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Debbie Owen

Tue Feb 25 08:06:53 2003

Location: Silverhill

Message:Welcome to the Silverhill History website!

I hope you will find this site informative and interesting. Let me know if you have anything you can add to this website, such as: photos of Silverhill places or people, documents, vital records, interesting stories or facts, or even boring stories and facts! A genealogist/historian will find any information about their family interesting.

Also, if you find any information on this site that is incorrect please contact me and I will correct it.

Please sign the Guestbook before you leave. I hope you enjoyed your visit!

Judith N. Blair

Fri Mar 7 20:47:13 2003

Location: Silverhill, Baldwin county - Alabama

Message:This site is lovely; I can see much work has gone in it. I live in this Town, and it is a wonderful place to be, full of nice and kind people. I hope all of you that look at this site and do not live here, will come and visit. Best wishes, And God bless!!! Judith.

Bonnie McNeil

Mon Mar 24 15:19:26 2003

Location: Silverhill, Alabama

Message:This is such a wonderful site, you have done a good job. I have sent this information to the young student in Arizona that asked for the information. We have people coming in the Town Hall all the time for information and now I have a place for them to get it. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

David L. Simmons

Sat Apr 19 15:40:05 2003

Location: Fairhope, AL

Message:Debbie, the website looks great! I have linked to it from the Silverhill Covenant Church Website. Thanks for the work you've put into making this interesting site. I have some old photos, if you are interested.

Steve Brooks

Sat May 3 08:49:21 2003

Location: Silverhill U.S.A.

Message:This is a wonderful site!! I have some more information about the history, pictures, a book about Scandanavians in Alabama (Silverhill and Thorsby), a book of drawings of landmarks in town, and an Arbor Day video with Mr. Paul, and Eleanor Byrd.
Let me know if you would like to use some of them.


Wayne Doubrava

Sat May 3 18:10:08 2003

Location: Silverhill, Baldwin Co.

Message:What a great idea. It is so important for us to remember our heritage and to be able to educate our children on the history of our wonderful community. Being a picture fanatic, I especially enjoyed seeing these. They not only show the hardships our forefathers endured, but also the joy of working together to accomplish great task.

Bunk Macon

Mon May 5 15:55:07 2003

Location: Silverhill, Baldwin

Message:It was a blast to look back in time to see one of my parent's picture back in grade school, seventh grade girls, (son of Mary Catherine Douglas).
Love this web sight, keep up the great work.

Collins and Judy Wynn

Fri May 9 05:58:50 2003

Location: Silverhill, Alabama

Ben Schoenfeld

Sat May 10 09:48:33 2003

Location: Mobile AL.

Whitney Clark

Wed May 14 08:24:40 2003

Location: Silverhill USA

Message:I think it's great to have this for our town!

James E Bradford

Sun May 18 05:52:04 2003

Location: Madison Hts.,Mi.

Message:I miss Silverhill and long to return someday. I have kin there still.

Dennis Terry

Wed May 21 01:48:17 2003

Location: Chattanooga, TN

Message:Hello, I grew up in Robertsdale and spent my formative years in R'dale and of course S'hill. The quiet, peaceful, loving area and its people, are part of my DAILY thoughts even though I moved from that area in 1974. Chattanooga is wonderful, but you folks are Blessed beyond measure to still be there in the middle of Baldwin County. I got saved at Silverhill First Baptist, dated every Silverhill girl that I could and spent years jumping and kicking with Bob Kucera at what was former known as Silverhill Karate Club. I was with Bob when he started in the old sanctuary at the S'hill Covenant Church, then we moved out of town and for years trained at the Hunky Hall before it was moved to the S'hill school. I even took piano lessons from the dear ol' saint Louise Lumberg who used to live beside the Silverhill Community Grocery Store. Her love for children and music, her tender heart, and the history she would tell about the founding of Silverhill made her a legend in that area. In my humble opinion, the Sweds, Cheks, and Bohunks, with their love of God and land, and their gentle nature, made Silverhill one of the greatest places on earth to live. I miss it dearly to this day. If you see Bob Kucera, please tell him Dennis Terry says "Hello" Thanks- Dennis Terry

Bill Young

Wed May 28 13:32:18 2003
Location: Miramar Beach, FL USA

Message: Outstanding

Charles G. Canning Sr.

Wed May 28 14:47:46 2003
Location: Magnolia Springs.AL

Message: This is great and I thank you for your good work.

Rebecca Myers

Thu May 29 19:23:38 2003
Location: Birmingham, Alabama U.S.A.

Message:This is a wonderful site and so special. Thank you for doing this, and thank you Bill for placing our family's history here with your book!

