HUTCHINSON, and daughter of Luther L. and Mattie POWELL  GRIMMETT). 

KILGORE,  Betty Jean  (Doss), b. February 22, 1935; died in Tennessee and buried therre, but her name is on the monument  at  New Prospect. ( wife of Hubert L. KILGORE , and daughter of Jess and Mae CAMPBELL  DOSS).

KILGORE,  Hubert L.,  b.  September 17, 1929 ;  d. June 20, 1960, ( husband of Betty Jean DOSS,  and brother of Douglas and Howard  KILGORE).

KIMBRELL, Cecil T., b. February 13, 1909;  d. January 2, 1994, ( husband of Jennie L. ______, and father-in-law of J.C. DOSS). 

KIMBRELL , Jennie L., b. November 12, 1912;  d. March 26, 1996,  ( wife of Cecil T. KIMBRELL). 

KIMBRELL,  Joseph, b. December 16, 1919;  d. July 17, 1972,  (brother of Cecil T.KIMBRELL).

LACY,  James H.,  b. November  19, 1926 ;   d. November 18, 1996, ( husband of Mildred ASHERBRANNER).

LACY, Mildred (Asherbranner) , b. March  16, 1925; still living 2002, ( wife of James H. LACY, and daughter of Marvin ASHERBRANNER).  

MCCLENDON,   “Dutch” Ernest  , b. June 10, 1910; d . September 18, 1988, ( husband of  Imogene Dorothy  BAKER, and Son of Ransom C. and Alice DOOLEY  MCCLENDON). 

MCCLENDON,   Imogene Dorothy  (Baker), b. September 20, 1919;  still living 2002, ( wife of “Dutch” Ernest MCCLENDON, and daughter of Erie and Agnes WILSON  BAKER).

MCCLINTOCK,   Clydie, b. September 27, 1914; d.  December 23, 1999,  (  husband of Edith EDWARDS, and son of Jim and Modie BLALOCK  MCCLINTOCK).

MCCLINTOCK,  E dith  (Edwards), b. September 25, 1915; d. April 1, 2001, ( wife of Clydie  MCCLINTOCK, and daughter of Harvey and Dicie SMITH  EDWARDS). .

MCCLINTOCK,  J.C.,  b.  July 28, 1934; d. May 9, 1995,   (son of  Clydie and Edith EDWARDS  MCCLINTOCK ).

MCLEROY,  Fern Rhodes, b. June 2, 1913; d. September 21, 1991, (wife of Curt RHODES,  and daughter of Joseph E. “Joe” and Dora ALLRED  MCLEROY).

MCLEROY, Trudy (Felkins), b. June 10, 1910; d. 1902,  (wife of  W.M. Ottis  MCLEROY, and daughter of  W.J. and Georgia Ann FELKINS).

MCLEROY,   W.M. Ottis, b. 1908;  d. 1961,  (  husband of Trudy FELKINS, and  son of Benjamin F. and Effie  ANDERSON  MCLEROY).

MADDOX, Anna  (Smuck), b. June 22, 1938; still living 2002, ( wife of Doeman John MADDOX).

 MADDOX,  Dorman John ,  b. August 23, 1931;  d. March 16, 2001,  ( husband of Anns SCHMUCK,  and  son of Ottis M. and Lula B. NUNN  MADDOX ).

MADDOX, Lula B. (Nunn), b. August 23, 1905;  d. September 20, 1971, ( wife of Ottis M. MATTOX).

MADDOX,  M. Lynn, b. September 23, 1957;  d. May 24, 1984,  ( husband of Maggie A. PARTRIDGE, amd son of Orvis O “Boots” and Shelby DEAN  MADDOX).

MADDOX,  Maggie A, (Paartridge), b. July  16, 1958; still living 2002, ( wife of M. Lynn Maddox).

 MADDOX , Orvis O. “Boots”,  b. May 7, 1934’  d. November 25, 1980, (  husband of Shelby DEAN,  and son  of Ottis and Lula B. NUNN MADDOX). 

MADDOX,  Ottis M.,  b. May 7, 1900;  d. July 4, 1959, ( husband of Lula B. NUNN  MADDOX ).

MARLOW,  Beatrice  (Chafin), b. April 25, 1920; d. 2001,  name is on monumenty, but she is buried in Jefferson Co., AL with 2
nd husband,  ( she is the  wife of 1st husband   Joseph Clarence MARLOW,  and daughter of Bird C. and Pearl DOLLAR  CHAFIN).

MARLOW,   Joseph Clarence,  b. May 30, 1907;  d. August 10, 1977, ( husband of Beatrice CHAFIN).

 MEMBRENO,   Caleb Ismael, b. September 26,  2001;  d. October 1, 2001,  (son of Ismael and Kasey OVERTON  MEMBRENO,   and  great- grandson of Avery and Aliene WHALEY TRAPP).

