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Debbie Owen

Location: Silverhill
E-mail: owenpkhotmail.com

Message:Welcome to the Silverhill History website!

I hope you will find this site informative and interesting. Let me know if you have anything you can add to this website, such as: photos of Silverhill places or people, documents, vital records, interesting stories or facts, or even boring stories and facts! A genealogist/historian will find any information about their family interesting.

Also, if you find any information on this site that is incorrect please contact me and I will correct it.

Please sign the Guestbook before you leave. I hope you enjoyed your visit!

Rachael Mann

Tue Jan 29 06:58:13 2008
Location: Birmingham, Alabama
E-mail: RMANNClarkandjames.com

Message: I am the grand daughter of Martha Wigstrom Gates. Looking at this website brings such good memories to me because she was such a good grandmother to me.. Amon was also a wonderful grandfather. This website was done with such class, and I hope to visit Sweden someday. It is very interesting to know where you came from and all the trials your family went through to have the best life possible. Great job!

Lisa Gates Mann

Fri Feb 22 19:59:39 2008
Location: Birmingham, Alabama
E-mail: mannfamily1charter.net

Message: Debbie we had a wonderful Wigstrom Family Reunion at the PZK! Seventy - two people showed up. Thank you for your time and effort to put together all these family history sites. Glad you got the guest book up and running again too!

Annika Bryn

Mon Mar 10 06:47:41 2008
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
E-mail: annikabrynhotmail.com

Message: What a beautiful site, so much fun to read! I am not a relative, but I was quite close to buying Stora Bläsnungs farm in Gotland last year, so I was there recently and I love it. Seeing the old photograph and reading about Oscar growing up there gave me perspective. Thank you! (I e-mailed the address on this site, so I have been in touch with Lisa.)


Erika Wigstrom

Wed Mar 12 18:13:34 2008
Location:Belle Chasse, Louisiana
E-mail: kyo_2121yahoo.com

Message: This is a really great site.

Bill Howell

Thu Mar 13 15:20:58 2008
Location:Mobile, Al
E-mail: wehowell8894bellsouth.net

Message: Very nice site...... looks great

Patzee Zediker

Sat Jul 19 10:31:21 2008
Location: Panama City florida
E-mail: fredpatz64bellsouth.net

Message: What a great site, My husbands, family finally found out how J. F. Zediker got here from Nebraska. So much history,

Patsy and Fred Zediker


Thu Jun 19 15:54:08 2008
Location: Silverhill
E-mail: angelfromtheheavens2001yahoo.com

Message: This site is really neat, it is letting me see the history of the town that I grew up in; which I really enjoy. Thanks!

Lorene Carr

Fri Jun 6 19:03:50 2008
Location: Robertsdale
E-mail: lorie726yahoo.com

Message: love all about the history but i was wondering a little bit about a place i found out in the woods called the true blue lodge 923 there also another old place as well looks like an old school could you email me back please on some more info

thank you lorene

Lorine Wilson Weaver

Sun May 11 07:46:56 2008
Location: Dunnellon, FL
E-mail: l_weaverbellsouth.net

Message: Thanks, Carolyn, for a job well done! Your family is very appreciative of your time and energy spent in bringing this valuable Wilson history to the Internet.


Janie Behr

Wed Sep 10 06:21:16 2008
Location: Florence, SC
E-mail: seejanegoaol.com

Message: This is a very artistic & well-done site which I'm so happy to have stumbled upon. As a child we vacationed at the Grand Hotel near Fairhope, and I never knew that the Silverhill community existed. Never knew that Swedes liked the heat & humidity of Mobile!

Catherine Rundquist

Fri Sep 12 18:36:24 2008
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
E-mail: cafgrammygmail.com

Message: I stumbled upon this page as I was mindlessly browsing the web. What a delight to see all the history and read about names I am familiar with. I have never lived in Silverhill, but have spent many a great vacation there. Both of my parents were born and raised there. My father is Eugene Rundquist, son of Axel and Evelyn Rundquist, (Evelyn Linden). My mother was Betty Chandler, daughter of Arnold and Eloise Chandler. My parents took us to Silverhill to visit relatives on many occasions. I have taken my children to visit as well. It is refreshing to see the history of that great place gathered into this web site for all to visit!
Thank You!

Kaleigh Ezell

E-mail: ezellkaleigh11gmail.com

Wed Oct 15 10:37:45 2008
Location: Silverhill

Message: i love silverhill its my home town

Sissie Melton Ezell

E-mail: sezellosullivancreel.com

Fri Oct 17 10:49:44 2008
Location: Silverhill

Message: What a wonderful site to be able to visit. A big thank you to everyone who has contributed.

samantha battles

E-mail: sammybam12gmail.com

Wed Oct 22 12:23:06 2008
Location: silverhill

Message: even though i live in silverhill i have just found this page and love all of the facts to learn about our history. silverhill is the best county in alabama


E-mail: camobaby36551gmail.com

Wed Oct 22 12:23:48 2008
Location: silverhill

Message: i love th website

Samantha Battles

E-mail: sammybam12gmail.com

Tue Nov 4 18:27:56 2008
Location: Silverhill

Message: i love this website because i just moved here and i wanted to find out our history soo i looked it up on google and this site is amazing

Phil Owen

E-mail: owenphilgulftel.com

Wed Nov 26 09:43:56 2008
Location: Silverhill

Message: Very proud of this website

Agneta Wigstöm

E-mail: agnetawigsromhotmail.com

Wed Nov 26 10:50:32 2008
Location: visby, Sverige

Message: Jag vill ha kontakt med någon av mina släcktingar jag har. veta mina familje´band med dom som lever i U.S.A. Mina egna döttrar lever mycket i U,SA. Det skulle vara otroligt roligt att få kontakt med någon som kan våran släkt. Hoppas på ett svar snart av någon som vet något om våran släkt.
Många hälsningar ~Agneta Wigström ~Sverige

Simeon Smith

E-mail: SimeonMindspring.com

Thu Nov 27 05:44:32 2008
Location: Atlanta

Message: For those with an interest in Silverhill this site is invaluable. But for anyone with a genuine love for the town that for more than a century has modestly proclaimed itself simply "A Good Place to Live" Debbie Owen's creation is a gift beyond measure.

Kent Owen

E-mail: kentowengmail.com

Sat Nov 29 19:21:06 2008
Location: Fuzhou, China

Message: Hey! It's been a while since I've been in silverhill and I just wanted to look and see what was on the page =-)