Lee Wilhite

Mon Jun 2 23:46:19 2003
Location: Gladstone, Clay Co., Missouri

Message:You have an exceptionally nice web site here. Keep up the good work!

Diane Boos Pepper

Tue Jun 3 13:18:56 2003
Location: Kansas City, Platte Co., Missouri

Message: Very nice site!

Pam Sloan

Wed Jun 11 10:27:45 2003
Location: Tuscaloosa

Message: Fantastic site! We need this in every county!

Kathy Cowling Shumate

Wed Jun 18 12:09:37 2003
Location: Robertsdale, Baldwin

Message: I know the town is very proud of this website. It is wonderful! I enjoyed reading the history and about the people as well as viewing the fantastic pictures. So much work went into this website, but it is so worth it. Thank you to all who worked so hard. Kathy

Henry Lowery

Wed Jun 18 15:45:36 2003
Location: Silverhill, Baldwin

Mrs. Sue Liscomb

Sun Jun 29 14:01:42 2003
Location: silverhill al baldwin county usa

Patricia Donham Rolston

Sun Jul 6 21:12:12 2003
Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Message: My mother, Mildred Donham, taught at Silverhill Elementary School from 1930-31. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Elsie Chandler in this past week on a trip to Alabama. What a thrill it was when she recognized herself in one of the photographs we brought with us on the trip. Thank you for all the wonderful information in this website.

Terry Hale

Sat Jul 26 14:52:07 2003
Location: gulf shores, al

Message: Very nice site. Learned a lot. Thanks.

Phil Owen

Sun Jul 27 09:17:45 2003

Margaret Stephens

Sun Jul 27 18:25:13 2003
Location: Silverhill, Baldwin county - Alabama

Message: Amazing job! Brings back memories almost forgotten.

Aleda & Pete Midgarden

Tue Jul 29 09:14:49 2003
Location: Silverhill

Message: Super job, very interesting and readable. A big addition to the town of Silverhill!


Tue Jul 29 13:22:06 2003
Location: PETAL, MS

Crystal Smith

Wed Jul 30 12:35:35 2003
Location: Petal, MS USA

Message: This is a really cool sight. Love the music.

B W Carlson

Thu Jul 31 09:56:14 2003
Location: Pensacola, Florida, USA

Message: Wonderful! Wonderful website. Kudos to the webmaster.

Linda Rice

Sat Aug 2 09:36:43 2003
Location: Panama City, Florida, USA

Message: Great!


Wed Aug 6 15:41:55 2003
Location: Maryland

Message: Great website! Very professionally done! I love the way its arranged - lots of class!

George D Lundberg M.D.

Mon Aug 11 08:12:58 2003
Location: Los Gatos, California, 95030, USA

Message: Nice job. Enjoyed it. Thanks.

Whitney Bishop

Thu Aug 21 14:40:01 2003
Location: Silverhill USA

Micheal Bystricky

Thu Aug 21 14:56:26 2003
Location: Silverhill USA

Message: I like the Oscar Johnson Memorial Library because of the great volunteers that work here. They are really nice. I also like it because there are alot of books.


Mon Aug 25 20:34:20 2003

Belinda Asaro

Thu Aug 28 20:48:04 2003
Location: Gore USA

Message: I think this is a wonderful site. And Silverhill has a very interesting history. Thank you

Lynn Alison Forsman Stockdale

Sat Sep 13 14:22:08 2003
Location: Woodbridge VA

Message: What a treat to read about the hard work of my ancestors, this made me very proud. Thank you so much.

Shawn Reed

Fri Sep 19 20:45:59 2003
Location: Silverhill Al

Message: Hey! This is a nice place to learn about what happened back then in the black and white! LOL! I'm 14 years old and attend CBMS! 1-2-3 GO BEARS! And i just wanted to learn some history about were i lived and you helped thanx!

Shirley Stephens

Sat Sep 20 19:45:26 2003
Location: Silverhill, AL 36576 USA

Message: What a lot of work. So enjoyable and fascinating. Thanks are inadequate for what you have accomplished. This is absolutely wonderful for our town and everyone connected to it.

Sharon Dulcich

Fri Oct 3 17:21:29 2003
Location: Kern Co., California

Message: What an incredible website!! I've had a ball just wandering through..........

Warren Marrs

Sat Oct 4 00:12:26 2003
Location: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
E-mail: sctsnhighspeedplus.cpm

Message: A grand website. Keep up the great work.

Betty Heinze

Sat Oct 4 14:31:19 2003
Location: Magnolia Springs, Al.

Message: Very impressive web page.