MOON,  Randy R. ,  b. July 21, 1956;  still living 2002,  (husband of Shelia Jean WILLIAMS , and  son of James Bernard and Elsie CAVERT   MOON).

MOON, Shelia  J ean  (Willliams), b. October 29, 1956; d. April 24, 2001, ( wife of Randy R. MOON,   and daughter of Leathel and Christine ASHERBRANNER  WILLIAMS).

MORGAN,  Verla Lee (Campbell), b. July 2, 1932; still living 2002, ( wife of J.C. MORGAN, and daughter of Louis Oscar and Minnie  JAMES  CAMPBELL). 

 MURPHREE,  Ellis, b. February 21, 1897; d. January 1, 1972,  (  husband of Mava T. “May” WOODS, and son of Allen and Sarah Emiline “ Dollie” MOTES  MURPHREE).

MURPHREE,  Eva (Bowling), b. January 5, 1901; d. March 18, 1982, (wife of Leonard MURPHREE,  and daughter of Dean and Febbie FORESTER BOWLING). 

MURPHREE,  Leonard, b. August 2, 1891; d. August 31, 1969, ( husband of Eva BOWLING, and son of Allen and  Sarah Emiline “Dollie” MOTES  MURPHREE). 

MURPHREE,  Thomas Mava  “May” (Woods), b.October 7, 1903; d. April 11, 1993, ( Wife of Ellis MURPHREE,  and daughter of Walter G. and Birtha Bell COGGINS  WOODS).

MURRAY, Aline  (Wilson), b. February 21, 1921; d. February 19, 1985, ( wife of Jess MURRAY, and daughter of Joel and Velva BOWLING  WILSON ).

MURRAY,  Claude, b. February 1, 1897; d. January 23, 1981, ( husband of LeOla MCLEROY,  and son of Johnnie B. and Josie F. BAKER  MURRAY).

MURRAY,  Donnie,  b. June  7, 1944;  d. February 21, 1962,  ( son of Jess and Aliene WILSON MURRAY).

MURRAY,  Jess,  b. December 22, 1918;  d. April 3, 1980, ( husband of Aliene WILSON,  and son of  Claude and LeOla MCLEROY  MURRAY ).

MURRAY,  Johnny,  b. March 29, 1952;  d. June 21, 1970,  ( son of Jess and Aliene WILSON  MURRAY).

MURRAY, LeOla  (McLeroy), b. March 28, 1894; d. September 11, 1976, ( wife of Claude MURRAY, and daughter of John Henry and Martha Elizabeth MCWATERS MCLEROY

MURRAY,  Tommie  Joe,  b. December 11, 1953;  d. July 4, 1965,  (son of Jess and Aliene WILSON  MURRAY).

NAIL, Allon Ray,    b.  November 16, 1940;  d. July 30, 1997,   (husband of Glenda Ann MCCLENDON). 

NAIL,  Glenda Ann (McClendon), b. July 1942; still living 2002, ( wife of Allon Ray NAIL , and daughter of Dutch and Imogene BAKER  MCCLENDON). 

NELSON,  Aletha  (Wilson), b. September 28, 1904; d. January 8, 1990, ( wife of  ? NELSON,   and daughter of William R. and Marzie GRAHAM  WILSON).  

PHILLIPS,   Lee Ann ,  b. March 7, 1960; d. March 8, 1960, ( daughter of  Bobby Lee and Shirley Ann FYKE  PHILLIPS). 

PHILLIPS,  Willie Marion ,   b. April 16, 1904;  d. December 12, 1985,   (Husband of Zelphia GRANT) .

PHILLIPS, Zelphia  (Grant), b. July 31, 1915;  still living 2002, ( wife of Willie Marion PHILLIPS,  and daughter of Columbus and Delphia GRIMMETT GRANT).

PONDER,  Harless E. ,  b. October 9, 1925;  d. June 17, 2001,  (husband of Hazel Marie ANDERSON, and son of  Howard  and Leona HARRIS  PONDER).

PONDER,  Hazel Marie (Anderson), b. March 9, 1929; still living 2002, ( wife of Harless E. PONDER,  and daughter of Alvin and Alice Mae KINNEDY ANDERSON).

RHODES,  Curtis “Curt”,  b. March 27, 1906; d. March 28, 1990,  ( husband of Fern MCLEROY,  and son  of Ansel R. and Ludie DOLLAR RHODES).

RHODES, Curtis,   b. August 19, 1945; d. April 27, 1918, ( 2
nd husband of Eva Jean GREEN, JOHNSON, and  son of Curt and Fern MCLEROY RHODES).

