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Source: "Belleville Baptist Church (Conecuh Co, AL) Minutes" on microfilm; Samford University, Birmingham, AL

Note: Some of the text was difficult to read and I apologize for any mistakes. If you find an error, please contact me at [email protected] In 1846, the name changed from Murder Creek to Belleville.

List 1: This appears to be the first list of members:

"We whose names are (???) having (?) to the Alabama Territory Conecuh County (?) Murder Creek near the Big Pond (?) do agree to be constituted into a church site - Murder Creek holding Believing (?) Baptism and the ??? of the saints to glory".

Joshua Hawthorn - Sarah Hawhtorn
Thomas Jackson - Sarah Jackson
Clarke Jackson - Susanna Jackson
John Scoggin - Mary Scoggin
Abram Baggett
Ralph Sayer
(?), a man of color

"The above Church was constituted on the 28 (?)the day of October 1818 (?) by the Rev. Brother Lavie (?) Wood and Alexander Travis..."

List 2:

"The names of the members in the Church which was constituted and ? afterwards"

Joshua Hawthorn
Sarah Hawthorn
Thos Jackson
Sarah Jackson
Clark Jackson   1824
Susanna Jackson 1824
John Scoggin  1823
Abram Baggett 1824
Ralph Sayer (?) 1822
Dick, a man of color 1822
Nancy Howard 1822
Lucky (?) Stuckey
Thos Lord (?)  1822
Abner Jackson  1822
Elizabeth Jackson 1822
Martha Baggett 1824
Josiah Ivy  1822
Patience Ivy  1822
Amy Irvine   1823
John S. Irvine  1823
Betsey Noble
Jonathan Stuckey (?)
Kedar Hawthorn
Catherine Stuckey (?)
Edith Cook
Elijah Robins
Elizabeth Robins 1826
David Hendrick 1826
Phebe Hendrick
John Savage  1822
Jamima Collins 1824
William Huff  1824
Nancy Huff
William C. Jones (?)
Robert Savage (?)
James S. (?)  1826
Richard (?)
(?) Cook (?)
Nathaniel Hawthorn 1825
Rev. William Jones 1824
Lucy Jones  1824
Thomas Mason
Mary Mason
Mary Mason
Holly Hawthorn  1825
Sarana (?) Deens
Rebecca Jackson
Rev. John Ellis
Catherine Ellis
Sarah Fountin
Elizabeth Fountin
James Colman
Claressa Colman
Katherine King
John King
Elizabeth King
Sarah E. King
John Nettles
Patience Nettles
Martha Colman
Elizabeth Mason
Katherine Sanders
(?) Sanders
Sarah Armstrong
John or Jones Foshie (?)
Margaret Gibbins
(?) Deens
Esther, a woman of color
Mary, a woman of color
(?), a woman of color
Elizabeth King
Peter Doty
Joseph P. Hawthorn
John Daniel (?)
Wm. Cater
Catherine Cater
Phillip Nolan (?)
Nancy (?) King
Mary Bradford
Mary E. Comeman
Nancy Fooshe
Sarah Young
Nancy, a woman of color
Henry McAll (?)
Josiah Koll (?)
Frances Koll (?)
Martha King
Sally, a woman of color
Molly (?), a woman of color
John G (?)
Amy (?) G (?)
Rebecca Jones
Marion Huff (?)
Cina Bertz
Joshua Hawthorn
Anonimous Autrey
Metilda, a woman of color
Loucia, a woman of color
John B. Robbins
Loucia, a woman of color
Betty, a woman of color
L(?), a man of color
Sarah T. Richardson
Joseph Bertz
Ruben, a man of color
Molly or Milly Armstrong
Dinah, a woman of color
Daniel S. Banes (?)
Henry (?) Gully
Ann Nettles
Parthenia Autrey (?)
Phebe Gully
Mary Bertz
Aley (?), a woman of color
Rebecca Kiang
C (?) King
(?), a man of color
Wilson (?) Young or King (?)
George Burns (?)
Peney (?) Bennington (?)
Alass (?), a woman of color
Nancy  (?)
Mary Stewart
Hannah, a woman of color
John Taber (?)
Jane Taber (?)
John Crosbey
Harry, a man of color
Amy, a woman of color
Mary Pelham (?)
Aisbal (?) Ray
Margaret Nettles
Easter Gibbons
Nancy Bradford
Rebecca Stewart
Patience Bruton (?)
Melton (?), a man of color
Avey (?), a woman of color
Ma (?), a man of color
Robert Ivey
Rachael Ivey
(?) Higgons
Fielding Straughn
L (?) Straughn  1837
Jane Nored
Sam, a man of color
Betsey, a woman of color
Elisha Grooms
(?) Crosby
Margret Bethany
(?) Nored
Mary Bradford
Matilda King
Mary Ann King
Nancy Rich
Elizabeth Coleman 1838
John, a man of color
Daniel McCommack (?)
Mary Witherington (?)
Rogger, man of color
Thomas Stanford
Nancy Stanford
Sarah Carter
Sally, woman of color
Rachael King
Sambo, a man of color
Sarah Ann Coleman
Isaac Carter
David Johnson
Solomon Gibbons
Catherine Nored
Mary, a woman of color
Daniel Spencer (?) 1839
Sarah Spencer
Matilda Goddems
Mary Giddens
Moultrie Lewis
Mary Lewis
Isaac Giddons