Joyce Harrison

Sat Oct 4 19:13:26 2003
Location: Liberty, NC USA

Message: This is one of the most unique and beautiful sites I have ever visited. I know it took many hours to construct. Bravo!

Mary Ann McConnell

Sat Oct 4 21:27:25 2003
Location: Troy, New York

Message: Your site is outstanding.

April Brown

Mon Oct 6 19:51:16 2003
Location: Kennewick, Benton County, Washington

Message: Wonderful Site!!! How original!

Helen Thomley Patz

Tue Oct 7 00:20:32 2003
Location: Las Vegas, NV USA

Message: My interest in Scandinavian genealogy got me to your website; beautifully organized.

Jim Webb

Tue Oct 7 12:40:52 2003
Location: Kerrville TX

Message: Extremely well done and very interesting.

Melody F. Webb

Tue Oct 7 15:14:02 2003
Location: Starbuck, MN USA

Message: Very nice site.

Bonnie MorrisConrad

Tue Oct 7 17:59:51 2003
Location: Houston, Texas

Message: Wow! This is good work.

Rebecca Akens

Wed Oct 8 07:24:09 2003
Location: Indiana, USA

Message: What a incredible site you have- you haven't let a thing out! How fun and beautiful!!

Tillie Van Sickle

Thu Oct 9 16:44:36 2003
Location: Westland, Michigan USA

Message: Awesome Website!!!!

Dana Wolfe

Fri Oct 10 12:31:58 2003
Location: Silverhill Alabama USA

Message: I love the web page. It is very informative and quaint just like the Town of Silverhill!

Ken Krawczyk

Sun Oct 12 12:28:24 2003
Location: Belforest, Daphne, Alabama

Message: A beautifully designed entrance, with terrific graphics, like the flipping pages on the book. I heard of the web site at our South Baldwin Gen. Society meeting, and look forward to new additions.

Jeanette Bornholt

Mon Oct 13 10:10:25 2003
Location: Foley, AL

Message: WOW! I am impressed! As librarian in charge of Alabama and Genealogy Collections in Foley Public Library, and a native of nearby Elberta, it is wonderful to see such an impressive site so well done and informative. Obviously there is a love for the area as it shows in the work done on this site. Thanks.

Michael H. Legrone

Mon Oct 13 14:09:09 2003
Location: Daphne Al 36526

Message: Very good!

Rob Brannon

Wed Oct 15 09:31:38 2003
Location: Mobile, AL

Message: Excellent Presentation. I enjoyed it very much. Thank You.

Bobbette Ibert (Foley Public Library)

Wed Oct 15 14:59:43 2003
Location: Foley, Alabama

Message: I love your website. It's so beautiful and relaxing. Absolutely awesome!

Garry Weir

Sun Oct 19 20:25:35 2003
Location: Canada

Message: Beautiful web site. I had not had a good look around but will return to make a thorough read of it. The graphics are outstanding.

Lisa Ard Spencer

Mon Oct 27 20:17:39 2003
Location: Silverhill, Alabama USA

Message: A wonderful collection of photos and history. A labor of love.

Michael Sharp

Thu Oct 30 14:05:11 2003
Location: Silverhill

Betty Konicky

Mon Nov 3 07:19:54 2003
Location: Magnolia Springs

Message: It is so much fun to read about my family history, and how the town was founded. I am telling all my friends.

Bill Young

Thu Nov 20 23:36:42 2003
Location: Miramar Beach, FL

Message: Just posting my new email address. This is just a wonderful site and my thanks to Debbie for creating it.

Karin Gates Hutchins

Fri Nov 28 19:20:04 2003
Location: Fairhope, Al

Message: Thank you for all your hard work in making this website possible. Finding and organizing all the bits and pieces to make an understandable history is a treasure.

Robert J. Gates (Wigstrom)

Sat Nov 29 21:47:06 2003
Location: Fairhope, (Baldwin) Alabama

Message: On behalf of my grandparents, Oscar Ludwig and Adele W. Wigstrom who were some of the first immigrants from Sweden who came to Silverhill around 1906 and raised their family I thank you for this web site and your hard work in documenting everything.

I hope to be able to contribute more information on the Wigstrom family and Silverhill. Children of Oscar and Adele were: Earnest, Adolf, Martha and Oliver. Much of this web site is special to me since I grew up in Silverhill and I remember many things mentioned that you have documented.

Donna Webb

Sun Dec 21 18:31:12 2003
Location: Mankato USA

Message: I've been watching your page for a while and it continues to be fascinating. The design is elegant and information provided very interesting and useful.

Robbie Owen

Thu Dec 25 16:43:50 2003
Location: Daphne, Alabama

Message: Thanks for all of the hard work!

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