RHODES, Eva Jean  (Green), b. February 5, 1943; still lliving 2002, ( wife of 1
st husband  ? JOHNSON;  2ND husband Curtis RHODES ).

RHODES,  Fern ( McLeroy), b. June 2, 1913; d. September 21, 1991, ( wife of Curt RHODES,  and daughter of Joseph E. “Joe” and Dora ALLRED  MCLEROY). 

RHODES,  James Thomas “Tom”, b. September 14, 1883;  d. November 24, 1976,  (son of W.J. H. and Susan JAMES  RHODES,  and husband of  1
st wife Alice FORESTER;  2nd wife Mary Jane GUNTER).

RHODES,  Mary Jane (Gunter), b. May 1, 1889; d. October 19, 1961, ( 2
nd wife of Tom RHODES , and daughter  of Richard S. “Buddy” and Sylvania A. GRAVES  GUNTER). 

 RICE,  Erskin  Huelett,  b.  October 21, 1914; d. April 15, 1968, (husband of Margaret  DITTMEIER,  and son of Hewlitt and Ludie GRAHAM  RICE). 

RICE,   Hewlitt Dolphus ,  b. March 1, 1885; d. October 31, 1956,  ( husband of Ludie GRAHAM, and  son of Silas and Nancy Jane MOTES RICE ). 

RICE,  John Erskin ,   b. April  26, 1970; d. August 30, 1997, ( son of Peter Hewlitt and Martha  PATTERSON  RICE, and grandson of Erskin H. and Margaret  DITTMEIER  RICE).

RICE,  Ludie (Graham), b. March 19, 1893; d. July 27, 1966, ( wife of Hewlitt RICE and daughter of Henry H. and P.E. GOODE  GRAHAM). 

RICE, Margaret  (Dittmeier), b. October 21, 1914; still living 2002, ( wife of  John Erskin RICE ).

RICE,  Othur  W. ,  b. February 21, 1921; d. September 26, 1966, ( Son of Hewlitt and Ludie GRAHAM   RICE).

RICHARDS,  Eugine,   b. February 14, 1927;  d. August 2, 1998,   ( 1
ST  husband of Marcell  BAKER)

RICHARDS,  Timothy,  b. June 17, 1960;  d. March 6, 1995, ( son of Eugene and Marcell  BAKER RICHARDS). 

ROBERTSON, Inez  (Daniel), b. July 29 1929; still living 2002, ( wife of James A. ROBERTSON , and daughter of Jess and Georgia Ann  KEISTER  DANIEL).

ROBERTSON,  James A. ,  b. January 22, 1920;  d. October 7, 1998, ( husband of Inez DANIEL).

RUSSELL, Annie ( Wilson), b. March 6, 1910; d. January 1, 1992, ( wife of Roy RUSSELL,  and daughter of William R. and “Marzie GRAHAM WILSON).

RUSSELL, Elizabeth Ann (Andrews) THOMPSON,  b. November 18, 1938;  still living 2002, ( wife of 1
st husband Johnnie RUSSELL; 2nd husband Curtis THOMPSON). 

RUSSELL, Era (Campbell) , b. December 17, 1913; d. July 9, 2001, ( wife of Lloyd Rice RUSSELL,  and daughter of Charlie and Sarah SANDLIN  CAMPBELL). .

RUSSELL,  James Roy ,  b. December 10, 1909; d. January 31, 1992, ( husband of Anna WILSON,   and  Son of Wess  and Paralee KEY RUSSELL).

RUSSELL,  John  W. “Johnny”,  b. April 9, 1934;  d. March 21, 1988, ( husband of Elizabeth Ann  ANDDREWS,  amd  son of  Lloyd R. and Era CAMPBELL  RUSSELL ).   

 RUSSELL,  Lee Troy,  b. April 6, 1907;  d. July 31, 1982,  ( son of Wesley E.. and Paralee KEY  RUSSELL).

RUSSELL.  Lloyd Rice,  b.  August 6, 1912;  d.  January 20 1973,   (husband of Era CAMPBELL,  and son of Wess and Paralee KEY RUSSELL ).

RUSSELL,   Paralee (Key) ,  b. January 28, 1883; d. September 26, 1953, ( wife of Wesley E. RUSSELL, and daughter of Charles Rice  KEY).

RUSSELL.  Wesley E. “Wess”, b. February 5, 1886; d.  August 1, 1972,   ( husband of Paralee KEY).

RYE,  Luther Wesley, b. August 24, 1910; d. October 17, 1997, ( Husband of Mildred HIGGINBOTHAM)

RYE,  Mildred  (Higginbotham), b. July 3, 1925; d. May 2, 1992,  ( 2
nd wife of Luther RYE, and daughter of William and Nellie WILSON  HIGGINBOTHAM). 

