Submitted by: Janice Etheridge Conway

Conecuh-Escambia Star
July 17 1879
Mr. J. J. DA4rby , a gentleman who married a Miss Turk of Conecuh, died at his home in Troy, Alabama the 12th.

Marrie, in this county, recently, EDMOND L. ETHERIDGE to MISS MARY S. HAMMONDS

In Escambia County recently, MR. TOM OWENS was badly cut by RILEY WILLIAMSON with a drawing knife, inflickting dangerous wounds.

MR. J. E. SPOON has bought the FARNHAM lot near MRS. ROBINSONS' residence and will begin the erection of a dwelling house thereon at an early day.

MRS AMANDA ASHLEY sends us a large cabbage for which we return thanks, The cabbage weighed 5 1/4 lbs and measured 3 1/4 inches in circumference.