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Debbie Owen

Location: Silverhill

Message: Welcome to the Silverhill History website!

I hope you will find this site informative and interesting. Let me know if you have anything you can add to this website, such as: photos of Silverhill places or people, documents, vital records, interesting stories or facts, or even boring stories and facts! A genealogist/historian will find any information about their family interesting.

Also, if you find any information on this site that is incorrect please contact me and I will correct it.

Please sign the Guestbook before you leave. I hope you enjoyed your visit!

Jonathan McCardle


Tue Jan 27 17:49:32 2009
Location: Monroe, La

Message: What a great southern town!

Debbie Barnett Wilson


Sun Feb 8 11:53:18 2009
Location: hometown, Summerdale, alabama, now in Tennessee

Message: I have been looking for info on relatives of my own, and i had the good fortune of finding this awe inspiring site, very excellent work! it is truely breathtaking and brought back a lot of memories for me, especially after I stumbled upon a long lost relatives name in your guest book

it was a true honor to have been a part of this expereince

thank you so much

Debbie Barnett Wilson

Audrey Racine


Sat Feb 28 07:45:43 2009
Location: Robertsdale

Message: Wonderful website I enjoyed reading the history and looking at the pictures. My husband was Floyd Allen Racine (Rusty) (Died Oct.2001) His family lived in Silverhill on 104.

Susan Winberg Levitan


Tue Mar 10 18:36:33 2009
Location: Austin TX

Message: Thanks for having this page, I have been trying to absorb the information. My parents were divorced when I was young and did not know too much about that side of my family.when I saw my grandfather's (Milton Winberg) obituary, I was very surprised to find he was born in Fairhope in 1910, as he lived most of his adult life in Bronx NY. Also I didn't consider myself to have any connection to the south. Now I have an idea how a swede ended up being born in Alabama. I hope to visit Fairhope and Silverhill some day.

Doris Sandell Rigby


Tue Mar 17 18:58:35 2009
Location: Fort Walton Beach,Fla

Message: my home town

betty brooks lander


Fri Apr 3 17:04:47 2009
Location: Wilmer

Message: Thank you. I enjoy seeing your history.

Tom Wilson


Wed Apr 22 15:45:00 2009
Location: Jackson Tenn

Message: looks great great,Has some infromation that i have.

Rachael Mann


Fri Apr 24 09:21:49 2009
Location: Sweet Home, Alabama

Message: Wow, I know that it's so great to see what happened in my family history. I definitely want to visit Sweden one day and see all these sites in person. Again, GREAT job on the website, and I truly miss my grandmother, Martha Gates Wigstrom who passed away in 1999. The picture of Keuler(who is now about to be 16) and her at the bottom of the page with the Swedish flags is so precious. I am very grateful that I have such an amazing history.

Thanks and God bless,

Rachael Mann

Jim Griffith


Fri Jun 5 14:05:49 2009
Location: Fort Myers Fl

Paul M. Nadeau


Wed Jul 8 14:36:58 2009
Location: Peachtree City, GA

Message: My Great Grandfather was Erick Ulrickson. He left the Upper Michigan to come to Alabama. Everyone in the family lost track of him or what happen to him. We will be visiting to see his grave and find out what we can soon.

jan palat


Wed Jul 8 14:52:49 2009
Location: przno

Message: hello, i've found this page by accident, i'm jan palat from przno, village that is just one hill from hostalkova in valachia,moravia, czech rep..maybe i have st. to do with the palat family from chap.3 and maybe it is not fresh task anymore: may i help u somehow?

regards to alabama


Johnathan Simpson


Thu Jul 9 07:27:48 2009
Location: Douglasville ,GA.

Message: Love this site!!

I grew up in Silverhill from '75 to'80. My grandparents,John L. and Lillie Belle Simpson, had lived there for a long time and I spent a good bit of time with them after we had moved away.Some of my fondest memories are from the time I spent in Silverhill..whether it was my first Coke as a child,(from the People's Supply slide top Coke cooler),my first Little League team..(sponsored by Bowman Lumber & Supply Co.),..the list would be too long for this space.

Tom Wilson


Mon Jul 13 19:45:39 2009
Location: Jackson Tenn

Message: Great site,i am finally looking at it


Elaine Rezek Wiley

Thu Jul 16 20:05:47 2009
Location: Robertsdale, AL

Message: I grew up on a farm outside of Silverhill and always loved the town. It was and is "A great place to live". Heritage Day in October is a wonderful way for the town to celebrate the past and enjoy the present. My Mom and Dad are Jerry and Blanche Rezek. My Dad died in 1968 and Mom will be 97 in August and lives at the Robertsdale Nursing Home. My cousin Sylvia Littletaylor died on July 11, 2009. She and I were as close as sisters growing up and had children close in age. My brother, Jerry, is now living in Mom's home in town.

Heather Wigstrom


Sat Jul 18 10:15:45 2009
Location: Rapids

Message: Hey its me Heather Wigstrom. I am s glad that i found this site of my family. i am the grandaughter of Ernest Wigstrom. i am the daughter of Jim Wigstrom who is the son of Ernest Wigstrom. i also find this Wigstrom Family History site very awesome. i finally know who my ancestors are.

Rex & Sue Horton


Sun Jul 19 17:02:37 2009
Location: New Tazewell ,Tn.

Message: Rex & I went to church there, when we moved to Al. John Sterling was the pastor. We came to Al. in 1994 and moved back to 2005.WE loved the church and the people. Rex has been in one of the local nursing homes since March of this year. We desire the prayers of the church. My love and prayers are with you. Our address is 267 Sandlick Dr. New Tazewell,Tn. 37825.

Richard Legrone

Wed Jul 29 18:50:12 2009
Location: Silverhill

Paula Gibson Weimorts

31594 US Hwy 90

Tue Aug 11 21:13:41 2009
Location: Seminole

Message: Neat site! Enjoyed!

Brandon Flowers


Sun Aug 16 21:26:00 2009
Location: Holiday, Florida

Message: This site is FANTASTIC! Very well put together and very informative. Hope you'll continue with it and would love to see more Flowers family cousins added. Best Regards, Brandon Flowers - descendant of Ignatious Flowers

Mary Sopr Hartgrave


Thu Oct 8 16:13:43 2009
Location: North Platte, Nebraska

Message: I found this web site of Sillvehill, Al. and I was just looking at this page hoping to fine photos of my fathers family which was named John and Barbar Sopr. I hope some day I can fine out what my Grandparents were like and to get some photos of the Sopr family. So if any one in Sillverhill knows anything or have photos please let me know.