Submitted by: Janice Etheridge Conway

July 31, 1879

There was a pleasant gathering of young ladies and gentleman at the residence of MR. S. B. STROUT, in
Evergreen, on the evening of the 28th instant. The occasion was the celebration of the birthday of B. H. STROUT.

The farmers are now complaining of too much rain. Cotton has begun to shed considerably on accounty therof.

D. W. RANKIN was killed at Perdue Hill by CHARLES ROBERS Monday, 21st instant...RANKIN was shot in the breast with a shotgun loaded wit6h buckshyot and killed instantly....(Lengthy article)...MONROE JOURNAL

MR. DREWERY McMILLAN, age 74 years, died in Monroe County on the 24th instant.


To the memory of JOHN NEWBERRY, who was born in Jasper County, Georgia, December 18th, 1812, and died in Pollard, Alabama on the 25th of July 1879. Our departed friend was one of the oldest and most usefull citizens in Escambia County, who demise has created a void that will be difficult to fill.
He was an acgtive an unceasing promoter of the public interests of the community in which he lived....The affectionale husband , the doting fahter, the unwavering friend, the public-spirited citizen is no more....