Elizabeth Johnson
Martha (?) Langham
(?). A. Hawthorn
Jas Ingram
Allen (?)
Sarah McCloud
Charlie Waldrom
Farenah (?) Waldrom
Abraham Giddens
Mrs. A. Giddens
William Langham
Lewis May
Catherine Sanders
Lucy Burt
Isaac, man of color
Sarah, woman of color
(?), man of color
Samuel Nash
Alsey (?) Landers
Phillis, woman of color  1840
Nancy, woman of color
Jack, man of color
Shade, man of color
Alsten, man of color
Mincy, woman of color
Caroline Waldrom
William Gulley 1841
Joe, man of color
James, man of color
Elizabeth Nash
Jack, man of color
Mary, woman of color
Mary Ann, woman of color
Susan Amos  1842
Henrietta Amos
Sarah Crosby
Nancy Crosby
Isaac Giddens
Mrs. Isaac Giddens
Pinkney Burt
Caroline Nored
George Kiser (?)
Mrs. George Kiser (?)
(?) Smith
Sally (?), a woman of color
Maria (?), a woman of color
Issac, a man of color
E. Bradley's man of color
John, a man of color
Lewis, a man of color
Abraham, a man of color
Mrs. Thomas's man of color
Lucy, woman of color
Frank Richardson of color
Pinkney Straughn
A.W. Jones
Permelia Crosby
Peter, man of color
Mrs. Calvin Smith
Margaret Gibbons
Betsey Giddins
James Straughn
Calvin Gulley
(?) a woman of color
Mary, woman of color
Peter, man of color
Michael (?)
J.K. Hawthorn  1843
Elizabeth Hawthorn
Thomas Robbins
Elizabeth Johnson
Elizabeth King
Nancy Gully
Sealy (?), woman of color
Hannah, woman of color
William, man of color
Henry, man of color
Richardson's Rudy
Hawthorn's Sally
(?) I. Hawthorn's (?)
I.Carter's (?)
E. King's (?)
W. Savage's (?)
Bradford's Philis
Robbins's (?)
Bradford's Lucky (?)
Crosby's Easter  1844
Lucinda (?) Kiser
May, woman of color
Sarah Falk (?)
George Morton  1845
B.P. Brown (?)
May Waldrom
Amanda Strange
Abraham, man of color
Sylvia, woman of color
Molley, woman of color
Phillis, woman of color
Monday, man of color
Emanual Clines (?)
Frances Hawthorn 1846
Eliza Robbins
James Gully
James Giddens
Elizabeth Lasater
Turner Ivy
Robert Johnson
Mary Carter
Elbert Wright
Sarah Crosby
Andrew Crosby
Elizabeth Gully
Sarah, woman of color
Eliza, woman of color
Dennis, man of color
Matilda Gibbons 1847
Maria, woman of color
Stuart, man of color
(?), woman of color
Aley (?) Lasater
Loretta Witherington
Richard Ivey
Charles, man of color
Frank, man of color
Jane, woman of color
(?), woman of color
James, man of color
Sarah Nash
Sarah Nored
Mary (?)
(?) Robbins
Elizabeth (?)
Elisa (?)
James J. Higdon
Charles Waldron
(?) Waldron
Jess (?), man of color
Ellisa, woman of color
Mahala, woman of color
Matilda, woman of color
Wm. E. Ellis
Emiley Ellis
John Bedingfield
Frances Bedingfield
Samuel Bedingfiled
George Bedingfield
Warran (?) Green
Mrs. Warren Green
J.H. Stanley
Noah Dow (?)
Harrison Dow (?)
Henry Hilliard
Susan Hilliard
Bonetta Nored
Frances Nored
Catherine Nored
Linsy (?), woman of color
Robert, man of color
James Nored
Rev. Danniel Giddens
Easter, woman of color
Ann, woman of color
Amy, woman of color
Maria, woman of color
Shephard, man of color
Judy, woman of color
Dory (?) Ann, woman of color
(?) Burt
"Mutilated Text"
(?), woman of color 1849
Zeake, man of color
Nelson, man of color
Mathew, man of color
Molley, woman of color
Jesse, man of color
(?), man of color
Lucina (?), woman of color
Jacob, man of color
Larral (?) man of color
Shaderick (?), man of color
Lucy, woman of color
Ceaser, man of color
Rev. Joseph Mitchell
Phily, woman of color
Isaac, man of color
 James  "
Henry   "
Alex   ", (?) of E. Richardson
Nelly, woman of color
Martha   "
Sylva   "
Banister, man of color
Nelson   "
Betsey, woman of color
Nancy   "
Charlot   "
Mary   "
(?)   "
Winney   "
Alfred, man of color
Laney, woman of color
Sally,   "
James, man of color 1850
Ruben   "
Fanny, woman of color
Sary   "
Henry, man of color
Minerva, woman of color 1851
Lizzy   "
Salina   "
Polly   "
Dianna   "
Sylva   "
Willis, man of color
Milly, woman of color
Nezo, man of color
Camron   "
Willy, woman of color
Hannah "  1851
Cherry   "
Peggy   "
Joseph Rutherford
Revd. W.C. Morrow
Martha Morrow
Revd. Jas. U. (?) Richey
Theristice (?) Ritchey
Sarah, woman of color
A(?)   "  1852
Mary Straughn
Eliza Gully
Elizabeth Neighbors
Wm. Kysor
Jeremiah Mitchell
Ellin Gully
"Mutilated Text"

