Silverhill's Name 2


         Before the settlement of Silverhill began in 1896, and even before the Swedish families in Chicago decided to start looking for new farm land to move to, the area that is now known as Silverhill was already being called Silverhill.

         Before 1890, a turpentine still was operating east of the present location of the town of Silverhill on a hill near what is now the Oscar Johnson Memorial Park. Logging companies were clear cutting the ancient forests of Baldwin County and had built a railroad running north and south through the county. The turpentine still was located at one of the railroad's junctions.

         The still was operated by a man named Mr. Lowell (some stories name him Otis Steadham). He bought and sold in cash and all transactions were made in silver coins. On payday everyone went up the hill to get their silver.

         The Swedish settlers intending to name their town “Svea”, found the area was already so well known as Silverhill, named their town and the surrounding farm land "Silverhill."

Information taken from "Vignettes of Baldwin County", published 1983 by the Gulf Telephone Company.