Submitted by: Janice Etheridge Conway

Posted in the Evergreen Courant
dated May 27, 2004

R. J. Davis, a life long resident of Conecuh County, passed away on Wednesday, may 12, 2004. He was born on April 30, 1918 to Lee and Ada Davis and was raised on a farm near Skinnerton. He had two brothers, James Leon, deceased, adn Everette Eugene, of Evergreen, and one sister, Dora jane Blackmon, also deceased. His Education included attendance at Fairnelson , Burnt Corn and Lyeffion Schools.

R.J. Davis's military service began in 1940, when he was 22 years old. He served his country well during WWII , fighting in the famous Battle of the Bulge. This battle lasted from December 16, 1944 to January 25, 1945 and was the largest land battle of World War II. He was seriously wounded on March 18, 1945 while crossing the Rhine River in Germany. For his service to his country, he received the Purple Heart, as well as the European African Middle Eastern Campaign Ribbon , with two bronze service stars, the World War II Victory Medal, The American Theater Ribbon and the American Defense Service medal.

On August 20, 1945, he married Wynonia hardee. To this union was born three children: Roger Davis, of Monroeville, Peggy Davis Jackson, of Montevallo, and Tom Davis, also of Monroeville. At the time of his death, R. J. and Wynonia had been married 58 years.

in the early years of their marriage, the Davises operated a grocery store, which was attached to their home. In 1966 they opened Fairnelson Grocery, located across the road from their home in the Fairnelson community. The owned this store untill 1979.

As a part of Fairnelson Grocery, the Davises ran a bean and pea shelling business. Later this buriness was relocated across the road near thei4r home. The enjoyed serving the community in this capacity for 29 years, making many new friends, while continuing to serve a number of their long time customers at Fairnelson Grocery.

Davis was also a farmer. he loved working the land, stopping only when he was not able to continue due to his illness. Many hours were spent growing vegetables and shareing them with those in need.

Hunting was a past time that R. J. Davis enjoyed. this love of hunting stemmed from his early childhood, when hunting was a necessity for maintaing life. He freely shared his hunting knowledge and inspired many youg hunters in the area. From 1964 to 1980 R. J. Davis drove a school bus for the Conecuh County School System. He followed in the footsteps of his father, Lee Davis, who for 19 years took children to school in a coverd wagon, and later in a school bus, which he purchased himself.

R. J. Davis was a faithful member of New Haven Church of Christ where his Mother ad Father attended. In earlier years, he attended Evergreen Church of Christ where he drove the Church bus for many years.

R. J. Davis loved life and lived it to the fullest, despite his WWII injuries. He served his family and the commnity in which he lived to the best of his bility. The example of hard work and the love of family that he leaves will always remain. Not only his wife and children survive him, but also six grandchildren who have fond memories of the Papa, and 5 great-grandchildren who will know him through the memories that he left.