SAPP, Audrey ( Burns) b. November 14, 1914; still living 2002, ( wife of Clarence John  SAPP,  and daughter of Dennis J. and R.V.  FOWLER  BURNS).

SAPP,  Clarence John,   b. March 7, 1900; d. December, 1985,  ( Husband of Audrey BURNS,  and son of  John William and Queen Etter JONES SAPP).

SWANN,  Ben E..,   b. August 18, 1917;  no death date, ( brother of Susie Pearl SWANN  CORLEY).

SWANN,  Henry D.,  b. 1879; d. 1960, ( Husband of Martha KEITH,   and father of Maudie  SWANN  EDWARDS).   

TRAPP, Allene  (Whaley), b. August 30, 1924; still living 2002, ( wife of Avery TRAPP,  and daughter of Albert and Ritta HOLLIS  WHALEY).

TRAPP,  Avery, b. March 27, 1924;  d. November 4, 1990, (  husband of Allene  WHALEY, and son of  Samuel “Sam” and Della  WISE  TRAPP).

TRAPP,  Herschell, b. July 7, 1922; still  living 2001, (  husband of Valeene WHALEY, and son of Samuel “Sam” and Della WISE  TRAPP ). 

TRAPP,  Valeene ( Whaley), b. July 7, 1921 ;  d. April 17, 2000, ( wife of Herchell TRAPP,  and daughter of Albert and Ritta HOLLIS WHALEY).

TUBBS, Geraldine (Humphries) , b. July 9, 1939;  still living 2002,  (wife of Horace TUBBS ,  and sister to Wayne HUMPHRIES).

TUBBS, Horace, b. November 6, 1931; d. October 13, 1996, ( husband of Geraldine HUMPHRIES, and son of Orvil and Ruby CAMPBELL  TUBBS)..  

WHALEY,  Albert,  b. February 2, 1894;  d. August 22, 1984,  ( husband of Retter J. HOLLIS,  and son of
Charlie and Nancy SARGENT  WHALEY).

WHALEY,  Emery Grady, b. December 18, 1898; d. June 10, 1981,  ( husband of Dona LINDLEY, and son of Charlie and Nancy SARGENT  WHALEY, and  brother of Albert WHALEY).

WHALEY, Retta R.  (Hollis), b. March 17 1893; d. October 25, 1983, ( wife of Albert WHALEY, and daughter of Thomas and Sara Nancy CHAFIN HOLLIS).

WILLIAMS, Christine (Asherbranner), b. June 12, 1927; still living 2002, ( wife of Leathel WILLLIAMS,  and daughter of Maarvin  ASHERBRANNER).

WILLIAMS,   Leathel, b. April 5, 1921; d October 23, 1976,  ( husband of Christine ASHERBRANNER, amd son of Ezra and Rosie  WOODS  WILLIAMS).


WILSON,   Fred ,   b. May 5, 1918;  d. March 25,  1975,    ( 1
ST  husband of Ferndale “Cubbie”ROBERTS, and son of Joel and Velva BOWLING  WILSON).

WILSON,  Joel,  b.  September 12, 1896;  d. July 23, 1963,  ( husband of  Velma BOWLING,  and son of William R. and Mary M. “Marzie” GRAHAM  WILSON).

WILSON,  Velma  (Bowling), b. February 7, 1899; d. September 2, 1972, ( wife of Joel WILSON,  and daughter of Dean and Febbie FORESTER  BOWLING).

WILSON,  Willie H.,  b. May 11, 1917;  d. April 17, 1977, ( son of William R. and “Marzie”  GRAHAM WILSON ).

WISE,  Juanita  (Daniels), b. March 12, 1916; still living 2002, ( wife of Ottis WISE , and daughter of Jess and Georgia Ann KEISTER DANIEL).

WISE,  Levi John  “L.J”,   b. November 3 , 1922;  still living October 2001, ( Husband of Velvie HOLLIS, and son of William H. “Henry” and Sudie KEY WISE).

WISE,  Marvin,  b. December 20,1942; d. August 9, 1958,  ( son of L.J. and Velvie  HOLLIS WISE).

WISE,  Ottis, b. May 30, 1899; d. May  6, 1990, (husband of Juanita DANIEL,  and son of Pent and Annie June  BRIDGES WISE)

WISE,   Stephen,   b. and d. July 28, 1959,  ( infant  son of J.W.  and Hilda CAMPBELL WISE).

WISE,  Velvie (Hollis), b. October 12, 1920;  d. July 2, 1986, ) 1
st wife of L.J. WISE,  and daughter of Grady and 1st wife Alma V. SARGENT  HOLLIS).

 THERE ARE ONLY TWO GRAVES THAT HAVE NO GRAVE MARKERS.   Both  unmarked graves have been identified in the listing.