Burnt Corn, Monroe-Conecuh county, AL
Submitted by: Jackie

I visited two Salter Gravesites (June 2002) in and near Burnt Corn, Monroe/Conecuh

County, Alabama.

1st Salter Cemetary

Ima Jane Salter  (could not read the slab very well, very weathered)

wife of Willie H. Salter  ("Book")

Mary Josephine Desiplous Salter

May 1866

April 23, 1937

Emmett Salter   (Wad's brother)


Benjamin C.  son of Eli & L.J. Salter

Born May 7, 1887

Died Nov. 19, 1898

Eli Salter


Lila P. Salter

April 20, 1860


Could not read slab  was told that it was Jenny Salter Tatum

Leola Salter   The following three baby girls were the 1913-1914

daughters of Jessie Salter circuit preacher.

Gladys Salter


Vennie Salter



daughter of R.N. & J.B. McMillen

Born Oct. 7, 1887

Died Nov. 15, 1890

John H. Salter     (Wad's brother)

Nov. 27, 1847

Feb. 28, 1891     A slave caused his death, John was in a fight with another

man and the slave thought that John was about to lose.  So the slave hit the

man and the man hit John and he died a couple of days later.

William L.

son of

J.H. & S.D. Salter

Born July 14, 1879

Died Aug. 1886

Susie Salter

Jan. 3, 1914

Feb. 22, 1928

Sarah Salter

Jan. 19, 1854

Jan. 23, 1923

Cora I. Salter Dean

Jan. 1880-1902

Infant daughter of

Cora I Salter Dean

slab with no markings

Told that it was "Doc" Salter's grandchild

John's child

Nancey E. Salter

Wife of Frank Yates


Jodie Powell


infant daughter of Jodie Powell

Can not read well the writings of this slab

Emille Iaac House

Born 1911

Died 1911

Uncle Elijah's daughter

Sarah Elvera Powell

Will & Sara Powell

Joseph Powell

Died June 2, 1918

Susan T. Powell      sister to Aunt Lila

Died Jan. 2, 1920

Wilton Eugene Waters

son of J.E. & C. H.?  (ould not read well this)

Little Velma House

Born 1924 Died 1926

Writing not good on this slab

Infant Powell


Mr. and Mrs. Bolden

no head stone  two concrete blocks

2nd Salter Gravesite S.E. Salter Born Aug. 8, 1839 Willis Salter Dec. 8, 1857 Died Aug. 27, 1872 Enoch Salter Born Sept. 6, 1826 Died March 22, 1868 Ducky Salter Born May  2,1852 Died Feb. 10, 1861    chocked on a cuckle burr Francis J. Daughter of  I.S. & M.P. Hays Born Feb. 3, 1889 Died May 22, 1890 Sugar Ki???  (part of stone missing) Son of I.S. & M.P. Hays Born Nov. 19, 1898 Died Jan. 4, 1900 Two possible more gravesites unmarked
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