Submitted by: Jerry Simmons


William I. Riley, age 88, beloved pioneer citizen of this county, died

at Century Hospital, Century, Fla., at 5:30 P. M. Saturday, July 31

(1954), following a long illness. Mr. Riley fell and broke his hip a

little over a month ago, and was carried to the hospital about two weeks

ago for surgery. Due to his advanced age complications set in resulting

in his death.

Mr. Riley was born and reared near Burnt Corn and lived there until he

moved to Evergreen about 30 years ago. He was a good citizen who enjoyed

the love and esteem of not only a large family and numerous relatives

but of hosts of friends.

Funeral services were held from Cope Chapel at 4:30 P. M. Sunday

afternoon conducted by Minister G. C. Reynolds of the Church of Christ.

He is survived by one son, D. C., Evergreen; seven daughters, Mrs.

Myrtice Salter, Mrs. Jessie Harper, Miss Willie Riley, Mrs. Virginia

Morrison of Evergreen, Mrs. F. F. Bingham, Pensacola, Mrs. Magnolia

Simmons, Century, Mrs. Ruby Dell Raibl, Washington, D. C.; three

brothers, S. T., T. W. and Felon, all of Evergreen; two sisters, Mrs.

Bama Matthews, Red Level, Mrs. ShelIy Brooks, Skinnerton.

Pall bearers were: Grady Tanner, Ted Bates, Lloyd Crawford, W H.

Willamson, Everett Johnson, Dallas Pugh.

Evergreen Courant