Paul Anderson

Paul Anderson

     Paul Andersonís father came from Sweden in 1858 to first settle in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Then he moved to Kearney, Nebraska where he received a 160-acre homestead. His father built their house out of sod where Paulís sister, brother, and himself were born. The family moved to Julesburg, Colorado to farm a section of land and then moved to Silverhill, Alabama in 1910 when Paul was 15 years old.

Listen to Paul Anderson telling how Silverhill got its name and read along below. Use the below console buttons to start and stop the recording.

     Silverhill was called in 1896. Fellow name of Ward that had a turpentine still on Oscar Johnson Park, thatís about a mile from here, about a mile and a quarter from here. Itís a park now.

     (He had) a turpentine still there, and when he closed up, he paid colored people, all in silver dollars.

     He used to have a commissary there, and they use to get their food. And thatís what they worked for. Theyíd give them all silver dollars. Theyíd give us all a hooray for Silverhill. And thatís where it got its name.

     I got this (story) from the founder of the town, the one who started Silverhill, Oscar Johnson.

Source: taped recordings made by Don Sweeney in 1992.