List 3:

"Minutes of Belleville Ch" (This appears to be a later list)

1. Nancey Savage
2. Joseph H. Burt
3. Henry Gulley
4. Pheby Gulley
5. Robert Ivey
6. Rachel Ivey
7. B.B. Hagdon
8. Nancy Hagdon
9. F. Straughn
10. Rachel King
11. Abraham Giddeon
12. Lucy Burt
13. Samuel Nash
14. Alexey (?) Sanders
15. Elizabeth Nash
16. Sarah Donald
17. Nancy Farnham
18. Mrs. (?) Isaac Giddens
19. Caroline Thompson
20. George Kiser
21. Mr. George Keyser
22. Pinckney Straughn
23. Elizabeth Gidddens
24. James Straughn
25. Calvin Gulley
26. Thos A. Hobbens (?)
27. Nancy Robbins
28. Amanuel (?)inds
29. Turner Ivey
30. Elizabeth Straughn
31. Richard Ivey
32. Sarah Forbes
33. Francis Bell
34. Elizabeth Giddens
35. Sarenia McMillion
36. Daniel Robbins
37. Barbara Robbins
38. James H. (?) Higdon
39. Mary Straughn
40. Eliza Gulley
41. Wm Keysor
42. Lavicia T(?)
43. George Keyser
44. Francis Keyser
45. John Norrod (?)
46. Sarah Norrod (?)
47. Hill Andrews
48. Elizabeth Andrews
49. Name scratched out
50. Susan Andrews
51. James T. Andrews
52. Mary Ivey
53. Sarenia Ivey
54. Robert Ivey Junior
55. Joshua Ivey
56. Aidy (?) Higdon (?)
57. Caroline Ivey
58. Elizabeth Thompson
59. John Ivey
60. Mareyan Ivey
61. Rachel Ivey
62. Sarah Thompson
63. Jemina Clindes (?)
64. Daniel Burt
65. Sarah Burt
66. Samuel Nash
67. Theophilous Ballard
68. Catherine Ballard
69. Mary E. Robbins (?)
70. Sarah E. Robbins (?)
71. Martha Finch (name scratched out)
72. Henry Stanley
73. Sarah Stanley
74. Elizabeth Thomas

List 4:

"List of names of members..."

Joseph H. Burt
Nancy Higdon
Lucy A. Burt
George Keyser
Caroline Thompson
F. Straughn
J. Straughn
Betty C. Straughn
C.C. Gulley
Elisa Gulley
T.A. Robbins
Nancy (?) Robbins
E. Cline
Jemima Cline
Sarena McMillion
William Kyser
George Kyser
Francis Kyser
Elizabeth Andrews
Susan Nored
Sarah Thompson
Daniel Burt
Theopalus (?) Balard
Sarah W. Stanley
Jennett Cline
Mrs. Jack Deen (?)
Susan  Sterens (?)
Cattie R. Burt Salter
Sarah Balard
W.L. Gulley
Elizabeth Gulley
Pheby E. Balard
Mary H. Stanley Mcrary
Mahedy (?) E. Gaston
Mary A. Ivy
Nancy Ivy
(?) J. Ivey
Joseph Gulley
T.B. (?) Rollins (?)
T. J. Burt
(?) Furtune (?)
Mrs. J. D. Burt
Mrs. Amanda (?) A. Gulley (?)
J.M. Balard
Robert Ivy