Evangelical Covenant Church, Silverhill, Alabama


Pictured is the Mission Church about 1905.
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         The first church built in Silverhill was the Evangelical Covenant Church. This Swedish congregation organized November 20, 1902 at a meeting held in the Svea Land Company Office.

         They decided to name their organization the "Svenska Evangeliska Missions Forsamling" (Swedish Evangelistic Mission Congregation) of Silverhill, Alabama. For many years the people in the area simply called it the Mission Church.

         From the beginning, the congregation wanted to be self-supporting. The ladies organized a "Syforening" - (Sewing Society) to hold auction sales to help support the Church. A few months later the congregation was able to meet in their own building on property given to them by the Land Company. They immediately invited the other denominations to worship with them until their own church buildings were completed.

         The Church truly lived up to its name, the Mission Church, and became an outreach in the area, starting many new Sunday Schools and Churches in the county, including Faith Mission, Greenwood, North River Park and South River Park.

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